Sunday, March 12, 2017

3.12.2017 Frugal and gardens

I really wished I was in the gardens because I was planting. Instead I have spent the time covering up plants that had come up due to another winter storm coming this week after our spring like weather.

I am actually going to use the aerator spike instead of buying a broadfork for the little space I want to use it in.I might use it to plant to popcorn...we will have to see if that will work.

I used straw from the north garden to cover the garlic, fall onions, strawberries and herbs in the south gardens.

I used old flower pots to cover the perennial flowers that are up by turning them upside down and making sure no holes in the bottoms would allow snow through.

I flipped my son's car back to him when we were already in the area( an hr away) helping move our daughter. Did his taxes and got lunch at his home that we split the price of a pizza and he used his discount.Saved gas and food money.

I didn't go to store, Hubby did get milk this morning at the gas station because I forgot to stop yesterday on the way home. Got it for $1.99... decent price for a gas station.

I turned the humidifier off even during the week and opened up the house.

Did the usual of washing plastic bags, foil etc and reusing. Went through the plastic containers for storage.

Open curtains for daylight and close them when getting dark except the day the wind was blowing with gusts up to 60 mph , then I left them shut to help keep the house warm.

Shared what I have in the pantry storage with daughter that moved to help her get her pantry back up. She just found a new job and a bigger place. She was proud of me that I didn't go BUY her groceries.

We did go out to dinner with friends at the local spot that had fish special so it was a little cheaper than normally it would have been.

We combined errands and appts to keep the trips to town down.

I turned off the power strip to my coffee maker and the one to my computer.

I used the leftovers to make different meals.

I saved all the five dollar bills and ones that made $5 from Feb to now  to put in my savings acct. Side benefit of paying cash for the groceries and eating out.

I mended a pair of pants and a shirt.

It doesn't seem like much LOL