Saturday, February 10, 2024

WOW... there is NOTHING on the to do list today!!!!!

 I hope you were sitting down for that one 😃!

This passed week done...

Bought Daughter 4 this table (actually a sofa table) BIG shout out to Big Sandy Super store, not only did they have what we were looking for , the person waiting on us focused on clearance and on sale items when we told her why we were shopping.She wasn't about selling expensive stuff. 

She is using it in the kitchen, she is NOT running all the appliances at the same time. Freaked us both out when we saw it plugged into power strip... She also turns OFF the power strip with nothing is on. 

Today she gets the dining table and chairs. It was cheaper for them to deliver it than us go back down and get it and take it to her. I wouldn't mind having it  myself but Hubby didn't like it as much.

Good thing as Hubby was asked to help work on the HAM radio trailer to prepare for the total eclipse that is coming through our area. They want to be ready for cell phones to not work, lack of water and gas etc. Computers might not work. They are also looking at having 5-10 posts through the county to help with aid.

I dealt with the last of the winter squash.I didn't have enough small butternut 😒.

Sorted out the garden seeds that will need to be started this month. 

Stuck in a jar of water, the sweet potato  that I saved for growing sweet potato slips. 

Pruned all the flowers except roses (not time yet).

Pruned blackberries, honey raspberries, red raspberries, and black raspberries. 

Weeded blueberry pots and old strawberry patches. Ordered new strawberry plants as I want a mix of everberring and Junebearing using a credit and coupon I had.

Used the points I had at Amazon to replace some items I gave Daughter 4 and to order some daylilies. So only spent $25. 

We ordered propane... Still have a credit after that fill. We should NOT need any propane until next heating season. 

Hubby cut and stacked 3 cords of wood (a cord is 8ft x 4ft x 4ft or 128 cubic ft.) of free wood from E.

Our grandfather clock quit working. Amish gentleman that made it for us pushed the clock maker to replace the workings. They expressed shipped it and he got it in this week.

Our tankless water heater shut it's self off. Hubby videoed the code flashing and sent it to our repair guy. Drain hose was plugged. So repair guy told Hubby to see if the water in the sump pump hole was up over it... it was. Just lifted it and placed over brace so it wasn't down in the water. No charge for the phone call and the heater is working. We think when they worked on the water softener it got knocked off the brace so Hubby fixed it so it won't happen again.

It's Chinese New Year's . Hubby offered to pick up take out from one of  Chinese restaurants. I told him I would just fix us something. I figure I can use a leftover steak, sliced up to strips from Christmas prime rib that I froze with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, carrots and celery with a garlic ginger sauce of some type and tumeric rice. Maybe toss some onion, carrot and peas in the rice.

I updated the to do list for next week... 

Sunday is vaccines, that catches us back up.

Monday is primary doctor and pit stop at the Mennonite store to replace my knives I gave to Daughter 4 and the spices/herbs I am low on or out of as I gave her the last of it. 

Tuesday is chiropractice, Menards as we want to replace the smoke detectors and flashlights and pick up 4 ft industrail power strip fo Daugher 4.

Wednesday is pay bills and wash the grow cart to get ready for starting seeds.

Thursday is finish getting around the stuff for taxes so our preparer can have it and we just go in to sign it.Also making copies of all credit cards, license etc that Daughter 4 is having to replace. 

Nothing on Friday or Saturday. Might go see Hubby's parents.

Sometime I will start putting the seeds in the grow cart. 

Prayers for peace

Stay safe, do fire prevention.

Blessed Be