Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Feb 25th Meals from the freezer... Talk of pandemic

Hubby asked for a rhubarb or strawberry rhubarb pie... I pulled 1 qrt of rhubarb pie filling and 1 pint of strawberry pie filling, mixed them together and used store bought pie crust that had been in the freezer. It's now in the oven.

He wants an apple crumb pie next.

I pulled turkey noodles and sliced turkey out of the freezer to go with instant mashed potatoes, fruit cocktail and some veggie that I will find in the freezer for tonight's dinner.

I pulled strata out of the freezer for tomorrow . There is enough for 2 meals with adding sides.

I bombed the Feb pantry challenge of being efficient in the kitchen. Good Cheap Eats pantry challenge is to FILL the freezer... My freezers are FULL so we decide to empty the freezers. We also decided to go back to going to the store once a week until fresh produce starts coming in the gardens(late April /early May) as I've tossed enough that I am not trying to go every 2 wks anything more.

Hubby is an EMT... emergency medical technician... it is a level above first responder. He asked if we went on quarantine due to the pandemic coronavirus aka Covid-19, would we be okay including medical supplies. Unless we needed the antiviral shot, we are covered.

During the Black Death plague epidemic(7 yrs long ) quarantine ran up to 40 days.SO I thought would our children and grandchildren have enough food to go that long?

Out of 6 kids, 2 would be in trouble, both live in apartments with limited storage, I told them to shove canned goods under the furniture. Out of 6 adult grandkids... ZERO would be in trouble. Well two might resort to using clothes or towels for diapers. I suggested ordering some cloth diapers and rubber pants.

Hubby's parents have enough for 60 days including medications. Two daughter would need their meds brought to them , their pharmacy does deliver. Not life sustaining meds but I don't think their kids want to be around them when they are off their meds.

I also told Hubby that I know it could get worse for us if we have no access to fresh veggies during the winter. Daddy and Mother always talked about how sick people got because of that. So that is something we would have to deal with also.