Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Kim at OUT MY WINDOW pantry challenge

 still eating from the pantry..

still have not went to the store for anything but milk.

Does M sending bread and a sweet over this coming Saturday caught as shopping? LOL

Hamburgers with homemade rolls, asparagus, and sweet potato and peaches.

Strip steak and huge salad...we were going to put the steak on the salad but decide to just eat it on it's own plate. I put apples in the salad for our fruit.

Meatloaf , hassleback potatoes, carrots , and raspberry pie filling on sponge cake with cool whip.

Big egg... leftover ham and potatoes tossed in skillet with beaten eggs poured on top. AKA Frittata  but Hubby's family has always called it a big egg.

Cream of mushroom soup HOMEMADE. As that is the only way Hubby will make it

French toast with bacon

What ever we could find in the frig day .

5 am

ORTHO doc said if I didn't want to go out in this weather ... it was okay we could postpone it... Hubby was like we will leave early and get there driving main routes not secondary like we did yesterday to "clean up the mess " of what wasn't done before surgery. Took us 2 1/2 hrs. for a 1 1/2 hr.  drive yesterday. BUT coming home the main highways it took 1 1/2 hrs. 

First....ORTHO forgot to get my primary doctor's release in early Jan when I had seen him so I had to go back to see him. Second they forgot to fax the forms to primary so I had to GO GET THEM , take them to the doctor , then take them back to ORTHO.

Hospital forgot to send results of bloodwork and EKG to Primary so they had to call for that. My BP was so high they ran another EKG. Doc said it is most likely stress of the drive (saw a person do a 360 in the middle of the highway when they hit an icy patch) and the mess that was caused by people not doing their job. I now have the main person of the ORTHO private phone number 

 Doc  CAUGHT they(ORTHO) had forgot to have me sign a paper with witness in ORTHO office... so back track to deal with that.

Went to the hospital as they had changed my surgery time but didn't leave the time to be there... ORTHO DOC changed it to later to give me more time for roads to be cleared and then wanted me to know it was okay if I postponed, he had even gotten a statement from my ins acknowledging the surgery might be postponed due to weather and they would extend the time frame for me.  

Ortho office ordered codeine for my pain med instead of the pain med that is listed in my records ...it's on my RECORD I don't take that. SO office head called CVS to stop it from being filled. CVS had already rejected the order (GOOD JOB CVS)  and they ordered what was listed.

Ortho made it clear if I didn't have surgery to use the pain meds now to help me get to the surgery.

ORTHO forgot to schedule the date in 2 wks to remove sutures. SO today BEFORE surgery I will have to bring that up AGAIN and make sure I have it before leaving hospital tomorrow...I am supposed to spend the night... might be two or even three as Ortho doc noted to hospital of another weather storm coming through on Thursday. 


house is cleaned, paths for me to walk with walker are clear, main dishes are in freezer and I even brought up 2 wks of veggies and fruit from the pantry and put them on the counter. Have some dessert stuff if Hubby gets the urge to bake. Brought up 2 cups of 5 different rice, instant mashed potatoes and told Hubby he would have to go down for fresh potatoes and pasta and pasta sauce if needed. 

I haven't slept more than 3 hrs at one time due to pain that has now cranked up to a 10.

Surgery is at 12:30. Hubby is plowing the driveway so we can get out (got 10 inches and then 35 mph winds) right now (it's 5:37 am). We will leave at 8 to get there by 10. I have a caffeine headache, am dehydrated and am starving which is weird as I am NEVER hungry in the mornings. 

I probably won't be back on until Wed night or even later if they hold me to Friday.