Wednesday, August 17, 2011

getting ready for winter and saving yourself money

Even though I am a flybaby ( I still do fall and spring cleaning.I just no longer try to do it in a weekend or even a week.

I do my weatherization along with my fall cleaning. While wiping down the woodwork I see where there are cracks for air to come through so I caulk. I check window seals when I wash the windows. Dirt will destroy anything if it's on it very long.

Wipe off switch plates and outlet covers, check to make sure you have foam insulators behind them, especially if they are on outside walls.

Check your attics especially if you have a chimney or attic fan.Not only for air but water leaking in.

Check your basement and crawl spaces for air and water leaks, deal with them now before winter or before you have a major expense due to damage.

In the winter,on bare floors I add throw rugs or area rugs, layer the curtains/drapes at the windows even if the drapes are insulated or lined.Move furniture to inside walls including the bed.

SEE guys, we do move the furniture around for a reason.

Add flannel sheets to the bed, layer on the blankets( preferable thermal) and thick comforter.Pull out the flannel or brushed cotton pjs.

Use the oven for entire meals to warm the kitchen.

Open curtains when the sun is shining( where the sun is shining in) to help warm the house.

Program the thermostat. Right now even though it's cool outside and the house drops to mid 60s thru the night.I don't have the furnace on yet.We changed the filter and kicked it on to make sure it worked. I cleaned out the vents while doing the fall cleaning.

Covered the central air conditioning unit and took the window AC out.

Storm door is back on the front door (we get most of the wind from that direction).I will wait awhile before I remove the back screen door.One because when it's warm the kitchen bakes and two, the dog has a opening in the screen(we put it there when Sammy came to live with us) to let herself in and out in to the mudroom.

put on a sweater, long sleeve shirt, long pants etc. instead of running around your home in warm weather clothes and complaining about being cold or cranking the heat up.Yes, daughter of mine I am thinking of you. Put on socks and shoes that are not sandels or crocs or mules and your feet will stay warmer.

If you want more ideas, just ask your parents or grandparents (or some one of those age brackets) how they kept warm in the winter.You will most likely get an ear full.