Friday, February 28, 2020


a friend just asked me if we were quarantined if we would have enough food and meds for our dogs...

we have 156 lbs of dog food in the barn and I can always cook food from the freezers if needed.  Meds..  we would make it 3 months.

Feb ending , Planning March

I didn't get two of the books read I wanted to read .... Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler and the Journey Without You by Teresa Carter Kissie.

I didn't do any winter sowing. Temperatures have been swinging from high 50s to teens. No wonder everyone is sick.

I didn't start any seeds before I went to Son 2's so Hubby didn't have to worry about watering them.  I didn't start them when I got home because I had an allergy attack and figured I best get over it before I start messing in potting soil and stuff.

I didn't feel well most of Feb and the week I did I was babysitting son 2 HA HA

So for March

Hubby wants to have his LLC and DOT/PUCO numbers and a sign for his truck all set up. He still needs a digital log also but is looking for one to run on his phone. He is also looking at getting a better phone. His is several years old and it would handle what he is doing better if he had a more up to date phone.

He wants to have the sq foot garden boxes cut and ready for me to paint by mid March. At this point I am thinking it will be probably closer to end of March due to 1 hauler being out of state for next 10 days, one still working on repairing his truck for next 2 wks and one out sick for next 5 days.

He also wants to have his cost estimate of repair of basement ramp and kitchen porch around.

Mine is

start seeds in grow light cart.

paint and seal square foot garden boxes (going to be 2 ft wide, 8 ft long and 1 ft deep)I can do this in the barn

Fill sq ft garden boxes with soil and cover to warm.  Then start planting cool weather crops.

That's the priority ...getting the food started.

I want to also go through my clothes and down size again. I've lost inches so a lot of things are just "hanging" on me.

We are eating from the freezers. I would like to see the 3 refrigerators freezers empty so I can start pulling food from the deep freezers. This should be very doable as I emptied on of the freezer drawers on the kitchen refrigerator last week and refilled it from the other freezers.

I have a couple chuck roasts (buy 1 get 1 free plus $ off if I bought so much in the meat dept) to cook to make pot roast, Channel 10 (Columbus OH) Dom Tiberi pot roast chili (to can), beef veg soup (to can) and beef pot pie. Maybe beef and noodles if there is enough left.

I need to put the house maintenance stuff in to storage that we got yesterday. I already put the OTC meds away.

I need to put the non food stuff away. Freezer bags, foil, sandwich bags etc.

I need to put the odds and ends of food we got also. Tortilla chips (we do nacho's a lot in warm weather) Fritos for Hubby when he eats chili. Potato chips for the sandwich meals  Coffee that was on sale for $2 off and then you got another $1 off if you bought 5, so basically I got 2 free. Coke/Sprite I am down to 1 coke every other day. Sprite for when I am sick.

I got 3 lbs of frozen chicken breast for $1/lb due to being on sale and having coupon for the chicken. Going to cook all of it at one time for chicken salad and stir fry and chicken broccoli and rice dish.

I got broccoli (for broccoli salad, stir fry and chicken dish)

I got asparagus... too cold yet for ours but it's was $1.99 for a lb. I have none left in freezer but we have some jars of it pickled left.

I got mushrooms half priced. Milk, heavy cream and half and half marked half priced.

I got 4 large red bell peppers for the same price of 3 tricolor bells.  I can't eat green ones.

I got 1 bunch of green onions.

The only thing I didn't get on the list was wonton wraps and egg roll wraps because the store here doesn't carry it. I will get them next week when we have a doctor appt in Sidney as they carry them all the time. I have hamburger and bean sprouts and cabbage to make egg rolls with. And some recipes to make wonton soup since I have all the rest of the ingredients.

I got tomatoes on the vine and shredded lettuce for tacos and enchiladas

I got steakhouse salad mix with my coupon and marked down so we could have some fresh salad to help me adjust to eating raw veggies before they start coming in from the garden in May.

I pulled Angel food cake slices today for dessert to go with mixed berry pie filling.We just finished the rhubarb strawberry pie.

I would really really like to not be sick and tired during March as I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I sure don't remember my parents every being as ill as my brother and me... Now Aunt Hazel and Grandma on Daddy's side was always sick. He always said I took after them.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Feb 25th Meals from the freezer... Talk of pandemic

Hubby asked for a rhubarb or strawberry rhubarb pie... I pulled 1 qrt of rhubarb pie filling and 1 pint of strawberry pie filling, mixed them together and used store bought pie crust that had been in the freezer. It's now in the oven.

He wants an apple crumb pie next.

I pulled turkey noodles and sliced turkey out of the freezer to go with instant mashed potatoes, fruit cocktail and some veggie that I will find in the freezer for tonight's dinner.

I pulled strata out of the freezer for tomorrow . There is enough for 2 meals with adding sides.

I bombed the Feb pantry challenge of being efficient in the kitchen. Good Cheap Eats pantry challenge is to FILL the freezer... My freezers are FULL so we decide to empty the freezers. We also decided to go back to going to the store once a week until fresh produce starts coming in the gardens(late April /early May) as I've tossed enough that I am not trying to go every 2 wks anything more.

Hubby is an EMT... emergency medical technician... it is a level above first responder. He asked if we went on quarantine due to the pandemic coronavirus aka Covid-19, would we be okay including medical supplies. Unless we needed the antiviral shot, we are covered.

During the Black Death plague epidemic(7 yrs long ) quarantine ran up to 40 days.SO I thought would our children and grandchildren have enough food to go that long?

Out of 6 kids, 2 would be in trouble, both live in apartments with limited storage, I told them to shove canned goods under the furniture. Out of 6 adult grandkids... ZERO would be in trouble. Well two might resort to using clothes or towels for diapers. I suggested ordering some cloth diapers and rubber pants.

Hubby's parents have enough for 60 days including medications. Two daughter would need their meds brought to them , their pharmacy does deliver. Not life sustaining meds but I don't think their kids want to be around them when they are off their meds.

I also told Hubby that I know it could get worse for us if we have no access to fresh veggies during the winter. Daddy and Mother always talked about how sick people got because of that. So that is something we would have to deal with also.

Monday, February 24, 2020

SIGH at home again... going back to wearing make up

I had to promise to not post anywhere any pictures of Son 2 before or after surgery. Except for a white pad as a mustache he didn't look any different that when he has a head cold. No bruising etc. Did very well... about 6 wks ahead of how I recovered... I didn't sleep well. Couldn't figure out why because I usually sleep very well at his house and then last night when Wilbur started snoring I realized I kept waking up and checking on Son 2 because he was NOT snoring. Which used to be a bad sign and I would get him to move. Doctor said he was maybe getting 50% of air through his nose the septum was so bad due to hand to hand combat it was broke two different directions. He said his cat wasn't smacking him either which Cuddles would do when he was asleep.AND Bailey was sleeping with him, she would leave when he started snoring.

Son 2 gave us a 5 lb pork loin... I almost didn't have room for it.

SO I am home... laundry on the kitchen porch line. Hubby is running errands for neighbors as E is working maple trees and has over 1000 bags/taps to deal with. I'm dragging butt.

While we were talking last night I mentioned that March's pantry challenge it to eat from the freezer and asked which one he wanted us to start on. I bombed the efficient kitchen pantry challenge. I bought too much because I forgot that it was the 3rd week I would be gone not the 4th and I was battling feeling like crap the first 2 weeks.

This is the one he wants to start on.

yeah, right... it is the one with the chocolate chips, cool whip,nuts and cheese.

SO he asked which one I wanted ...

I can be a wise butt also... at least it has fruit, nuts and bacon and frozen hash browns.

Be nice if these were in the same frig but nope.

Woke up with E knocking on the door, his dog Linda was over in the ditch barking and in pain... being Amish and Sunday he couldn't use his gun to put her down and didn't want to bash her head in with a shovel. Hubby dealt with her. She was not hit by a car, her tumor was twice the size it usually is and Hubby figures is was blocking her from using the bathroom like Rascal's would have if we hadn't had it removed. Since Linda had seen the vet and had this fatty tumor for 4 yrs... E didn't think of about it blocking her. ANYWAYS. She is over the rainbow bridge running around healthy and happy. While those in the neighborhood mourn for her.

We went and saw Daddy. The man has a H..L of a grip even in sleep. He woke up enough to take my hand and then went back to sleep. My hand aches today. He did wake up again and say bye.  I really liked how things were going there. They had him out in the community room and had the fire doors shut so no one could go roaming around,that keeps him out of trouble.

We went to Menards. We found we need 2 of the larger humidifiers to keep the house humidity where it should be. I now have Daddy's old one back in the hall where the bedroom, bath and laundry room is . New one (on sale) is in the front room and is a lot quieter than the old one so we don't have to blast the tv to hear over it. We also picked up 6 bottles of dishwasher soap and some cleaner for the copper kitchen sink. Both humidifiers take the same 2 filters and both use regular tap water.

On the way home Hubby asked me when I was going to order my make up/skin care... My dermatologist had already been on me. I've had friends and total strangers ask if someone hit me... I have dark spots that look like bruises. I just sighed. I was taught as a child to always wash my face with Noxzema not soap and to use a face cream twice a day. Mother used Pond's. I am allergic to it. I tried Avon... nope. I finally found Olay that  was good. I did every day "make up" of cleaning, moisturizing, perfume, mascara and lip balm. Mascara and lip balm to shut my 4 girls and Mother up and get off my back LOL. Out for work ... it was what I called the works.... notice I said what I called the works....

So Hubby said something to Son 2 and now I get a list of what I need, what to buy and the ORDER to apply it from Son 2's ex who used to sell make up and except for the eye liner and shadow never looked like she wore make up. But she did... Son 2 vouched as he watched her spend 15 mins doing her hair and make up every day before work. AND I NOW KNOW WHAT THE WORKS REALLY IS . GEEZE

Okay... I can do 15 mins on hair and make up IF it helps my old dried skin and stops people from asking me if I am being abused. I also am happy this young lady knows me and listed 3 routines... yes more expensive (and not what she sells) BUT acknowledges I AM OUTSIDE,I have allergies, I have dry skin, I have dark spots and wrinkles and I am 61 and I do not want to spend much time to deal with my face and I don't want to feel as it I am wearing a mask. While at it she told me what sun screen to get and to NOT MIX MAKE UP BRANDS. It can cause allergic reactions.  She also suggested to get bins or some kind of open containers that I keep it corralled in based on when I am using it.

I had switched from Olay when the price got too high for me to Neutrogena and found I liked it better also because it doesn't feel like I mudded my face.

I will see how this works for me when it comes in. She told me to "play" make up a couple weeks to what looks I like

Monday, February 17, 2020

Hubby's thoughts and death in the community

I whined about being behind due to health and what ever. Yes whined about being sick... sick and tired of being sick and tired.Thing we planned to do over the winter not getting finished ...whine whine whine. I need a glass of wine, with cheese and bread sticks... running joke with Son 2 who is our #1 whiner.

Hubby listened or tuned out, can't ever tell with him 😀

And then quietly said.... Have you been in the hospital?  NO

                                        Are you laying in the hospital? NO

then you are doing what you set out to do ... not be in hospital for 1 yr so they will lower your biologic to once a month... nothing else is as important as that... staying out of the hospital, not having Crohn's attack which triggers hiatal hernia attack. Then he hugged me...Hubby is not affectionate.

I told him I was sorry for the whine and he was right... he understood as when he was 16 and had to lay in bed 6 months due to rheumatic fever, he learned the lesson himself. He figured I needed to get the whine out before I went to stay with #1 whiner. 😛

This morning he let me know that the Amish community had lost a child... really just a baby that he had taken more than once to the hospital in Columbus for testing and treatment for the seizures.  Community in mourning , funeral tomorrow.  My heart aches for them.

Hubby suggested I figure out what our outdoor priorities are and what our inside priorities are so depending on the weather we can get things done for March.

I am taking all the garden stuff to plan what is going where and when to Son 2's.
My laptop,kindle and some reading books. 

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Feb 16th... In 2 days I will be at

Son 2's home... normally I call this my vacation as it's usually babysitting the cats and doing sewing or what ever I want to do that I can't get done at home...

Well Son 2 promised me he would deal with his snoring... and for my birthday last month he made the appt with his doctor. I guess our 25th anniversary present is me babysitting HIM while he goes in for surgery for his septum surgery. I won't be back home until late Friday... Was suppose to be late Saturday afternoon but a friend of his doesn't have to work Friday night so they are going to stay with him Friday to Saturday so I can come home after taking him to get the stents removed. He is mean when he is in pain... SIGH.

I know I won't get anything done Monday and Tuesday and will pretty crash when I get home on Friday. SO where does that land me with getting things done for Feb.

First I moved finances around and we now have the 2 months of bills saved. So that's marked off.

Second since I was moving finances around I moved a bit over to the medical and we are now over half way to that goal for the end of the year.

Third while with our tax preparer Hubby brought up switching from his hobby to a LLC business. She worked everything both ways and he has decided to do the LLC. So he started that process.

SINCE our preparer is very familiar with Social Security stuff, we asked about that. Her advice was wait until 63 and 8 months for Hubby at least as long as we can pay for our medical. Too easy for the business to go over the earnings amount in a month and mess up the social security and cause us headaches of pay back etc.

Fourth. We went over the punch list. We have 2 things completed that we had only done over the entire of winter... Can tell we were worn out and I was down sick.

We are going to focus on the basement ramp and kitchen porch due to losing ground there. Widening the driveway because I don't like the ruts or that Hubby drags the mud from the ruts up the driveway where we actually walk. Putting railing on the deck I decided on two designs based on what we have already on hand. The gate to the fence at the deck ramp and the fence to replace the gate is already here so that's a to do. The tower and the antenna is already here so that is a to do. Painting the ceiling of the kitchen porch and putting the 2 outside ceiling fans up there are here so that is a to do.  Getting the square foot gardens (2 ft by 8 ft by 11 inches deep) each bed size to equal 1200 sq ft total. Most of the seeds are bought and the plants ordered. I just need to deal with getting the soil in and painting, sealing and putting them together after Hubby cuts them.  Basic warmer weather than what we are getting to do stuff.

I got 9 things done off the declutter 365 list so only have 5 things left for the month.

I am taking my garden list, Sq Foot garden books, etc with me to Son 2's .... I have read everything else that was on my reading challenge list this month.

We found we owed a bit more on the life ins loans than what we thought... more like HUBBY owed more than he told me. SO that is going to be paid on and hopefully off as I am not willing to go pay interest on a personal loan to pay them off even though it's less interest but a higher payment then the truck payment.

March is going to be interesting

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

What can I do that is frugal?

Besides all the regular stuff...

laundry cold water, homemade laundry soap, vinegar for softener, line or rack drying.

Always checking for best prices for anything we have to buy.  Any service that isn't required by warranty aka Truck and tractor is priced out.

Hubby thought me spending several hours yesterday figuring out medical mileage was a waste of time since it's a deduction of 20 cents a mile. Until I showed him proof we had over 4500 miles. That is well worth the time I spent.

I cleaned the frigs and made note of what produce needed used up first or froze so nothing wasted. Made a note of what I don't need to stock this spring. Pickled asparagus is a biggie need.

I hung my head upside down and cut my own hair. It's past my waist so I am able to cut it in a U or V shape in that position.

I topped off everything in the dry goods bookcase  and checked the pantry making note that there was a few things that was going to be on the stock up list but there is enough to wait for a sale. I am down 60 lbs of sugar and by next week will be down 60 lbs of flour and 9 lbs of almond flour. That has been since last fall and I still have 90 lbs of sugar and 140 lbs of flours not counting specialty flours like cake flour, semolina etc

Hubby is with friends and they did a pit stop at an Amish bulk store. He found 1 LB yeast and called to find out what was a good price. A 2 lb package is about $2 cheaper than what I find it around here. I told him to get one for M also as I know she will be happy to have it. That will bring my yeast back up to a year supply and hers up to one month supply. Woman bakes 36 loaves of bread a week not counting sweet rolls.

Laundry is on the drying racks. Dishwasher is running on hi temp (only use it when cleaning it, never use the dry cycle) with a cup of vinegar in it. Clothes washer with Afresh will be done after the dishwasher is done.

Hubby asked how I was feeling... Mother Nature has ran over me with a Mac truck with this weather. He asked what I would do if I was growing up, single and widowed widowed... I had to laugh because when he makes comments about me doing something he had planned to do I always respond I did it when I was growing up, single and widowed. I would probably take a nap and other than laundry and meals not worry about getting anything else done.SO I guess I won't go out in the cold drizzle to the extra lumber pile and see how many 4 x 4 x 8 posts we have so I know how many to buy for the deck railing that I have part way figured out. The rest is what to put on the top of the fencing we are using between the railings so then I will know what style of growing pots to get or make. Trying to use up what we have and save money.

While talking to Son 2 last night about what we were going to eat while he is down with nose surgery and I am down there since he isn't allowed to be alone of drive for 2 days, he mentioned he had a pork tenderloin for us that he had shoved in the freezer as he got one free. I might take it out while down there (don't need meat here but will use it since he bought it) and make him pork tapas cut in very small sizes. I just need to take my spices with me.He made the comment about eating steak  or something and I cracked up ... he didn't think about not being able to breath while he chewed since he will have stints and packing in his nose for 2 days.I I thought I was going to have to stay until Sat but he has a friend that can come stay with him on Friday so it's Tuesday night (our 25th anniversary) to Friday afternoon after I drive him over to Columbus to get his stents removed. He does have a friend whose son just had this very surgery so he is getting a hold of her and seeing what he could eat.

I had a friend suggest some reading material about inflammation and eating . Her hubby had bought it for her and she first thought was what a waste of money. But she said with just doing 1/4th of it has helped her. So she was now going to focus on doing 1/3rd... small steps is better than no steps and I don't see her giving up her coke a cola or coffee or butter any more than I will. The suggestion of using coconut oil in coffee instead of cream just doesn't sound good. I might try it but HUM.

I finished Family Feasts for $75 a week by Mary Ostyn. I should probably look at going to the store every 2 weeks for fresh produce and not try to get it to last 3-4 wks with just a milk run at 2 wks.

 I need to serve soup or casseroles more to use up leftovers of 1 servings. Though Hubby can eat those from this week while I baby sit Son 2 LOL. As I have shoved 2 meals in the freezer and might put a 3rd one in if he eats dinner with his friends... if they are going to be getting in after dinner they always stop for sandwiches.

What are you doing to save money ?

Monday, February 10, 2020

I think Feb is going to be a no save

Month instead of a no spend month.

Hubby blew a tire on the trailer while fully loaded. When he took it in to get it replaced he was grateful he didn't ruin the rim but was told he actually needed 2 tires.

Daughter 4 bought a car (paid cash, so proud) and then cleaned my car (smells great and looks better) AND filled the tank up AND gave me the money for an oil change (surprised). Our mechanic went over it completely and told me it needs brakes and rotors.. He is good about making sure our vehicles can drive out of state. He is going to check belts when I bring it in for the brakes and oil change.

I thought we had filters for everything (furnace, kitchen cold air vent, 2 frigs, sweeper, whole house water) until June... NOPE, need them NOW . Now have that ordered except for furnace as we get that one cheapest at Menards on Thursday when we have tons of errands in that area.

I went to change the ink in the printer and couldn't find the extra ink.... Hubby got to thinking about it when I asked if he knew were it was and then realized he had gave it to his parents last month when they were printing tax stuff and he forgot to go get some (I didn't ask why he didn't just go get some for them since he drives past the store on the way to their house instead of taking ours) ... I ordered that since I was already ordering office stuff with a discount and coupons combo.  Got free shipping and 35% of when all said and done.

While checking the water filter I realized we needed salt for the softener... should have clicked when we just got propane as they have been matching all winter. Ordered that to be delivered, they will do a check to make sure everything is working as it should while here.

I finally got everything around that we need for taxes...then our tax lady reminded me of medical mileage, she said usually it's not enough to add but she knew I was going a long distance for mine so told me to bring it.... over 4500 miles for last year (which was why I needed ink for the printer) when I finished that.

I finished the book Daily Rituals. It included several types of artists and how they did their work or days. Was interesting as a lot of them had trouble sleeping.

Compared to Jan of 2019 we reduced our electric bill by 302 KW for the month. That was nice to see.

I paid the bills, got a couple due this weekend that I will pay on Friday.  I am waiting to see where the money is in all the accts after we deal with the all the bills on Thursday.

We ate leftovers yesterday with some fruit. Tonight I fixed taco meat for quesadillas. I will have refried beans, guac and tomatoes along with canned mango for the fruit.

Definitely on the tired side, but got enough done to feel good about what is left to do.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Saturday ER visit

24 hr bug.... Not influenza A or B just run of the mill (run the key word there) stomach bug.

No visits to Daddy... so glad I was just there.

Friday, February 7, 2020

1/4th of Feb gone, goals for next week.

What do I have done?

Taxes are gathered and appt is for the 13th along with our chiro appt... at which time we will also have our Valentine's Day and Anniversary (18th) meal out. I am thinking Lock 16 steak house in Lima. Bills are paid until the 10th. I am focusing on doing the finances on the 2nd of the money and then the 2nd Wed (as that is when Hubby will get his SS) and then the 3rd Wed (when I would get mine). This is the routine Hubby's parents use. I got a hold of Social Security (heavens what that a pain) and asked about the income test for those that file before full retirement age. She acknowledged it is written and is very confusing but the 45 hrs was suppose to be for professionals that work part time like doctors... and Hubby would fall under the part that is monthly earnings of NET income. She was polite enough to send it to me in writing also. Hubby doesn't have a net income with his hobby.

Propane is delivered. We have enough credit to get 3 more tank fulls.... that should actually put us in to next spring.

We have not saved any money on the chart :( unless you want to count the ZERO block

I ordered what we were out of on spices and condiments. I can sub on Mexican food but not Asian and we do eat it a lot.

We went to store and I bought a lot of fresh produce as I am trying to work that back into my diet. I can eat 1/2 cup total a day without problems. Goals by end of March is 2 cups a day.

Hubby paid for his oil change for the truck and maintenance.

Daughter 4 is getting a car this weekend so I can go get mine back from her (4 hr trip to get it)... It will need an oil change (she is paying me for the oil change), and brakes. So more money not saved.

Hubby was in getting a new converter (used with lawn mower battery for nebulizers for Amish as the one he had bought the fuses blew and he found he could not replace the fuses,will not buy that style again) and saw dog food was on sale for $1 off. He had a coupon for 10% off total amount. So he saved $3 on each 52 lb bag. They go through 2-3 bags a month. That should take us to end of March unless they become horses, as they already eat like piggies.

For Modern Mrs Darcy challenge I have read The Year of Yes By Shonda Rhimes. The Family Garden by Melissa K. Norris, Starting over by Jackie Clay, A Day In An Amish Kitchen by Bob Ottum, and We Had Everything But Money  by Reimen Publications.

 I am reading Daily Rituals by Mason Currey , Original Square Foot garden by Mel Bartholomew and Family Feast for $75 a week by Mary Ostyn  right now. I float through 4-5 books a day. Read a chapter or two and then do another book. My "sleep" book is always a reread book which is Nora Roberts trilogy of The Sign of Seven.

Grocery pantry challenge...We are eating from the pantry of course. Just adding dairy and fresh produce. I did buy some cans of fire roasted tomatoes since I didn't get any roma/paste tomatoes last year. I got 1 can per month until tomatoes should be in to make my own. I lent 1 lb of yeast to M as when E went to the bulk store they boxed the groceries up while he was loading something else and he didn't think to check the boxes and the yeast that was on the list was forgotten. I told her to just replace it when she gets hers but that should last her 2 wks according to her. E now knows to double check before leaving the bulk store. I keep 2-4 lbs of yeast in the freezer as it lasts a good year after date that way. I need to work on being more efficient in the kitchen which is the challenge for Feb.

I am slowly changing from buy stuff premade like Creme Fraiche, Kimchi and sour cream, things we don't eat a lot of but use enough to make it but not to buy it and then it go to waste.

I decided against winter sowing since the weather is bouncing from teens to 60s on a regular bases. I haven't planned out the spring planting yet. I do have the list for my grow cart plants to start.

On Declutter 365 I have 15 left to do of 29 days. One of them is from Jan and that's the decluttering on the spice cabinet which is in the dining room. I will do that when I spring clean the kitchen in which I add the dry goods book case, china cupboard and spice cabinet.

I spring cleaned my bedroom... took 3 days. Probably would have only taken two (I am showing my age by not having it done in 6 hrs) I did move some furniture around and boxes out from under the bed. The only thing under the bed now is my shoe boxes... two take up half the area under the bed. Shoes I am wearing now are in the shoe rack hanging on the back of the door and boots are behind the door or beside the bookcase. Easier to dust mop now.

Goals for this weekend and next week

Change dentist appts for us to a Thursday from Tuesday as Hubby wants to make errands and such all one day a week when it is both of us so he doesn't have to check the calendar if someone calls and asks if he can help... he knows not on Thursdays.

fill out Kroger survey for 50 bonus points.

Scan and send verification for health ins

Scan medical bills and send to RRA for reimbursement. We decided to use the RRA for copays,deductibles and just pay the health ins out of our pocket like it will come out of the SS when we go on medicare .

finish printing stuff for taxes

Appts... taxes and chiro, Valentine and anniversary dinner on Thursday, I guess we can add celebrating getting the taxes done???

Start seeds in grow cart.

straighten the pantry, make note of what is out/low and what needs used more.

spring clean the kitchen, set up to be efficient.

Design deck railing... figure out costs.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wednesday ...worn out dealing with Brother and Daddy.

kind of....
Yesterday I woke up to my brother , who is 10 yrs older than me blowing my phone up with texts (he was at work,he has retired 3 times already and is back to work) because Daddy had to be moved from the nursing home he is in because he roams. Brother darling told me he had to find a place that took non violent Alzheimer with medicaid...

Okay, research mode with friends that work or did work in the nursing homes... A place for Mom web site their phone calls back to me... I found some in the area. Now it was Brother who had to call them and find and opening...


Hubby and I go to the nursing home... BROTHER either has dementia himself (wouldn't be surprised as his wife and daughter crack jokes all the time about it) and he freaked out, not the first time as he did more than once when Mother was dying, and had a melt down. BUT they were glad we were there and caught us up to what was really going on. Daddy is roaming and going in other peoples rooms, taking crocs(he thought they were mine), and tried to crawl in a lady's bed as she was crying because he wanted to hold her why she cried BUT STILL... A couple other residents threatened him and they are being moved to a violent Alzheimer's ward. But Daddy needed a different set up that would allow him to roam (at night) and keep him and everyone else safe. They also took him off most of his meds except his insulin and he is doing better.

First Hospice had found a place for him and Brother was told the day before they had found him a place 7 different times and he was being moved RIGHT THEN. Glad we went because we got to help move him, he felt better with us being with him until he settled in the new place which had a dog and was going to have singing .... waved me off and told me to go take a nap... most he has spoke in weeks.  He now has a room mate and shares a bathroom... Daddy has been a widower for 30 yrs , not sure if him sharing is going to work but the other guy plays guitar and Daddy loves music so it might be very good .. PRAYERS FOR BOTH OF THEM

Second he is NOT on Medicaid... and since my brother pays the bills he should know that???? SO now I have his wife taking him to the doctor for dementia check up.

The Hospice lady told me she called Brother at work...told him it was fine, Daddy was moving to the new nursing home, I was there... he actually took a breathe and then  asked her if Hubby was there, since she didn't know Hubby she told him a man by this name is dealing with Daddy (he didn't want anyone to push his wheelchair but Hubby). She said there was a silence... and then a sigh of relief and said Ok, sis has this.  She thought it was weird for him to ask about Hubby... first my own health is worse than my older brother's and second , no matter how bad Daddy is , he won't buck Hubby. She was like... okay that make sense.

The new nursing home gave us a couple tips... if we get dentures make sure they are engraved with our name (daddy's is) so if we are in the nursing home and lose them they will come back to us where a lot of them without names end up being tossed... they can't just stick them in your mouth to see if they are yours.

ALSO if we buy a wheelchair to make sure we can remove the feet rests in case we are a scooter like Daddy (he uses his feet not hands to move the chair) as they can't take off the feet rest like the old nursing home did.  You can take your own cane, walker and wheelchair to the nursing home. I have a cane and a walker so I just need to start checking for used wheelchairs that feet can be removed.

So since we were in town and my coupons were expiring that day, we went to the store that was close by instead of driving 40 min to the store we usually go to. I saved 25% with sales and coupons. Got everything that was on the list with a couple substitutions as I wasn't up to another stop. AND we ate AT HOME. There are no leftovers of any kind in the frig as Hubby found out today when he was home for lunch and had to eat summer sausage instead of leftovers. 

I think I will start going to the store when we go see parents and then to Aldi's when we have doc appts . That would make no extra trips unless for milk and Hubby can stop at Save A Lot for milk when he get fuel.

Since I am now worn out to the point I don't even want to change out of the long sleeve tee shirt and sweat pants I slept in I decided pot stickers and egg rolls for dinner with fruit and pickles. I am not sure if a nap isn't on the schedule.

I did call in and order propane.... we are having a fill every 7 weeks instead of the 6 weeks we did that year. So we have "saved" 21 days of fuel. So what we have done so far to help with the energy audit has helped already.

I sat down and researched social security. Might be to worn to physically work so will do mental work.

The first thing several of told me to do was ask for the estimate of what our medicare would cost and deduct that from what our lower benefit would be since we are looking at not waiting until full retirement age. and it would come out when we turned 65. Same price of what we are paying now pretty much and I matched it to be the same coverage.

Second... look at earned income test that will change the amt of benefit when below the full retirement age.... We are okay there  EXCEPT there is one clause of 45 hrs worked PER MONTH... even though Hubby is doing a paying hobby ( no he is not making too much to lower his benefit) we have never tracked his hours... Which is not a problem to do.

We do know rules and amounts change all the time. A paying hobby might be considered as self employed or might not be... no one could really answer this at social security without an appt so we are figuring it as the worse and is considered self employed to see where that set us.

Most don't realize that social security can be taxable when added to your other income. We did because Daddy paid taxes on his and so does Hubby's parents.

I figured out and our financial guy did also.... we would have enough SS to cover the medical now and when we turned 65 and the mortgage. Which is what we had always planned it to pay. Meaning Hubby's hobby which is paying his truck and that ins would be the same and the only money pulled from IRA would be utilities/ house and my car ins and things like that which cuts what we pull by half.  So Hubby it going to think about it. My SS is based on his as I couldn't come anywhere near to what he was earning while I worked odd jobs as a Widow and raised the kids. That makes our IRA last twice as long if not longer.

At least that is a concern off our shoulders.

I scheduled our appt with our tax preparer. She feels after this year I should be able to handle doing the form myself (I used to work for H&R Block). I am just a little iffy about the hobby work... self employed no problem , been self employed most of my life...hobby never done before.When you are making money and getting 1099s from it hobby or no, you claim it and deal with the taxes.

I am tracking what we are spending money on each day to see if there are holes we can plug

Blessed Be

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Check marked off in Jan with Plans for Feb.

Completed one saving chart thanks to doing frugalwoods uber challenge. I printed a one month calendar to keep track of how much we spend on what. To close the holes where $$ is going through.

Paid all of Jan bills and 1st 10 days of Feb. AND still have $$ in bank.

Gathered everything for taxes...waiting for the 1099s from the bank and from one of Hubby's hobby jobs.

Made the menu for the month and then realized I won't be home for a week since I will be staying with Son 2 when he has surgery. SO need to put in freezer meals Hubby can warm in microwave. Which fruit we are to eat is listed every day. I will base the second part of the month which will actually only be 8 days due to me being gone, to using up what is in the house . So far that means I get milk and maybe kale or fresh salad the second part of the month.

I ordered from Amazon (no where around here to get this) my special condiments and spices. I was completely out and was putting off some of the meals because of it. I kept putting the ingredients on the wish list and then ordered it today after we talked over about the menu AFTER I remembered I would be gone.

Figured out when I need to start my seeds as a couple years ago I started too soon and ended up transplanting my tomato plants 3 times before it was time to put them out.

Declutter 365... everything on the Jan calendar except the spice and herbs cabinet. Printed off the Feb calendar of decluttering.

Modern Day Mrs. Darcy read Nora Roberts The Guardians Trilogy: Stars of Fortune,Bay of Sighs and Island of Glass. Also read Nora Roberts  Chronicles of The One :Year One, Of Blood and Bone, and The Rise of Magicks.

Picked out part of the books I will read for Feb. The Year of Yes By Shonda Rhimes, Daily Rituals by Mason Currey, The Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler, The Family Garden by Melissa K Norris (about growing a garden to fill the pantry for 1 yr includes how many plants to grow do that), More Than Enough by Miranda Anderson, Starting Over by Jackie Clay , The Journey Without You by Tersa Carter Kissie , The Children Who Stayed Alone (original title Sod House Adventure) by Bonnie Bess Worline.Family Feasts for $75 a Week by Mary Ostyn,Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half by Steve and Annette Economides ,All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew , Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew, A Day in An Amish Kitchen by Bob Ottum Editor 1995 Reiman Publications  and last but not least We Had Everything But Money Published by 1991 Reiman Plublications

I still need to do the final choice of the winter sowing and how many of that I will do...

I will finish planning the sq foot garden layouts along with what containers and how I will do the railing on the deck to include plantings.

Do you have any plans?
Blessed Be