Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Update on Kira

 Kira is our youngest, she is also the one that has now fought cancer twice. First time we supported her financially for a solid year to keep her and the 6 dogs in the home. Jaxson, one of the dogs that died, was her emotional support dog that helped her as she was dealing with mental crisis and coming off drugs her ex boyfriend had been slipping in her drinks. He did not realize her doctor ran blood tests for her meds for bipolar and caught it. She turned him in while sitting in at doctor's office. That's was 2014. 

The house has been leveled. She watched, said it was a form of closure for her. 

She said yesterday morning, she had too many texts and questions for her to handle. With the joy her son and her were alive, with only 2nd degree burns, she has Mace, one of the 6 dogs. Brother to Charlotte. The grief of loss of her dogs, her home comes in storm's waves with the sand shifting under her feet. 

Her employer let her know they were going to have her line shut down for 3 wks. She got a different job and starts tomorrow. They are having to rent a car to get to work as their only car(her son's as her died last month) broke down. Had to get her older daughter to rent it and used the money I sent to pay for it. Son2 has a mechanic to look at the broke down car, he's paying for that.

She has found a new landlord that is going to show her what he has available as he has more than one rental available ,is okay with pets.  We scrapped our accounts to get up her deposit and first month rent. Rent in her area is $1000-$1500 a month(I went onto shock but her siblings that live there was like.. that's normal).  Son 2 in no longer complaining his mortgage went up due to taxes and property ins. Nor is he looking to move now either. LOL

Her and the boys are going to go through the clothes donated. We are trying to keep track of what came from who so what ever doesn't get used can either be given back or donated to Salvation Army.  

Red Cross could only put them in motel for a couple days and nothing for the dog. Family and friends took them in. 

People that were closing estates, or just hadn't removed stuff from their home from deceased family have offered what is sitting there to Son 2.

Son2 is retired military, the military family has been supporting him to help her. His boss told him if he needed off to help her or us all he had to do was say something. 

I am making a list for myself that she needs... will be sharing it with her and Son2. 

Please make sure you have fire safety planned, make copies of license and such, put imporant papers in  gun safe, lock box that is fire proof (which I have a cousin that the box was there but the stuff inside was ashes) or freezer.

Prayers for peace

Stay safe

Blessed be