Monday, October 9, 2023

When you wake up coughing hard enough to give yourself a nose bleed

 you might need to think that you are still sick. SIGH I am now carrying Bleed Cease in my pocket. 

Doc has me taking my temp 3 times a days to make sure I am not running a fever. SO far nothing. 

Echinacea tea, honey tea, ginger tea and elderberry honey in my white tea is helping. 

I ate chili last night, boy did that break some crud loose. My tummy wasn't happy with me but I could BREATHE. Doc did add bronkaid and Mucinex DM and cooked onion, ordered to drink the juice LOL. What ever I am to cough up I am to spit out or it will trigger my Crohn's.... guess he doesn't understand it raging anyways. Drainage does that.

Hubby is now holding his fingers in a cross when I come near him to ward off my "evil" cooties. I try not to be close. Lysol twice a day now instead of once. Windows are open with the wood stove so we do have fresh air all the time. Humidifier in front room is on 60. I will be turning the hallway one on today.

Hubby took a trip down memory lane something he doesn't do much.

I remember, he started, when you had 3 surgeries in 3 months... Oct/ Nov/ Dec. 1995. We had 3 kids with serious mental issues and you was juggling "women" issues your self. 

Yep right after we got married and he spoiled the kids by baking snickerdoodles for Thanksgiving dinner along with no bake double layer pumpkin pie and I sat curled up in a chair in the dining room. 

Then it was 

I remember, you have 3 different pneumonias  Oct/Nov/ Dec.

Yep, 2008 we lost both houses, moved Daughter 2 and her family of 9 and then us from a 3500 sq ft home to a 800 sq ft rental and had 5 storage units  and filed bankruptcy when he went to 3 days a week work instead of 7 days a week work. Talk about income dropping.

Then since Brother was texting Hubby (he was with uncle in hospital is doing a lot better and aunt don't look like she's going to fall over) And BROTHER texts

I remember coming home from college for Thanksgiving and finding she had not even started school.

5th grade, rheumatic fever. Sept through Dec. I did work at home, teacher stopped to give Mom my work daily and started back in January.   

THEN my Aunt said, she remembered Daddy saying I was Aunt Hazel who caught everything and anything within a ten mile radius. 

SO I finally asked... what is the point you are trying to make?

YOU get really sick in the fall of the year when YOU am under a lot of stress...

Brother was NO.... she's allergic to mold and that's fall... TRUE... beans coming off, hay, corn isn't as bad with it because E takes out rows in middle to allow air flow to help dry his corn. But yeah, it's the mold. I can't walk in a barn that has hay in the mow. I can't take penicillin for that reason. It nearly killed me, Hubby could remember nearly losing me, they sent me home to die. But he couldn't remember what caused it. They gave me a medication that had penicillin in it and it didn't red flag it at the hospital but did at CVS. WHO immediately called Hubby and my doctor to tell them what was happening. 

But looking back at the cycle... fall is my stress time on top of when my allergies are their worse. I getting the crops in to feed us through the winter, getting the home battened down for the winter and facing bills going up due to winter. 

NOW, I can see the pattern... how can I change it? I can't do anything about mold season as Brother who is allergic everything said.  BUT what can I change ? 

IF you have any thoughts please comment as I know this change won't be easy for me. I am a creature of habit.