Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Little things add up

 Grandson asked how I make my toothpaste last so long.... he is by himself and his mom told him I make 1 tube last a month and I brush my teeth after every meal (yes I had braces, can you tell ? 😏) I asked for him to take a picture of his toothbrush (I had to promise to not post it anywhere, he is not much into social media) after he put the toothpaste on.... I then sent him a photo of mine... he had Mount Rushmore and I had a nice size pea. I told him to ask his dentist. Every dentist I have said PEA size not the 1 inch most toothpaste directions tell you. 

Then I got wondering how much I was spending on toothpaste (I stock that too and I grew up with using baking soda mixed with salt)

I used the current FULL price which I never spend when buying toothpaste. BUT coupons are getting less and less and sales sometimes are not really sales. So I went with not sales or coupons.

Numbers are based on me using the toothpaste once a day. 

Colgate Renewal 3 oz should last me 15.22 months with the cost of 44¢ per use 

Sensodyne 3.4 oz should last me 17.24 months with the cost of 35¢per use ( I use this twice a day so it would only last me 8.62 months)

Crest 3D white (since I won't bleach my teeth) 3.8 oz should last me 19.27 months with the cost of 19¢per use

Crest Densify 4.1 oz should last me 20.79 months with the cost of 24¢per use.

I spend the most $1.14 (highest amount) and 89¢the lowest amount per day. 

I am okay with that amount unlike Grandson who has been using a tube every two weeks. Since Grandson like to feel foam when he is brushing, I told him to ask Son2 as he is the same way. From the sounds of it, he now has an electric toothbrush, water pic, which toothpaste is the best for the money and Son2 sent him a photo of what the toothpaste should look like. 

Grandson asked about other things.

Dish soap is a very small amount... I use blue Dawn. I buy 56 oz bottles as I use it for other things. Helps keep bugs off Charlotte also. I also add about 18 to 20 oz of water to it before using it on anything. I use 1/2 tsp to wash my hand wash dishes. That is over 2 yrs of dish soap for washing dishes.

I hand wash pots and pans so I don't fill both soap cups up in the dishwasher.

Shampoo and conditioner about the size of a quarter, I have thick hair to my hips.

Body wash.. bar soap last longer if you take it out of package for a week before using... use a bath pouf or wash cloth to clean more... you waste more than you think just putting it in your hand. I use a drizzle to a nickel.

Face lotion. a dime during summer and nickel during winter

body lotion about a nickel per area.

Grandpa was a barber, he said to always wipe your razor with rubbing alcohol after using. It would last longer and you wouldn't get razor burn. I have done that and found while the daughters have to replace their blades 3 times more than I do.

I have found that most people (like Hubby used to) just dump what ever cleaner/soap etc. and not really read the amount they should have used to think to try less and see if it still did the job. 

If you want to save money ... you have to think about that type of stuff... especially in this economy and if you are looking at living off social security with very little else.

Prayer for peace 

Blessed be