Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Daughter 4's first week back to work

 Monday morning , actually it was more afternoon as she walked in her home, let the dogs out, left the back door open (yard is fenced in) fed and watered them, sat down to drink coffee and went to sleep... I sent text at 8 am when she should have been get home asking how it went... that afternoon the answer was EXHAUSTING. She played for 2 hrs. with the dogs in the early afternoon and then took another nap before work.

Tuesday afternoon as she figured I would be between medical tests and bored she sent that she had nearly got ran over by another scooter, that person got in trouble, she forgot to stop completely before getting off her scooter and twisted her knee, but finished the order and got it to packing before seeking medical and filing paperwork and got HERSELF IN TROUBLE as she was suppose to STOP and take care of HERSELF first not finish the order.

Wednesday afternoon... the manager in her came out ... They need to do a better job of training and more hands on training coming from the trainer to the trainee. She is good with the job, as she put all companies have issues. Loves the benefits and is glad I made her promise me to NOT sign up for over time if it was offered this week. She is EXHAUSTED. 

Glad she is working only 3 days a week and not the 5 she would have been at the old job.  I did tell her she would need those days to recover for a couple weeks.