Friday, May 29, 2020

In the pantry

 Okay... the pantry is mostly stocked except for what comes in from the garden that I process.

My thoughts are to only buy dairy, celery, carrots(if they don't grow and I need fresh as I am pretty stocked with dried), bell peppers and maybe once a month fresh mushrooms and lettuce. Flour and sugar as needed from Sam's club as the limits are just too low in regular stores. 

Non food... I need paper towels (bounty select a size) and toilet cleaner. I can do without both if needed as I do use rags most the time and have some regular size paper towels I can cut in half and will clean toilets with baking soda.

I haven't got enough apple cider vinegar so I will have to be frugal on what I use it for. 

I haven't found canned spinach. I am not canning my own spinach as I am not growing that amount (18 lbs for 7 pints).AND I am not taking up freezer room for spinach.  If it becomes more available I will get it. I usually eat spinach once a week. I have enough to have a can every 2 months. I will eat fresh if I can get it to grow and I have some planted. Will plant another crop of it when I do the 3rd round of lettuce and radishes.

I haven't found pears in juice... right now we can have 1 can every 6 wks. M said she is out completely. A lot of the fruit trees around here got hit with the freeze that took the blooms.

I still need 3 dozen cans of mushrooms... I use a can a week... if I don't find them we will be going without.I will not grow mushrooms nor buy them to can. If I have money we can have some fresh once a month to stretch out the canned mushrooms. Hubby prefers fresh on his steak anyways.

I have 1 lb of frozen peas and 1 lbs of frozen peas and carrots. My peas are up but not far enough along to see if they are going to make. I will plant peas again this fall along with a double crop of green beans. We use 12 lbs of peas and 12 lbs of peas and carrots a year. I don't care for snow peas but Hubby likes them raw and in stir fries so I am growing some of them also.They will be frozen if he doesn't eat all of them raw LOL.

I am lower of canned corned beef and corned beef hash than I like but will make do. Maybe every 3 wks right now, I prefer once a week as one on one week and the other on the next.I have Spam and Treet (canned meat) that I can used to fill out that area.

As celebration of having the pantry close enough to being filled. I ordered calzones from our local pizza place. 

N who I get my tomatoes from said his crop is sluggish and not sure how much he will have at the end of the season . I help him clean his green house in exchange for free tomatoes.He just wanted to give me a heads up.He was over to get asparagus as his didn't produce anyways.He is who we bought the house from.

I have planted several varieties of dried beans and will plant more. 

I am cooking down the tomato juice from last year to make tomato sauce. I won't season this as I am looking at using it for pizza, enchiladas and pasta. I will can it in different jar sizes.

I plan to cook down what is left of the grape juice to make jelly IF the grapes produce enough to make juice other wise we will just go without the jelly and use the juice.

The goal is to have every single shelf full. I do have 1 freezer not full... it's being used to make ice for E and M... They are paying us $4- $6 a week for ice and a dessert of M's choice every other week. She is also baking us a loaf of bread each week until I can knead bread again. (2 to 4 more weeks) The ice will be needed until next Jan/Feb. I do have 26 lbs of butter in it. 

back to work for me... one handed that is.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

I started my Autumn stocking early

I started to say fall stocking but considering I just got the results back from the second more detailed xray I am not using the word FALL. Just a FYI... what the Urgent care thought was a hairline break was actually an old break (that is common to show up as a new one) BUT it is broke at the capitate which is in the wrist at the bottom of the middle finger. They were surprised there was nothing else broke as it usually doesn't break by it's self. Now I have a different splint that Velcro's so I can take it off to rub the arm or wash. No lifting or pulling... of course I have tried to open the dishwasher twice now and immediately STOP. OUCH.

We turned the furnace back on when the temp in the house hit 66. Hubby can't handle that cold after 30 plus years of working around furnaces in the die shop.The wind is from the north east and that sucks the heat right out of the house. By Saturday afternoon it should be warm again and hopefully stay there.

Sorry side track there..

I decided since we were going to Sidney to my bone doc appt that we would stop at Aldi's. I let M know and she gave me her list but it included diabetes test strips from Walmart (right behind Aldi's) since she is having issues with her sugar during her pregnancy, her 9th. Hubby went to Walmart to get the test strips and a few other things we know Aldi's doesn't care while I was at the bone doc appt. Which worked out well.

We went to Aldi's... Hubby got M's list. He found out at check out that he could only buy 2 five pound bags and she needed 25 lbs.  Another person bought 2 of the other bags for him and the cashier took the 5th one back. I found out that I can only buy can goods at 4 at a time... really? Even my girls open 6 at a meal for their families. I understand setting limits but there is no acknowledgement of the larger families. I am glad I started my stocking up NOW.

We stopped at the IGA to get my pepperoni. I usually buy the whole stick?LOG? I was allowed a pound as they haven't gotten any in a month and are looking at another 2-3 months before they start getting pepperoni.I do not eat what comes in plastic bags. My Italian grandmother spoiled me, the other tastes off and like old grease to me. I grabbed another 5 lb bag of flour for M.

We unloaded at M's and then unloaded ours at home and while I taking things out of bags Hubby mentioned he noticed everything was costing about 4 times a much as it used to. Yep.

We sat down and reworked the budget. Made some changes so we can get to next year. Shifted some things. I told Hubby I was going on line to finish out stocking. We won't have as much as we like to have, won't have all the varieties we are used to  having but we won't have to worry about going to the store.

I priced out Sam's club, (that will be sugar and flour in bulk) Target,Krogers, Walmart and Amazon. I ordered from Krogers, Walmart and Amazon (through the Prudent Homemaker) Now we aren't running all over trying to find stuff, aren't taking a chance of getting sick especially important with me having a colonoscopy on Tuesday (sucks no cook out for me on Memorial day as that is a liquid diet day).... and it's being delivered free from all of the places.

About 3 more weeks I will have radishes, lettuces, green onions, spinach, Chinese mustard and kale for salads so we won't be buying that at the store.

 I have 1 1/2 deep freezers of different meats, I have canned meat.

I have pastas, rice,beans, lentils,dried and canned potatoes and I am growing potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I have veggies canned and in the freezer and more that with prayers will grow well in the gardens.

I have rhubarb for our fruit. We have berry bushes that won't make for another year or two and just planted 12 fruit trees. We have 2 apple trees that haven't done well even after pruning and spraying so they might only be cider apples. But I know where I can get apples for a good price along with peaches. We planted 8 grape vines as the old one is concord and good for juice and jelly but we got nothing off it last year. I am going to try to start a new vine off of starts from it next spring. We will also be splitting the asparagus as it's not growing as well. Too crowded.

I bought canned fruit.

We won't buy anything but dairy from the store.... might get red bell peppers and fresh mushrooms, two things I don't grow nor do any around me grow.

Are you planing to stock up ?

Monday, May 18, 2020

frugal moments

I would rather plan ahead for the worse and make the sacrifices now and prepare then get hit with bad and it cripple us.

When I broke my wrist I went to the Urgent care instead of the ER... that saved us $450.

As we planted the garden, I am setting aside seeds for the next year to two years even though that reduces what I will plant this late summer for fall harvest and fall planting for winter harvest in the hoop house (plastic green house with no heat). I am also planting things I want to harvest the seed from to have more seed away from the garden so I don't accidentally cross pollinate anything.I have set aside 6 cu ft of dirt to start seeds in this winter. 

I got enough fertilizer to go this year and start next year, more if we get manure off E. 

I have kept the empty soil bags to use as trash bags.

I've washed foil, switched to a reusable cover on my bowls instead of plastic wrap. 

Leftovers are every other night instead on only on Monday night. So it's cook once and reheat or remake the next night.
We have already heard this summer will be hotter than the last 5 yrs and that the heat will run through Oct.We had over 100 degrees last Oct here in Ohio, not anywhere close to the norm.  Hot summer means gardens can burn up. Wells that supply our water can drop low also and there is no place to buy water from. That means we need to hook up rain barrels NOW while we are getting rain and conserve our water as much as possible.We have a 400 gal tank (cistern) that is connected to the rain down spouts now.We average 65 gals. in the winter and 95 gal during the summer per day. Difference it the gardens and canning and the amount of water the dogs drink. 

It also means our Amish neighbors are going to have struggles as no one around here was able to harvest ice last winter since the river and ponds didn't freeze. Our small freezer in the barn is almost empty so we offered to freeze buckets (we sanitized kitty litter square buckets then put in plastic liners ) for E and M. Right now she is using 2 a week... we asked her what she used last Oct.during 100 degree days.. 1 a day. Okay.We can get 4 in this small freezer (they pay us for the ice even though it saves us money have that freezer  full). I told Hubby I if got the one corner of the larger freezer cleared out we could start putting some in that one to build up a bit for them. They tried saving it in their ice house but it melted on them.Their spring house keeps it about a week... but if water levels go down like they did last year that won't be a good deal either.M has offered to teach me to can meat.

I have the furnace off (finally) completely. I am using the airfryer (outside on the table) over then oven to save propane. I dug out the crock pot so it can be in use this summer. I have a grill and 3 turkey fryers .  I can use the turkey fryers for water bath canning (keeps the heat out of the kitchen and off the main propane tank) and the grill off the stove and the main propane tank. After June 1st I will call to have the tank filled (it's at 35%, need to fill at 30%) as summer fill is cheaper. The I will know how much we will need to get us through next summer and how much credit we have left from this past year so I can figure out what we need to pull from savings to pay for next year's. We get a discount for paying in full for a reserved amount and then the price doesn't go up on us but can come down.

Hubby retired from Honda Engine plant a couple years ago. Our health ins is through them with them paying part of it. They have put out that the health ins is going to change and some will have to go to public health providers. We figure the retires that are not old enough for Medicare is going to be the ones looking for health ins. Hubby has some money in his RRA (to help pay medical that the company gave him for years of service). We were just going to leave it sit there, but decided to use it to pay off the medical bills I just ran up and close that acct out which earns NO interest for us and keep our own money where it is earning interest for us. I have already started asking others that pay for their own ins of who they have and how well they like their ins.

We are eating from the pantry,keeping meals simple so I can cook with only one hand and not dirty a lot of pots and pans that Hubby will have to wash himself. LOL.

I cancelled a couple memberships even though I was using them regularly. Choices have to be made are not always comfortable. I kept Milk Street because Hubby asked me to as he watches it often and finds cheap meals that we usually like from other countries.

I reread website to "refresh" my thoughts on cutting budget and saving in areas 

How is your week going?

Blessed be 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

I should not have asked

what else could break and need fixed or replaced.

weed trimmer head fell off.

push mower quit running

So the grass is going to look rough with trimming not being done.

The hot air  now blows on the drivers side in the chevy when you turn on the AC while the passenger side gets cold air.

Hubby spent 2 hrs yesterday putting together one box for the garden. He had to make a stand so he had something to hold the boards while he nailed. I asked why he didn't use the screws we just bought for it... blank look back to me as he admitted he forgot to go to the machine shop and get them.

I fell... okay I fall a lot as I have a twisted spine on top of cerebral palsy.  My limbs do not always do what my mind tells them to do.. I compare them to a 2 yr old.

But this time, I was hanging Hubby's bibs over the drying rack and noticed the knees weren't as clean as I wanted them to be so I was taking them back to the washer.

I KNOW Rascal lays here all the time.

so instead of watching where I was walking I fell on him. He's okay. I did land a bit on his bad leg  so he limped a bit more but by supper he was back to four legs

I, on the other hand, have a bashed right knee that is bruised and aching and

a hairline fracture between the wrist and little finger...SIGH.AKA boxer fracture. LOLOLOL.    I am surprised it wasn't shattered, so my bone meds must be working.It's new fangled splint, part plaster.

This morning I woke up to this

Since Hubby was already gone to an auction over in Holmes co. I called the ER and asked ... they had me take off the top wrap and keep moving my fingers and keep my hand up above my heart when I can.

Its has been almost 3 hrs and they are close to be normal.

I am going to sort plants this afternoon ,Urgent care told me to cover the hand with a trash bag when in dirt or tub. I have to have a follow up with the orthopedic which is hard to get an appt during this time. Urgent care did say it would probably be healed before I got in. Which the nearest date I can see the actual doctor is in June in 3 wks. I did get a return message from my ortho doc office to call Monday morning at 8:15 ish and they would see if they could get a PA to come in to check it.

On the good news side. Hubby decided after he paid all the business bills for this month and half of next month that he wanted to buy something for our 25th anniversary which was in Feb. ....he wanted new dishes... yes really. We have Corelle, white was bought when we got married, I added Iris pattern on our 10th anniversary. . They have slight chips in them. I also have an Asian style stoneware we use  that has chips in it. He wanted all off them replaced.

I got these from Oneida on sale  with discount. They are already in. Hubby loves the cups as he can get his hand in the handle.These are stoneware. They are the reverse of the colors I am replacing.

I then went to Corelle and ordered the following

Plain white: 2 - 10 inch plates/2- 8 inch plates/4 cereal bowls/ 2 coffee cups/ 2 appetizer plates and 1 appetizer tray

frost pattern :2 - 10 inch plates/2- 8 inch plates/ 2 appetizer plates and 1 appetizer tray

Iris pattern:2 - 10 inch plates/2- 8 inch plates/ 2 appetizer plates and 1 appetizer

Bandhani pattern: on clearance 2-10 inch plates... it's red band around the plate and will go well with the rest and good for red white and blue(dining room is blue and white woodwork) or Christmas.

The white and the iris replaces exactly what we have.
I only ordered 2 instead of set of 4 as it's only the two of us. If we have a couple come in to eat,  the patterns will work together. If the girls come in and bring kids we use paper plates.

My granddaughter Becka that just graduated.
asked for the dishes even if chipped as she is getting her own place come fall and has nothing. Guess hope chests are out of fashion. Her mother is trying to talk her into living with her for a year (she lives with her dad and step mom ) and just focus on college. Instead of trying to work full time and go to college.She definitely won't be staying with her dad as he constantly condemns us... until my granddaughter pointed out he would have not had his diploma if it had not been for us and his parents encouraged him to quit school  and it showed how stupid he could be by slamming us because we are of a different faith (same one we were when he married our daughter in our church). She said it at his parents house family dinner where two of her dad's uncles are good friends(one is a cop) of mine and my late husband.Nothing like getting a lecture from your uncle that verbal abuse is still abused while the other uncle who works for a funeral home pointed out that we paid for his other daughter's funeral when his parents said she didn't exist in GOD's eye because she had not been baptized... she died at birth and they didn't even attend the funeral. OH YEAH, she is her mother's child.

This is our grandson that graduated.

 Skyler is going into the Army, constantly says he wants to be like his uncle (son 2). He is a lot like Son 2 in personality.He will continue his education as he can. He like law a lot

Time to prop arm up to above heart level...

Blessed be

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Can anything else need replaced or fixed?


Water softener was checked out this morning. Nothing wrong with it , white flakes coming from ice maker in frig is what our water ions are showing up. UNLESS we want to pay for osmosis system and move where the water softener is at... white flakes will be wiped up daily. Salt level was on the low side due to the fact we don't use the average amount of water. They went ahead and ran ALL the tests on the water. They do it every 2 yrs which will be Aug. Figured since there was a trip fee they would do that so they don't have to come back in Aug.

The new to us truck needs some work done on it. Our mechanic said  to schedule it before fall and he would take payments...which means it's over $300.

My sturdy baking sheets are starting to have rust on them. SIGH. Can't complain as they are over 25 yrs old and I know my kids (and probably Hubby) have cut things in the pans. I found a good deal that got better when I was offered 10% off

The rubber maid we store dog food in, now has a family of mice. 52 lbs of dog food wasted along with a rubber maid that we used to haul stuff in the bed of the trucks.

Two of E's work horses got loose while they were at church yesterday. We finally got them to the barn. OUR GATE had broke in the wind and that was how they got out. That's another bill.

This MORNING Molly (one of E's horses that pastures on the other side of us and uses our pond for water) decided she wanted to be in the yard with Charlotte... now I have a broken wire fence, Hubby rigged it and E is coming over tomorrow to install barb wire to keep horse out of yard and dog in the yard. But we know we need to replace that section with new fence as it's the original fence that was here.

Since it was freezing this morning *OHIO* and then suppose to be up almost to the 80s by next week. I decided against planting any more cool weather crops. I will try to get some in late summer early fall.

I will divide my bean seeds by 3. Beans are usually good 4 yrs so to make sure I have seeds 3 yrs from now I am dividing them up.I will try to gather some so I can more to plant year 4.

We had taco casserole, using stale tortilla chips (refreshed in micro wave) taco meat using homemade seasoning, and cheese. Salad and sour cream were options.

I then put 3 more meals of taco meat in freezer in a container that can go in microwave.

We had a ground pork with 5 spice seasoning that we both hated. We finished it by mixing it with eggs for a frittia.. still disliked it but didn't go to waste.

I made Philly steak cheese pizza using left over prime rib from Christmas that I shaved on my meat slices, onions and mushrooms and cheese on homemade pizza dough. Made a second pizza crust and prebaked it and shoved in freezer. Can be for taco pizza or regular pizza later this week.

Tonight is turkey (1 Lb  bag that was cooked and frozen couple months ago), since I was chitting (cutting the eye sections of potatoes to plant in a couple days) the Yukon gold potatoes I ended up with a small pan full of pieces that had no eyes. They are now half way cooked so I can pan fry them to go with the turkey. A veggie and fruit to round it out.

Tomorrow as the plants in front of the grill should be IN the garden we will have GRILLED steak (cut from prime rib roast at Christmas before baking) baked potatoes and salad.

How is your week going?
Blessed Be

Sunday, May 10, 2020

weather affects to do list

can't paint garden boxes or deck posts
can't plant plants, well, I guess I could if I was just wanting to kill them off.
Can't work on the railing on the deck which includes painting them.

So I spin my wheels and water over 300 plants and try to make sure everyone is getting enough light in this house.

Someone please let Mother Nature know ,it is MAY in Ohio. LOL

I changed my style of daily to do list.... it seems to be working better.

I have a list for "outside projects" on it's own sheet of paper.

I have "it's spring "and what cleaning/caulking/ weatherization" comes with that on it's own sheet of paper.

I have "BUGS ME " list on its own sheet of paper.

THEN I have a to do today list...
it has the daily "dishes, laundry, meals, dust mop and computer"

Also on this to do list is "swish, swipe, shine, dust, sweep, vacuum, mop and trash".

ALSO on this list is !!!priority list!!!... that follows the daily part and if that is all I get done then swish swipe list waits.

I have no routine that gets it done unless you count the small daily. I get that done.

I am finally waking up between 6 -7:30. Going to sleep around midnight ... I might get 2 hrs sleep or 5 hrs sleep which is the reason I am having to rest during the day. They are now blaming the dehydration issues for the sleep problem. My water softener company is coming down the 11th to make sure the softener is not putting too much salt in for the amount of water we use (half of average amount even with canning) Plants get watered with straight well water.

Not doing anything Mother's Day. Hubby doesn't even acknowledge it to me, says it's because I am not his mother. I do remind him to connect with his own mother.

Have a great week
Blessed be

Monday, May 4, 2020

This past weekend

Hubby moving gravel. We had a strip of grass next to the fence that I thought shouldn't have been left when we first moved in but hey, what do I know? Well I knew it would be a pain in the butt to keep mowed and it was. First thing Hubby did was deal with that pain in the butt then he smoothed out the part of driveway that was tailgated. Needs a bit more at the road. He will be moving stone around for 2 wks. OF course since we got the stone in , his hauling has picked  up. He has Saturday still open, not really as he might be helping son 2 deal with a lawnmower and trimmer that isn't working. He also needs to finish cutting boxes so I can paint them.Plus the stone needs moved and the yard needs mowed... No he doesn't have Saturday open LOL

I planted the 125 strawberries. Five varieties so give us strawberries for a longer season and enough hopefully to not have to buy any. That gives us a total of 150 strawberries if all survive the transplanting . Next year they should start producing so one more year of making do. M gave me a few pints of strawberry pie filling and strawberry jam to help get us through this year. Pints were given to her from the family of a person that died. Wasn't enough to help her but she thought of us and with the blessings of the family gave them to us.

I planted 150 red candy onions... now have 600 in the gardens. Some will be ate as green onions, others canned as pickled besides just stored. I figure we eat at least 1 onion as green for each of us during the 90 days of summer that's 180... Hubby is known to eat green onion sandwiches like his grandma so that is a LOW count. I have a friend that asked to buy about 15 lbs if we have it this fall.
I was able to get a hold of onion seeds to start for winter onions. I've not had much luck doing that before but try try and try again.My walking onions are not far enough along to start using. Did not help that Hubby

I have the Brussels sprouts hardening off that I will put in the garden next week. This week we still are in the 30s in the mornings and 40s to low 50s in the day.

I have  2 types of  potatoes "warming" to chit and plant next week.Had to order my red potatoes from another company that let me know they are shipping this week.

We planted 7 more fruit trees. I should transplant the maple and the lilac to bigger pots, still too small to put in ground.

I got 3 more boxes painted and Hubby got them together and moved to the gardens so it's just fill with dirt. He still has the smaller in depth boxes to put together as they are painted and ready to be put together. If there gets a warm day I will paint more. This week is on the cooler side. I don't think we get out of the low 50s all week and couple times the morning temp is the high for the day as it spirals downward the rest of the day. Welcome to Ohio.

We got the last of the porch order in and picked up more dirt while at Menards.

Hubby saw that Arby's had their orange cream shake back so picked up sandwiches and the shakes. We have been trying to do 1 take out a week to help our local restaurants stay in business.There are 2 closed, no longer even doing take out. Talk of they might not reopen. Hard for the one as it has been here over 125 yrs. A little store with a lunch special Monday thru Friday. You could buy Amish baked goods and jams also.

I need to make a menu of simple meals this week as the work load is heavy and going to get heavier.

Neither of us has went to get groceries. I need a good solid day in the kitchen to make tortillas and bread and put some casseroles together. Might be doing that today since it's not much to be done in this temp outside.

I started making masks for Daughter 4 and Son 2, mid way through of Daughter 4's I sent a pic of what I was making and she was, that's not going to work so I changed the style to be more like how a N95 elastic band is and that works for her. Son 2 said his style didn't matter as he wears any and all.

What are you doing?

Friday, May 1, 2020

to Hades in a handbasket.

Laundry is done, dishes put away , grow lights are on. Chose what plants will go out to be hardened off starting today.

Was going out to start sitting up to paint the garden boxes when the rain started. So that's off the list until this afternoon. Not going to plant in the rain, not bad for the plants but the last thing I need is a cold from a cold wet rain.

So thought I would go up to the office where I set my sewing machine up and sew masks..


Hubby is half way across the state and got the call the 115,000 tons of gravel will be coming in TODAY IN ONE HOUR.

Nothing had been moved as they said they would call the day before. SO I had to go out and clear areas for it to be dumped as it can't be tailgated due to the trailers being in the way. I had to pull the chevy and jeep into the yard, hope they don't get stuck because it's pretty soggy in the yard.

 Thankful it's not the whole order of 250,000 tons. I was a little upset Hubby didn't order it all at once but after he got off the phone he said he wanted to fill in the hard areas they can't tailgate it (where they dump out the tailgate while they drive) before he had the rest brought in case he needed MORE than we thought since we are adding 2 parking areas for trailers and more around the barn perimeter and then widening the lane which is over 300 ft long.

SO I swished and swiped both bathrooms.

Now it's sit and wait.This is when I wished I had thought to make a sewing area on the first floor.

May 1st

ER follow up with GI doctor isn't until May 6th and on the phone then.

I still am trying to get a hold of my family doctor. I was told by a mutual friend that they thought there was a family emergency out of state. Which closes his office as his wife is his nurse and receptionist.

It's a good thing I am staying at home... ER Doctor called that the only test result not back was the Covid 19 but since my lungs are clear and my bloodwork was good he is looking at me testing negative. For me to continue staying at home, wearing my mask and gloves when out. I am wearing my mask while making masks and then washing in hot water and drying in hot dryer and then with gloves and mask on putting them in a plastic bag to mail and then Son 2 will dump them directly into washer and rewash as he doesn't like the smell of my laundry soap LOL.

The masks are cut waiting to be sewn.I was just sewing for Son 2 but he caught wind that Daughter 4 now needs them also to go to work as her company only bring back who has their own face coverings.

My washer is acting up... mother board is doing weird things. Will get a hold of Maytag to see if this is under warranty. Either way I can't get it fixed until I have my test results back.

The is now 8 raspberry bushes, 125 strawberries, 6 trees and 8 grapevines sitting on my porch to be planted. OF course they came in when Hubby will be working the next 2 days. Going to be a couple late nights for him.

I have to finish painting the sq ft boxes so Hubby can put them together.

There is 10 lbs of potatoes to plant.

There is over 5 dozen tomato plants to start hardening off

There is 9 Brussels Sprouts to start hardening off

There is 6 apple mint and 3 rosemary plants to start hardening off

There is 3 dozen seedling (assorted veggies ) to be transplanted.

I have seeds that need planted.

I have to build 3 trellises

There are another 150 onions to plant because I marked can substitute on the order form when I ordered SETS instead of plants ( I wanted sets for fall planting)

Asparagus is coming in. I canned 5 pints of dill pickled asparagus and blanched enough to cover a cookie sheet and freeze it. I will vacuum seal it today. Probably going to be harvesting asparagus daily for the next 3 weeks.

The Amish produce auction is working with the Health dept on how to open back up.

What's on your to do list?

Dust bunnies are breeding here