Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Frugal moments

when you don't want to cook, maybe don't want to eat and have cheese, Italian bread and olives for supper.

when E feels bad for your hubby because he has to cook for himself (Hubby does part of the cooking anyways LOL) while I am cat sitting and has his wife send over lunch every other day. M butchered chickens that weren't laying. They have had fried chicken almost daily. Hubby said there was enough each time he ate the"leftovers" for supper that night. M sent over a dozen eggs, some peaches and 2 cucumbers for Hubby. He sliced up the cucumbers with an onion and poured Italian salad dressing on it. Nice side dish or snack for him. As he is fighting a nasty bout that started with allergies.

I shut off the AC(90 with humidity make it feel like mid 90s) every morning and open Son 2 windows and curtains letting the morning sun come in for the kitties to sun bath. Close curtains an hour later before it starts cranking the heat back up. Don't turn AC until it's 85 , with a fan on I would be okay but kitties are old and don't do so well in the heat even laying in front of a fan on a tile floor.

I fixed my meals from what I brought here, decided to not buy produce this week since I am going home this weekend. I have enough milk to make it through.

Hubby said the only thing we will need when I get home is milk... if I remind him he will pick it up when he is in town towards the end of the week.

I'm not driving back and forth to home and back so have saved 1 tank of gas.

I am not running our electric up with the iron and sewing machine... that's on Son 2's bill, he said it's cheaper than a kennel for the 2 cats. So I guess he is still saving money.

Hubby said he has been mowing the 1 acre pasture (which is E's but we barter us mowing it for him up keeping the 3 acres and fence that is behind us that is ours) every other time when he mows the yard. He talked to the lady that lives next to that pasture and she was fine with that, said if it got to bothering her she would come over and say something. Not much is growing anyways... we have been without rain for over a week AGAIN.


I finished tossing food from the pantry. I wrote down what we hadn't ate in YEARS.I know Hubby is like my Daddy and would eat anything no matter what year it was canned... I on the other hand can not figure out how I have food in my pantry from 2014.... that's the year we were raising our grandson. I think I canned too much as I thought we might end up finishing raising him. I also need to think about what we eat, what we should be eating and how much is needed. AGAIN... Mother in law suggested I go to the store and buy for each week and not go back until that is gone.... she lives in the city around the block from the store. I asked her if that was what she did when they lived in the country (same amt of miles from town like we do now) NO WAY she said... too much gas and if the weather took a nasty turn you could go hungry... then it was like, OH guess that would not work well for you to go weekly. She lived on a highway, we live on back country road that don't get plowed much during the winter.

Back to sewing... 5 sets left to sew (still have to figure something out for bedroom) and 4 aprons... Long days of sewing.