Saturday, September 30, 2023

I am glad we have 3 bathrooms day 4 of covid

 two in house and a two holer out house because Hubby was coming from the barn and had to pit stop in the out house LOL. One of us will say, got to go and the other will yell thanks as we both head to the bathrooms.

Hubby thought I was dumb for ordering 10 boxes of Imodium from Amazon until last night when he went through the box by himself (Doc okayed it when you are going like a water faucet turned all the way on)

He complained of being nauseated. I handed him meds and he asked what it was, it's throw up pills shut up and take it. He came back with I don't get motion sickness ( I do) The look I gave him he said was not friendly so he shut up and took them. Ten minutes later told me thank you it helped. Said this is reminding him on my bad crohn's attack... how do I know if its covid or crohn's. It's both combined. I just got to make sure I don't dehydrate to stay out of hospital.

We are snacking instead of eating. All 6 kids and several grandkids told us to not try to eat regular meals but snack and drink every hour. That is working, Hubby is using apple cider to keep the sour metallic taste out of his mouth, I am using lemon cough drops. I did point out the apple cider might be helping him having to go more to the the outhouse (SNICKERING). Said it was worth it to kill the taste.  Must be bad because this man doesn't have much taste buds to begin with.

Usually day 3 is the worst... not for covid or at least not for me. Day 4 started at midnight right along of sleeping on the toilet. SIGH. Glad the hospital gave me baby diaper cream LOL.

Won't be doing anything today....

oh well I will be living in the bathroom today. Guess that is doing something... what it's not doing is living in a hospital room like my foster sister did for a week when she got this.