Thursday, January 21, 2010

To do list

I could not function without my to do list. I would walk around wondering what in the world I should be doing and what I was missing.

on the other hand, not knowing might be bliss because looking at today's to do list I can already tell you that it's going to have things bumped to tomorrow and the next day and the day after etc.

Just when I think I am going to catch up, be able to do the daily items and add some me time or another project I would really like to do....the list grows until it's beyond finishing for the day, week, month..okay possible year.

at least dinner is coming from the pantry.I do have beef bones in the oven roasting to simmer later to make broth.I prefer to roast them first. I have a pot of veggie peelings simmering to make veggie broth. My surveys are done, my emails checked including facebook( another new thing) and I have the bills paid for the month.Positive positive positive.

on to the next to do ...SMILE EVERYONE

blessed be