Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eating from the Pantry..Jan 1st

I have to confess...I started on the 30th...after looking at both frigs, their freezers, both deep freezers and my over flowing pantry that takes up  12 x 25 room in the basement. I just couldn't talk myself into ignoring what was there and going to the store to buy what I want.

On Dec 30th I made home made pizza using up a box pizza that I bought out of memories, I used up cheese from the freezer, a couple sausage patties,onion,mushrooms and banana peppers on one and pepperoni,onion, and mushrooms on the other one. The two of us ate both of them before going to bed.

On Dec 31st  I made spinach salad. Soup using the broth I made from the leftover prime rib roast of Christmas eve along with some of the meat from that roast,(rest will show up in noodles later), added some leftover pizza sauce from the night of pizzas and sauteed onions,carrots,celery,mushrooms, and garlic. Added hot bread(from deep freezer) and called it a meal.

Today , Jan 1st we have been snacking on odds and ends in the frigs, which I need to clean out tonight for the trash to go to the road for tomorrow's pick up.

Dinner will be ribs (deep freezer from July 4th) with BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes, kraut and leftover broccoli,cauliflower, carrots from a veggie tray to make California blend veggies along with what is left of the bread from last night.

It was suggested I make a menu of the meals in my freezers and pantry....that would be over 300 and I won't stay with those ideas anyways...the chef in me sees some recipe and pulls the spices and changes what was going on the table about mid morning anyways.

Have a safe and Happy New Year

Blessed Be Juls