Wednesday, June 28, 2023

GRRR... if it isn't one thing, it's another.

Bad news, we are in the smoke from the wild fires of Canada. I will be wearing a mask when out doesn't help we have a heavy fog.  

Good news...July 1st I will be hitting the apply button on Hubby's plan D. It's Aetna and CVS. If it doesn't change in October I will apply for the same plan D as it covers Humira pens pretty decent. Instead of the $12,000 , it is $1000 . I will still call the company to see if I can get a reduction. Never hurts to ask.

Bad news... my lettuce is running me over and Amish next door don't need anymore since theirs is coming in. I already dehydrate and ground to powder for green powder. I even gave a quart of it to a friend. 

Good news is I found Kevin Jacob's lettuce soup recipe. We had it a couple years ago. Some I will let go to seed so I have fresh seed.

Bad news ... we lost $1800 a month income from closing the business

Good news ... Hubby can use the insurance payment from the totaled trailer to pay off the truck and still have some to put in savings. 

Good news is he finally got the wrecker reimbursement and we are using it to pay for the last of the garden beds and the rest will go in savings.

Bad news... I have 2 IRA accts that was Daddy's that is now closed... I have 2 other IRA's that are sitting but I don't want to use them at this point. That's a loss of $1334.

Good news...IRA guy called , they are seeing a strong possibility of stocks going down a lot at the end of 2023 into 2024. They hope not as bad as 2008 but are trying to protect their clients as much as possible. Hubby listened and changed how he is invested, mine is pretty much safe as can be. Unlike Daddy who didn't listen and lost almost all of it before he got it changed. We will toss some savings into CD's to lock that interest in. It's good news when they call and warn you BEFORE it happens.

Bad news.... Hubby cut the withdraw by $2666.67.  That cut the income down 50%. Now I have the shakes. 

I definitely told him there is no way to make extra payments on the mortgage or replace the Silverado. Eating out and take out stops. I can pack us food if we are going to be gone that long from home. We already carry water with us.

 I understand that he is worried of losing the house as this is triggering all the feelings he went through in 2008(which is not helping the brain issues) where we lost 2 houses, ours and the one Daughter 2 was living in.

 I reminded him we have a full pantry(actually has over flowed) which we didn't in 2008 and had 2 kids and a friend putting food on our table. 

We have 4 months of expenses in savings and what ever is left in business acct will go into savings. The truck will be paid off and that is a $800 payment.

 I have garden seed, I can start my own plants and we have perennials that produce food. He needs pvc pipe to make frame for row covers for garden beds this winter.

 I also have as of tomorrow a year's supply of OTC meds except for two. We will both be on Medicare and the cost of the rest is less than what we spend on insurance now. It will actually save us $6600 a year even after paying for my Humira.

 We have clothes and shoes as we just replaced some things he wore out. I replaced my shoes and clothes last year.

I have the money for the propane (was going to lower what we order but since I will be baking bread more I will keep the order the same) and wood we get from the sawmill. E is also giving us some from his woods as he really tries to keep his woods healthy and growing more maple trees (he has 2 growing for every one he cuts down). We have 2 yrs supply of coal. 

 I need a couple things for Charlotte, will order the rest of the OTC and the garden beds today.  

Now if I could go back to sleep LOL

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Saving money


I harvested the last of the strawberries and the first of the red raspberries and mini blueberries. Also got a couple golden raspberries but Hubby and I ate them in the garden. I do not take my phone to the garden when working. Blackberries have not turned. I finished picking the last of the strawberries unless them bloom this fall. They have done that before.

I harvest rhubarb (another that will come back by fall) and made strawberry rhubarb pie. I have some rhubarb in the freezer as I have plenty of it as pie filling.

I harvest the last of the radishes, some snow peas  and peas for the freezer, red and golden cherry tomatoes, basil, garden mint, turnips, onions and some more lettuce that is running me over. I might pull some of it and pass to M, if they don't need it they can feed it to the chickens... maybe pigs.

I harvested the June drop apples, tree is on over load so dumped 1 bushel of unripe apple (it's how it protects itself from too many). I will make caramelized onion and apple chutney and liguid pectin (first time of doing that) and give the rest to M for their pigs.

I boiled eggs for Charlotte. If I give her an egg every day she doesn't get the skin rash that the meds is $100 for 30 days. Vet said since it works he thinks it is great. This also had helped Wilbur with his dandruff. Since she is part boxer and Wilbur was a boxer I wondered if it's something common with that breed. What ever, it's $6.50 a month for her eggs compared to the $100 for a 30 day supple in which the rash would come back within a week of being off the meds. Hubby bartered 2 dozen for delivering 4 messages and then taking his cell phone over to the one Amish so she could talk to her brother as his wife's last living sister had died. 

I made a menu from what we have. We thought to eat bfast at 8 (neither of us like to eat until we have been up a couple hours) lunch at noon and supper at 4.Hubby was mowing between rains which was more of a drizzle until evening, after he finished planting the last of the trees and I was gathering the apples (so he wouldn't mow them) and the stuff in the gardens during lunch. So I fixed lunch for our supper instead. 

Hubby got the last check from his insurance, it was for the wrecker bill. Now it's wait until the truck is finished as he requested the insurance pay for the truck to be fixed instead of reimbursement. He will have to pay his deductible to the dealership.  We are looking at whether to invest what ever is left over or to pay the truck off. OR do we pay off the truck and then invest what ever is left. Our finance guy is talking to the rest of the group. He is thinking pay off the truck and invest the rest and let the interest it earns go on the mortgage since we are going to replace the Silverado. Hubby is thinking of trading his truck in for a smaller truck. So many choices. 

I need to make a grocery list as tomorrow I have doctor appt. and we will be going passed the grocery store. We will stop at our bank to get some cash (going to miss that coming from the business).  We will also be dropping off a check at another bank for E as we drive past his bank. 

Doing the budget today for the rest of the year. Fun fun  NOT

Prayers for peace 

Blessed Be

Sunday, June 25, 2023


 This is Son2's. He has PTSD His lady bought it for him as he can't sleep in a pitch dark bedroom and blue lights bother him and he couldn't find a night light he was comfortable with since his died. She lent him hers and it worked so she bought him one. I had turned his alarm clock around several years ago(as I did my own) and then covered it with white cotton dishtowel so it wouldn't reflect on the wall so he wouldn't see the light but still have the alarm. His phone is in the kitchen at night. He is now jumping all the hoops for VA disability as he worked the burn pits for a solid year. He is not planning on quitting work but figures to get the disability dealt with now. He knows it took Pop 3 yrs. to prove and get his disability from Nam and Agent Orange.

Hubby got part of the trees planted. He will be finishing the rest this week. Told me to budget the peonies and daylilies I wanted planted. Wants the north flower garden changed out also as I have some Hosta that  need moved. He wants all the perennials planted this year because he is not sure he will be able to work the tractor next year. I pointed out that he was to be teaching me this year about handling the tractor. It's been a couple years since I've ran it and he has added more attachments I need to learn how to use. He decided to dig the holes for the trees by hand, said he needed the exercise plus the post hole digger makes the holes wider at the top than the bottom unless he goes deep then he has to refill the hole. He marked in the yard with posts for me to check to see if I thought his choices were right. Then he moved the one when he stepped off how far it was to the clothesline. He didn't think I wanted apples dropping in that area. I checked, it's good where he has it marked.

We are both starting on CO Q-10. I told Doc about his confusion over the dishwasher and he suggested to start it now since we both take statins. Start the MCT in August instead of now as Doc doesn't want to miss reactions and not know what is causing it. Definitely caught me off guard as he has been doing okay. 

I have an appt. on Wed in Dayton. Told Hubby I wanted to stop at Kroger's in Sidney on way home (we go through there anyways). He wants to stop at Menards to get a couple storage containers for the business stuff and some house receipts for stuff to improve house that Son2 will need when we die. Daddy kept his and it helped lower what Brother had to pay taxes on when the house sold.

Hubby asked if we could keep appts to one day a week... he doesn't care which day since our doctors have been taking time off during the summer and floats our standard time of appts.  I am fine with that. We will still use his white board he had for business as that's where he looks instead of the calendar hanging on the wall. I told him black marker is us (which is how it's been ) and blue marker is him only as the blue was business so it should help him keep track of things. 

We are still trying to figure a routine of meals since when he was working he didn't eat and I snacked.

Prayers for peace

Blessed be

Friday, June 23, 2023

Yep I broke down.

 Hubby thought she was cute.

Hubby's work truck now called the 350 (it's a F350 Ford ) to separate it from the Silverado that I drive that is falling apart at the frame. ANYWAYS I sidetracked.... dealership let him know the truck will NOT be fixed before JULY 20th. Parts are slow coming in. They also let insurance know that. Insurance will extend the rental. They also are sending the check for the wrecker FINALLY as he battled them over it for 3 weeks.

Hubby said he is going to start making the phone calls Monday to start closing down the business. Goal is to be completely shut down by July 31st. As it is we are losing $1800 a month without anything coming in. He already called about the pay off amount on truck. He got enough back from the flatbed being totaled to pay the truck off.

I was suppose to get my last IRA check from Daddy's IRAs this month... NOPE... it was last month.  My finance guy suggested he close 2 of the small accts that Daddy had to get me the money to cover this month since he could get it to me in 2 days.. So that's $1200 not coming in for now on.  

We have the same finance guy, Hubby is staying with his withdraw as he wants us to pay off the mortgage. My other 2 accts are earning almost 12 % so we aren't going to pull from there unless we have to. Finance guy suggested just pulling the earnings maybe quarterly as he knows we are trying to pay the mortgage off.

I finished stocking up the condiments, scored at Aldi's in Marion, more in that store than Sidney's. Came home to what I had ordered from Amazon sitting on my porch. As we were putting it away , Hubby asked if I had ordered a couple things as there was a couple empty spots in the loft (dry goods). I checked... we are low, not out but lower than either of us like.

I was in Urgent care as I was worried I had broke my foot again, no... just a bone spur that my podiatrist made a couple suggestions I could try at home to see if it would help before coming in. I am relieved it's not broke but I've had bone spur surgery on my heels as a child, this is actually at the base of my big toe, not hurting (yet) but I thought I had broke it at the joint (again). 

Since we are finally getting some rain *has by passed us all week*, I started moving things around in the basement pantry. 

Hubby came in and asked if he should hit the resume button on the dishwasher.

I couldn't figure out why he was asking that. Both of us are looking at the dishwasher,  light shows it is on and second light shows it is in the dry cycle. I stopped him from pushing buttons and realized it was the brain glitch.

I broke, held it together during his testing (only half of results back and they are normal), held it together through his accident (Crohn's hit though), held it through the financial crap, held it through his mother call that his dad has to have surgery to remove tumor in bowels and it might be cancer on the way home yesterday (see surgeon Monday and his sister is going with them), held it while dealing with changing the budget and still trying to pay the mortgage off . BUT totally broke and cried over him being confused over the dishwasher. He started laughing and said it that is the only thing he does that makes me cry than it's not bad. 

I keep in mind it was a blessing he held steady with the finances and with his the results of his  Dad's testing. He's right, if I can handle all the rest and not the dishwasher... it's not horrible. I have found he does better if I can print off directions or diagrams when he is working on something. 

He went out today and took grass off where the red maples are going to be planted but didn't want to do the apples and crabapple until I checked out where he thought they should be planted. He doesn't acknowledge shade when the tree has grown. He doesn't want me out in the rain, I have some congestion. He even turned the furnace back on , okay it's 68 in the house right now and the temp is to drop tonight. Weird weather for June. 

He did tell me that after I told him I wouldn't probably be buying blueberries as I am not paying $5 for a pint to make blueberry preserves... he ordered it along with cherry preserves. I checked what he ordered... it's exactly what I would have ordered but twice as much but that is okay. It won't go to waste.

He wants to put row cover on at least 2 of the garden beds for late fall, winter crops. I am thinking maybe 4 of them. Two for late fall and 2 for winter.  

He brought up that in 2007, he really was against me stocking up or gardening much and we paid for it when he went to 3 days a week for 2 yrs. He doesn't want to repeat that. SO I am thinking that since that is worrying him I would write out what we need to stock, what we want to stock including holistic and have him mark it off for me (he needs to feel useful) . Maybe he will feel more secure with where we are. 

He ran a message over to E's dad four times the other day and twice today, charged 2 dozen eggs for it. LOL. He knew we were low as I hadn't gave Charlotte any boiled as I was using the frozen like I do for baking or omelets. 

He is going to HAM radio field day tomorrow. The head guy knows he is having is having issues, they had picked up before he told them he was in testing. He assured me that at least him and 3 others would be with him. If something happened they would let me know. They already set the rule you have to younger than 60 to climb on the tower. That took the 3 that usually is the ones working on it OFF the tower. .

I am thinking of taking a nap with Charlotte.

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Update on accident crap... saving Money

 Truck will not be fixed until July 20, 2023 ...Hubby confirmed that. A few parts are on order...sounds like back order. The Ins. lady said they would extend the rental car.

Flatbed that insurance totaled out... 

GONE. Tow truck driver mentioned his truck was overkill since the trailer could have just been hooked to a regular truck. It was being transported to savage auction in Columbus.

Livestock trailer GONE. Got a good price out of it. Still close by so Amish still have use of it but off our insurance so saving that money.

Hubby is down to dealing with the legal paperwork of closing the business down BUT has to wait until the truck is fixed to do that. 

Hubby suggested we only turn the AC on when the humidity hits a certain level... I asked what level that was... he pointed to Charlotte and said when she is panting hard like Wilbur used to. Rascal very seldom panted but Wilbur did. Might be a boxer thing as she is part boxer.

I took the stock list with us when we went to bank to make several deposits.

We stopped at the Dollar General there and I got 4 items off the list.

Hubby dropped me off at Dollar General in town while he went to make arrangements for the 12 trees to be delivered since the truck won't be fixed until July. Owner gave him a 50% break on delivery due to the reason we had to change that part LOL.

I got 1 more thing off the list at that Dollar General.... we then went to Save-A-Lot

I got  brat patties, more coconut milk, a rack of ribs for July 4th  and frozen broccoli. I won't have to "worry" about getting broccoli for the freezer. There is enough for once every other week for $10. Rotate it with the asparagus.

I checked the prices of what was left at the last 3 stores we can stop at on Thursday. Amazon had the rest cheaper except 3 . So I am down to 3 things to stock up. We will also need blueberries and black raspberries as our NEW plants won't be making those for a couple more years. 

I picked peas, snow peas, scallions, beet greens, mustard greens, spinach, different lettuces, basil, sage, thyme, parsley and strawberries. 

We have been eating from the gardens and pantry. 

We went to nephew's graduation party on Sunday, saw FIL also. Hubby's sister sent home a plate for our supper. We ate it for lunch the next day as neither of us was hungry that night. 

I am down to 2 tank tops as I've lost enough weight the shoulder straps don't stay up and I am constantly tugging to make sure I am covered. I found some for half price as they are not the current style (I didn't know that type of top had a style LOL) I checked the clothing budget and was happy to see there was more than enough in it to get some. Daughter 2 offered to give me $ for the old ones for her to wear to work. I offered to give them to her but she insisted she buy them, if she doesn't wear them she will sell them in a yard sale and will make more than she is giving me.  OKAY. 

We are combining errands with other appts on Thursday with the store as the last stop coming home. 

Prayers for Peace

Blessed Be

Monday, June 19, 2023

Taking inventory, figuring out garden

 We will need corn, peas, sweet potatoes, Roma green beans and yellow wax beans. Broccoli and cauliflower would be nice. 

We have potatoes in the garden and if they make at least what they did last year we will have plenty. 

E is growing extra canning corn for us.

Peas are coming on slowly, I will replant more late summer for fall crop

Roma beans and yellow wax beans are up but only about half came up. I hope they make enough for at least fresh eating though I would like to have some to can. 

I do have 4 broccoli plants, not sure they are going to make as it's been slow. Four is not enough to have a lot for the freezer but it's better than none. 

I could not find cauliflower plants. So that will have to be bought at store. There are a couple local farmer's markets that I will check later in the season.

I need blueberries. I hope next year our bushes will be producing enough for us but this year like M I will be buying what I need. I need pie filling, preserves and some frozen.

I would like to have black raspberries also for the same reasons of blueberries.

After reading Pioneer Woman's blog of stocking the pantry. I checked my condiments and baking stuff... 

I am out of Arrowroot completely along with Mirin aka rice wine. Hubby was wondering how I pulled the last of the Arrowroot and not notice it. BECAUSE I store that in 2 places and figure it was in back up in the loft and it wasn't.

I am low on black olives, canned mushrooms, garlic stuffed green olives, pepperoncini peppers, pistachio pesto (the only one we eat), green chilis (I use with tomatoes instead of Rotel), roasted red peppers in jar, hot sauce, fish sauce, Worcestershire, and beef broth (the only broth I don't make myself as I don't have access to the bones to make it).

I have checked prices on line to figure out best price as we will be near several stores this week.

Dollar General/Aldi's/Save-A-Lot/ Walmart/Meijer's/ Kroger's and Amazon.

I need to refigure the finances since Hubby is closing the business plus going on Medicare that will come out of his SS. I think we will have the truck payment come out of that also... I got to play with the numbers as we see the finance guy Thursday.

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace 

Busy week

 Wide awake at 1 am. SIGH. 

What is going on this week...


Hubby is calling to check on when the truck will be done and then to see if the reimbursement for the wrecker bill is in the works. The Amish gentleman made a point of getting the message back to Hubby he had called the insurance and gave them the info they needed from him.

He is meeting the young man that is buying the livestock trailer at his bank to sign over the title and get the check . 

I am in harvesting and weeding mode along with regular Monday of dishes, laundry, clean frigs, trash to the road and fixing meals. I will add that I will be figuring out how to start my strawberries off the runners so the winds don't blow the small pots away. 

I also need to pull test results from Hubby's chart from Neurologist for primary as the primary doesn't do internet.


Daughter 3 is having out patient GYN surgery. Her daughter is going to be with her since she's over 18 and a nurse. The good news is (beside this long wait for surgery is over) is while visiting with the doctor, she over heard of a job of doing computer work for medical bills to one insurance from home. She got hired and is earning 30 cents more an hour, no need to drive her car so saving $30 a week there, can take her 2 youngest to school and go get them so not paying someone else to do that. No weekend, evening and holiday work. She just has to get the daily billing done. SO she can even do it while down from the surgery as it's ALL ON LINE and she will be sitting anyways.

We will got to bank, need to update POD's and such.

IF we don't get rain I will be watering and harvesting of course


Son2 has an appt. with VA doctor , he is jumping hoops as he worked the burn pits in Iraq. This is the 3rd doctor and they already told him that he would have to see a 4th doctor. SIGH

Weeding and harvesting

We will have to make arrangements for our trees to be delivered it the truck is not fixed by then. Local nursery had fruit trees discounted so we stopped in to replace the 5 that died. 

We got 2 honey crisp apples, 2 bartlett pears, 2 black cherry, 2 red maple, 2 crabapple and 2 "fruit cocktail". Yes, that is what they are called because they are grafted with mixed fruit. I think it's peach, plum and pear. We spent the same amount of money we would have spent on 5 in the spring for all 12 now. Now we just have to figure out where to put them.


Is errand day because Chiro doc is out this Tuesday, he is in treatment for brain cancer (3 yrs now and doing well) so we moved it to Thursday as we have a meeting with our finance guy that day. Hubby's Dad will have a colonoscope also and get the test results of his CT scan of his stomach. We will go the to the store then also since we will drive right by it coming home.


Watering if no rain, weeding and harvesting.

Is open at this point but I am really hoping it is bring the truck home and return the rental though I LOVE driving the rental. 

Saturday is Field Day for HAM radio operators so Hubby will be involved with that.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Sometimes you wonder

how some people figure stuff...
We went to the local Medicare even though it's a bit early for Hubby as we were looking at costs. 

She did very well until she thought Hubby should go with an advantage plan....Hubby said no, his primary said that was bad because of the battles of getting preapproval for some tests. She pulled it up and showed all his doctors/ hospitals are in network in that plan (blew past the what about when he was out of state and needed care) and the out of pocket maximum would only be $4300. NOT INCLUDING the premium.  Her words were " Isn't that great to know that is the maximum?" AND she didn't want him going AARP supplement.

The look of shock was priceless when we both said at the same time, no that's not great, that is horrible and no way as would he go that way as he only pay $3,000 NOW. 

Needless to say, she immediately stopped and offered to schedule him to come back in July when he can sign up and what ever he decides is fine.  She did make note that there was one plan D he had looked at that she knew was getting ready to go away because they weren't listed anymore. 

Basically he is going straight Medicare, AARP supplement AND still is flipping between 2 of Plan D. The difference between the 2 is $50 and whether he wants to get the meds local or wait over in Sidney (actually could drop meds off, run errands, go to store  and then pick meds up afterwards. Instead of drop meds off on our way home and go back next day to pick up when half the time we haven't made it the 10 miles home before they let us know they are ready.

He asked me what I thought about me signing him up online instead of going back...

I think I am capable since allows you to enroll for plan D and I am the member (he is under my AARP membership) for the supplement... 

On the side note, he picked up the check for the totaled trailer today. They will pick up the trailer either today, tomorrow or Monday. Not an issue as it is sitting where it's not in the way.

Truck is waiting on  a couple more parts and they hope finished by end of next week.

Wrecker adjuster is still trying to get around him not having a loading bill from Amish. She finally got the company to agree to her getting a statement from the gentleman even if it's over the phone.... Amish don't have phones. Hubby asked ST if he could get a message to his brother in law who lives 12 miles from the guy to have the guy call Hubby so he could give the guy info to call the adjuster. BUT she might send a letter so make sure he didn't throw it away and would need to answer it and send it back.  

Still Hubby asked our personal insurance guy if he could quote price of ins for work truck AKA 350 (since it's a 350 Ford) and he is checking on that for us. 

E knows of at least 2 people that would buy the livestock trailer. 

Hubby's goal is to have ALL of the business closed  and dealt with by July 31st. 

Prayers for peace
Blessed be

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

What we are doing....

 Waking up at 12:30 A.M. to the rain hammering the side of the house. Apparently Hubby was already up with Charlotte and the coffee pots had been turned on. They of course as of now  are sound to sleep.

Books I have read in past 2 wks.

Alzheimer's Disease What if There Was a Cure by Mary T. Newport. MD

I really liked this book... some of it we did with Daddy I am using a slow approach with the diet changes more for me as it can easily trigger my Crohn's. Since I am adding the coconut oil to the cooking. Hubby doesn't like coconut but since he can't taste it (it has no coconut taste), he is okay with me adding it to our diet.  Next month I will add MCT oil. The following month I will add coQ10. 

He said something to the one Amish gentleman and was told that the MIL is on all 3 of those along with eating spicy foods to help keep her metabolism up.  

The End of Alzheimer's Program By Dale E. Bredesen, MD 

I have not started this book but was suggested by grandson's MIL who is a nurse in neurology.

Eat to Beat the Disease by William W. LI MD 

Couple of the kids suggested this. Daughter 4 has done some of it for her cancers . I am also using it for my Crohn's. It's set up that I can make small changes as we go. Hubby was okay with trying this some especially if he doesn't have to acknowledge the change. He is his father's child.

Eat to Beat Your Diet by William W. LI MD

This is more of your metabolism. It's broke down by weeks and it is a strict diet. I am not sure with the work we do that it is a doable diet even for 2 weeks as it takes meat out completely and only has beans (which I can not eat daily). I will talk it over with our Primary when we see him.

Hubby copped an attitude with me over exercise. Neurologist said 1 hour each day, at least 10,000 steps. He is getting 5000 and forget even trying to get him to do stomach vacuum exercises (suck your gut in and hold it to the count of 20. Do 3 rounds, 3 times a day , second week go to count of 40 and third week count of 60) Son2 did these when he was having issues and needed to deal with it quickly to remain in Army as he only had 1 more year until retirement at that time. I don't worry about him lifting weights or anything like that. You can't cut, stack and haul fire wood without that type of exercise and he's dealing with the wood 3 times a week at least and moving dirt bags of 2 cu ft. around after putting in the new strawberry beds.

I am doing the same exercise and same diet... it's not like he is alone in this.

 I asked him why he wasn't doing a simple exercise that he could do sitting at his computer.  His answer was that I was making him sound stupid for not doing them. So I called our primary, who is also a long time friend of Hubby's and had Hubby tell him about why he wasn't doing the simple exercise. When he got to the part I was making him sound stupid for not doing it...Doc told him he pretty much was correct he was sounding stupid. Do the blasted exercises.  I did NOT laugh (while he could hear me). If Doc has said, don't worry about it or it's okay I would not have pushed it. While Doc had him on the phone, he asked Hubby if he had gotten his Plan D yet. Nope that's Thursday, but did tell Doc he was doing straight Medicare with AARP supplement and a Plan D. He found 2 that would fit where we live and what he takes but wanted to get advise on it. Doc thought that was a good plan. 

( Computer is whacky this morning so it's highlighting in white for some reason)

He did replace the north steps to the kitchen porch, he wants to wait for a couple weeks before tweaking them as right now they have a slight rock when you step off them towards the house. The old ones had the same but I had put a shim under the one side and fixed it. The south steps on that porch will take 2-3 days if not longer as he will have to level the area first to do as of right now it's been railroad ties and concrete blocks for 5 yrs.

He was on the way to the mail box and sent me this. The day before he had pointed out that there was buds only on the zucchini. He was amazed that in 1 day with the rain they had bloomed and the one zucchini was the size on his little finger.

The peas (left side) are starting to fill out... they have "draped" over the leaf lettuce and the radishes are on the right side. He was excited we might have peas this week as we usually have peas in May. I've has a few snow peas to add to meals but not enough to be a side dish.

He figures Friday both of us will be in the gardens, weeding and harvesting and he will be mowing. Saturday will be finish what ever up and Sunday we go to his sister's son's graduation party and will see his dad there for Father's day. 

Charlotte is up... wanting out until she realizes it is still raining LOL

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Another morning wide awake, accident update and life rolling on

 Blaze rose bud.

white rose, looks almost exactly like the blush rose that has tinged with pale pale yellow
Hubby said strawberries would need picked today, but since it's suppose to rain all day it might not happen or it will be between showers. That there are blooms and a small zucchini the size of his little finger that was not there the day before. Looks like the blackberries and red raspberries are coming on at the same time. 

I don't know if I woke at 2 a.m. because I had to go pee like a race horse  or because the furnace kicked on. We turned it back on last night at bed time when we saw it was going to get down into the low 40s this morning. This weather is all over the place.

But at least I am not spending 2 hrs. a day, 4 days a week watering the gardens. Normally I wouldn't water perennials but being new plants I do the first year. 

I baked an applesauce spice cake that we will top with apple pie filling and a no bake fresh strawberry pie making my own "glaze". Since Son2 brags he makes his own, I had to match him LOL.

We had chef salad a couple times from the gardens. Should have more this coming week.

Hubby has his Medicare stuff scheduled for Thursday. He is going straight Medicare with AARP supplement and which ever plan D they think is the best. He doesn't take a lot of meds and what he does take is generic but he worries about needing a "higher tier" dealing with his brain. We were trying to figure out how much his Plan D would run, I read it one way, he read it the opposite... we were BOTH WRONG and when he said something about me being wrong also. I reminded him I have had a stroke, have heart failure, cerebral palsy on top of a learning disability. Dementia is a given... he laughed really hard. Such a pleasure to hear him laugh. But did acknowledge he never has thought about my issues even though he tutored me in math in high school and know I was able to help Daughter 3 with her learning disability because it's almost exactly like mine.  He said something about dealing with these issues and I pointed out that in 2008 Daddy had started in to Dementia, but because we didn't live with him (widower) we didn't catch it. It was another 10 yrs before we caught it and HE actually is the one to ask the doctor for a test for it. His own dad has had it for 5 yrs and is in his mid 80s and is doing fine . Including he helps clean the house unlike his son.... another look of horror and he went off to run errands . 😂

He has went to each Amish that he regularly hauls for and told them he is done. Even if they fix the trailer (both of us think they will total it and still waiting on that to come back as it went to a 3rd party for decision), he is done.

 Adjuster who is over the truck was at the dealership when they pulled the bed off. Nothing wrong with the frame so it's being repaired, just waiting on a new bed to come in for it. She did have them replace the ball part of the gooseneck hitch and both safety chains. The dealership ordered that from Amazon and then charged for delivery. Hubby called her and told her if they had said something I could have got it delivered for free. Regretfully they didn't tell her or she would have asked us if we had prime. I thought it was funny. 

He hasn't heard from the adjuster over the wrecker bill, said he would give her a couple more days before contacting her. 

He will keep the livestock trailer for another year. He doesn't think he will have much use of it as the mineral spirits he has been going after every 3 months(55 gallon barrels fit nice in the livestock trailer) is now going to come in on a semi. Three Amish communities joined together to get that shipment in. They save almost 30% doing that way. Just means we now have to pay for our oil for our lamps. BUT he is closing down the business, not a maybe or a might. He said he is closing it down and will start paperwork after the accident crap is finished. He will probably do small hauls close by where he doesn't need State numbers to run. Since he has Legal Zoom, they will help him on that side.

He decided he wants to have 2-3 yrs worth of fire wood. He needs a lot more wood...E told him to leave other year's wood as timber for at least 1 yr. Then cut it. and leave it sit another. E came over and spent about an hour looking at the wood Hubby was splitting and what is going for night time wood and made suggestions. Told Hubby to get at least one more wagon of wood from the saw mill if not two and use the wood coming from his woods for night. E is clearing some so his maple trees he taps grows well. He also told Hubby he would barter wood if Hubby would go to the woods with him when the boys aren't home. E doesn't think anyone should go to the woods to cut wood alone. 

Hubby took large cardboard boxes to M as she uses them for the floor when butchering. She told him awhile back she had a place to store them so he cleared a good amount out of the barn in stall 2. 

We checked the calendar and he asked if I would put appts on his work calendar as he doesn't think to come check the Flylady calendar in the dining room. We have a lot of appts.  The 15th is his Medicare appts with Health Market. The 18th is Father's Day and nephew's graduation  party. The 22nd is chiro in Sidney then driver 1 1/2 hrs. to Marion for appt with IRA guy. Will probably pit stop at his parents and then go to Kroger's before coming home since it's right around the corner from where we will be. The 28th I have to be in Dayton for check for my back to start preapproval for injections. The 30th if we prepare our winter propane we get a free grill tank of propane. That's a savings of $25. We used 515 gallons this year. I bought 800 gallons last year so I have credit. We decided 700 gallons as if like today in June I have the furnace on due to it being 42 outside. We have more than enough money put back for the propane.

He made a list of things he wants done this summer/ fall... then he pointed out if he didn't close the business , he would be always running behind and that is stress on his brain. He didn't realize what he was doing that was making it worse until now. 

He ran across some article about eating to kick start metabolism and increase health defense against bad crap and asked me to look it up. It's the same book that Daughter 4 read when she started fighting cancer and was pushing 200 lbs. at 5 ft 2. She's now down to 140. But she thought the book (it was a loan from a friend) really was good. I decided on a hard copy of both books the doctor had wrote. I'll let you know how that goes.

My kitchen is a wreck. So today I will focus on reorganizing it and giving it a good cleaning. I think I enough hand wash of skillets to deal with since I don't run my skillets in the dishwasher.

Meantime Charlotte wants to go sit on the porch.... now where did I put that blanket ???

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be

Sunday, June 11, 2023

I was going to sleep in plus rambling thoughts

 Yep, I told Hubby I was sleeping in. Since he only got 4 hrs. sleep himself the night before (went and picked up E and M at bus stop at midnight) and I got 5 . He thought it was a great idea for both of us.

Yeah well ... I ate a foot long coney dog at supper (it's now officially summer for me)and IT decided I needed to be up at 1:00 am. SIGH... no sense trying to go back to sleep so I made coffee.  She's been good and not went and woke him up. Yes she will do that if I am up and he isn't. She won't wake me up if he is up though.

Moon has an orange cast to it. Charlotte and I sat on the kitchen porch and listened to the frogs in the pond behind us. We have 1 frog and he's pretty quiet in our pond. Listened to E's horses clop around the pasture next to us as he took the two from the pond home yesterday.

Our "personal" insurance guy gave me an estimate of what it would cost to put the work truck on our insurance if Hubby shuts down the business.  I input it into the budget and then showed Hubby. I am pretty sure he is going to shut down. He even brought up about asking a couple other haulers if they wanted to buy the livestock trailer. I figured he would keep that because he uses it when Amish go get mineral spirits for lamp oil 4 times a year which means free lamp oil for me. I might bring that up... he uses it to haul horses 4 times a year... it mostly sits...which might be why he is thinking of selling it. It is covered by insurance when on the personal truck under the farm insurance so it's not costing anything extra  except when he has to replace tires. 

We talked about getting a smaller truck (used Ford 150 or a Chevy Silverado) and a Nissan Armada (used) that would last us about 10 years.

I am not willing to be without a truck. We use a truck a lot on the personal side. Went with out for a year and I got tired of renting uhauls to haul crap to the dump, Supplies for the gardens and helping the  kids, etc. Both vehicles have to be able to tow... MY requirements. I agreed we should be looking at something that will last at around 10 yrs. 

We got all the gardens weeded, harvested and watered. Should be getting rain starting around noon that is supposed to be a soaking rain and last over night. We need it. Strawberries will be ready to pick again, lettuce, onions, cherry tomatoes, spinach, mustard greens and maybe a few more radishes and turnips should also be ready after this rain.

Since we have been talking of diet changes or really going back to our old diet which was a lot healthier. Hubby asked if we could cover the colors diet (aka Rainbow diet) without going to the store. We couldn't but I could pick up some of what we don't grow ourselves through the Amish and fill in at the store. Like pumpkin we get off ST, I buy 3 at Halloween and then cut them up , cook them , puree them , dehydrate them and grind into powder. A 50/50 mixture of powder and water and let sit becomes puree. I add it to bread, cake, pancakes, waffles and soups.  Just a FYI, an Amish pumpkin pie is not orange, it's more of a pale orange almost tan and it doesn't taste like canned pumpkin at all. That was a bit of a shock when M sent the first one over. She just laughed when I said something. Libby's pumpkin is actually a Dickinson Squash.

I can buy acorn squash and butternut (2 that almost all Amish grow). Amish do a bulk order of fruit and we have a local (okay it's 40 miles away but we pass it when we go to appts.) that we can order bulk fruit also.  I told him I would make a list. I need to go back to growing garlic. I picked up some last year at A and B s but she told me she wasn't going to have as much to sell this year of it. 

Might make that list today and let Hubby start checking to see who is growing what for sale. Give him something else to do with purpose to "protect" us financially. I will have to check the pantry of what is needed. I really hope the Roma green beans and yellow wax beans start growing as I've planted them again.

I planted Yukon gold, red skin, purple and russet potatoes... they look like they are going to do decent. My sweet potatoes rotted so I didn't get starts off one. Couple other Amish said they had the same issue and had to buy starts. I will have to order them if I don't find a homegrown sweet potato between now and fall.

Guess I will go get another cup of coffee.

Thanks for listening to me ramble along.

Blessed be

Prayers for peace 

Saturday, June 10, 2023


 Hubby has hair past his shoulders but it is very thin like his mom's. I hate to see him pulling it out while dealing with insurance over the wreck. 

He has 3 different adjusters which is bad enough. Thankful that they specify which part they are working so he can keep them straight.

 One for the truck, she told him that she had the dealership pull off the other fender and that would be covered to be replaced as she wanted to see if the axle was messed up and that she would be in the dealership when they removed the bed to check the rest of the frame Monday or Tuesday. They didn't have an opening  to do that when she was there. Once the bed is off.. if no damage then it's more of waiting for the new bed to come in. If the 30 day rental is not going to be long enough she will have insurance extend it. IF totaled due to frame, she will have the pay off to the bank and balance to him in 10 days. Okay... that is a good time frame even though it took them a week to start getting things around.

One for the trailer, the adjuster is pushing for it to be repaired but thinks they will total it. He thinks Hubby will get an answer in a week. 

One for the wrecker bill... this lady does not understand Amish don't do load bills like Englisher's do. Actually questioned the cop that was behind Hubby that saw the accident of whether there was a load on the trailer. Questioned the wrecker company that picked it up off the freaking road and delivered to the Amish it was going to. Hubby told the other two adjusters and they are trying to help deal with it.  

IF the insurance company had told him, and they admitted they just assumed (we know what that makes us when we do that) that he would always need a load bill . He could have generated that himself. They knew he was hauling for Amish as it is stated in the policy.  We can't afford to eat $5300 wrecker bill but I am willing to hire a lawyer to push the issue and I made that clear.

Hubby has done well handling it A couple of the Amish had told him if the insurance refused to pay him for that to let them know and they would help cover it. I doubt he would do that. 

He did a few odd jobs that has been sitting on his to do list for awhile. Actually stopped without complaining for lunch. He asked while we ate for me to help him figure out a propose and what socialization he could have if he wasn't hauling. He knows that lack is what caused Daddy to go down hill fast.

To me that is a huge step for him to think about as he has always been a fly by the seat of his pants. 

Off the top of my head, he could go back to work in the winter for the state as he does have a CDL He could go to work for the county, he has a friend he made while working state that does county in the summer. He could add to the gardens and grow produce for the Amish auction like we did with asparagus this year. 

I pointed out that during garden time both of us are busy plus he will have more medical appts. we will have to deal with. During summer and fall, he needs to deal with cutting wood for the stove. In spring he will have to focus on resupplying the wood to have it cure. We look to have a cure of 2 yrs. before we burn the wood. During winter every other day he takes 2 hours to reload the house of wood. He plows our driveway and the 2 widows' driveways so E doesn't have to do that any more. He can go help E in the woods when the boys are in school as E won't go to the woods for cutting wood without someone with him. He can still deliver messages. He can still take them shopping over in Holmes county especially if we replace the personal truck.  There are still some punch list things needing done and that could easily take him until next year to finish as it now takes him a month to do a job that took a week. He could repair some furniture we have in the barn so we could sell it.

If we could buy something like the rental we are driving and put a tow package on it, he could do local small tows as we have a small trailer like hay or straw. 

We could make the rounds to see the kids and his parents more often since he wouldn't be working 4-5 days a week. We could go see some friends that also are retired.  

I told him he could actually do some of the house work and start decluttering the barn.  I also suggested that he start doing some of the cooking or figuring out menu. The look of horror made me laugh. He is okay with cooking or menu but he hates housekeeping would hire it done in a heart beat and knows the barn clutter drives me crazy.

He is back doing crossword, sudoku with paper back books and playing pool on his computer. Doc thought those were all good. 

We just need to get past this mess with the wreck to make choices. Though I think he has chosen to shut it down but isn't saying so in case the insurance causes him issues that way. 

Friday, June 9, 2023

As June rolls on


First year I planted them so surprised they are blooming. Some more (I planted 12) have buds, some have nothing but are firm to ground so maybe next year???

Our rental car... that if I had the money I would buy... maybe next year if the old red truck holds up 

Nissan Armada 2021. Drives like my 2001 Ford Explorer and inside is like Son2's Chrysler Pacifica . I sent the pic to him as he is on the hunt for a new car also.

Update on wreck...

 Hubby has to get proof he was making a delivery ... do you understand that Amish don't do paperwork or have phones... was his question to the insurance. The cop that was behind him was wondering why his word that the equipment was on the trailer wasn't enough. HUM. Won't pay the wrecker tow bill until he can give them paper work, that is $5300 we can't afford to eat. So he is jumping hoops.

Adjuster for the truck basically just went to the car dealership where we dropped it off to go over it with them to make sure everything is fixed. Truck worth is at $40,000 damage is at $18,000. They are taking the bed off on Monday and if nothing is wrong with the frame underneath it, it will be repaired. IF frame is bad, it will be totaled.

Second adjuster came to house to check out trailer. The young man was here 6 hrs. He spent 2 hrs. looking the top side over, another 2 for the underside and 2 hrs. on the phone figuring things out.  Trailer was worth $18,000 Repair is at $14,000 because the entire bed has to be replaced due to scrapes that will allow the bed to rot. He said it will most likely be totaled. Personally he would rather fix it but the cost of wood for that floor is through the roof. 

Hubby said he is thinking of shutting the business down whether they fix it or not. I would prefer that but I know this is not only his purpose for something to do but his socialization.  When he asks questions I will answer but I am not pushing either way. I did tell him the stress of worrying about making enough to meet the bills is a negative on his health.

Speaking of his health, he got his EEG done. Results will be Sept 20th due to not being able to get in to the doctor that does that. We were warned when we saw the neurologist it would take months. They did say he needs to eat healthy, lose at least 1 lb. a week and exercise 1 hr. a day. Working in the gardens, pushing the lawnmower and cutting, stacking and hauling wood counts. They also want to me track when he showing the most confusion, what he is eating and when since he only drinks black coffee, unsweet tea and water along with how many steps he is getting. 

Back to the gardens... got lettuce, onions, radishes, turnips, mustard greens, strawberries and golden cherry tomatoes today. 

Tomorrow it's the perennial gardens to be weeded, harvested and watered. Hubby decided after harvesting the strawberries that he needed to get the new bed up. Said they were starting new runners. So I am not going to deal with it when he is working there...even though it was tempting to hose him with the garden hose. I behaved 😈😝. I still need to repot some rhubarb for MIL, basil and wave petunias. Herbs need cut and in dehydrators also. But that is for another day and I am done after getting up at 3:30. 

Blessed Be

Prayers for peace


Monday, June 5, 2023

I thought May's finances were bad

E's horse Sunshine whom is letting Hubby pet and Enon who is stand offish that are spending a week at our pond as lawn mowers. LOL

 I will say it's going to take a lot of sacrifices to get back on track after . Hubby lost 3 weeks of work in May due to trailer brakes malfunction. 

He is going to lose probably the same due to getting truck fixed. July is always very slow due to factories shutting down and not needing the pallets that he hauls. He has 18 more payments on his truck that he has been using the business to pay but. He can make enough to pay regular bills, central billing, insurance, truck payment  some on legal stuff. BUT I know if he isn't hauling he is going to lose socialization (a loner).  He already has close to $10 K out of pocket to get everything back on the road and home. His business insurance had him file through the app. so she could get things rolling to get his money minus deductible back asap. 

Since his Social Security will be covering the bills (again) for the business. Mine and the IRAs will be covering the home. No worries there since the debt ceiling passed.


Schedule and set up his Medical, supplement and drug coverage. 

Schedule with lawyer to update will and legal crap.

Schedule with funeral home to figure out prepaid funeral arrangements like Daddy did.

Make sure we get all his testing done. His EEG is tomorrow and his nerve testing in Nov 1st. His Neurologist is doing that testing himself so we are only making 1 trip for that. There was mention of sleep study being done, just as a check as Hubby was taken off Cpap machine after he had throat and nose surgery. We haven't heard anything about it being scheduled...yet.

I have Ortho appt first thing in the morning for my leg/ fake hip issues. Probably more muscle and could be coming from the bad back but back doctor won't do injections until hip is ruled out since the pain in more in that area. 

We have chiro between my appt. and Hubby's appts. Thankful they are all within 30 miles of each other. Time wise it sucks a bit between the first two. Might hit Menards and Lowes to check out garden stuff. We will have enough time to eat between chiro and his EEG which they want him to eat 2 hrs. before the testing.

We usually go to the store when we go to chiro. I am by passing this time. Garden is coming in and we can have lettuce sandwiches just like M served to her family last night. 

Strawberries are coming in, so pancakes, waffles and French toast will be good or chicken salad with strawberries. 

Have a good week

Stay safe

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be

Friday, June 2, 2023


 Wrecker company cleaned up everything, hauled trailer in and loaded equipment on their own flat bed... offered to take the equipment to the Amish gentleman since he wasn't that far from their shop for free since the tow bill was already pushing $5300. Yes... $5300. They even had parts of his fender for him. Not that it can be reused but what ever. He tossed it in the back of the truck.

He had to get a new tire and rim for the trailer, wiring harness for the connection to the trailer to the truck that runs lights and brake system. He had to by hydraulic fluid for the trailer. The wrecker guys helped him "pump" the brakes to get the fluid back to where it should be. He wants me to write a letter for him to send to owner about how great his workers are.   

He got all new tie down straps, even though the wrecker guys picked them up also. 

Amish gentleman whose equipment got tossed to the road side, said he thinks nothing is broke. He will be testing it in about a week or so. Ins is working with them, know that they are mostly in the field getting crops in and hay off so it might be longer than that. They have dealt with Amish before in the area.

Insurance agreed that Hubby could take the truck HOME for repairs and use whomever of his choice as long as they are a business. We have a repair shop 1 maybe 1 1/2 miles from us that he has used a couple times for the personal truck. Hopefully they can get him in quickly. E stopped in and let them know he would be coming for estimate as he has done some work for the owner.

E already put the word out that Hubby would not be hauling for the coming week. He need time for truck repair and insurance paper work. E also arranged for their church to go in and help ST's boys that was putting beans in. Came over and asked if I needed anything done. M had been over and asked that morning, did I need one of the kids to come over and deal with the gardens... anything I needed. 

Our home and car insurance agent CALLED the business ins to make sure things were rolling. Called Hubby to make sure he was okay and his rider was okay. Gave the business insurance co  my email as I do the paper work most the time. He has been a great agent for us. 

ST and Hubby loaded ST's equipment yesterday morning. They left at 11:30 pm and are not going through Chicago. Hubby doesn't think he can handle that stress at all.

I got 3 texts, when they left. Again when they stopped for fuel, break , check tire pressure and check straps on load, again when he finally got his truck dash GPS to load the map (pulled over and screen shot it and sent it to me). ST had been reading the paper map I had printed off until then. He thought the atlas I bought when Hubby started hauling was neat. Told Hubby he wasn't going to nap because the GPS might quit working. Hubby told him he would wake him up if it did and he could go back to being the GPS. 

I am still trying to get a majority of HIS chores done before he gets home. Will leave lawn mowing for him as he finds it relaxing. Will push that he go see his parents this weekend. 

He should be back around noon to ST's and 1 at home unless he just leaves the trailer to get later... possible at this point.

Ps.... trailer was basically scratched up from being dragged upside down. 

Truck is going in to shop. Hubby wants the frame checked as he doesn't know if the frame of truck got bent or if the truck bed just pulled away from cab. IF the frame is bent, it's the insurance decision of fix or replace truck.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Both okay....

 When Hubby didn't text or call when he should have arrived to their destination. I checked the map. There had been an accident that had a road close for a couple hours that I thought probably slowed them down..... yeah it slowed them down all right. Since it was Hubby's truck. I wish I had screen shot the map. The bed of the truck has pulled from the cab some.

He used his finger to point to the blown tire LOL. Since he had just had the brakes done the tires were checked also. Especially when the repair place knew he was going to hauling 10 tons. They had even checked the hydraulics for the lift tail. The end aka tail of the trailer goes up and down so you can drive fork lifts etc. up on the trailer. Everything was good. ST told the cop that Hubby had checked the tire pressure every time they stopped. He thought it was a little weird for Hubby to do that. Cop told him it was a good practice and asked if he was taking a long drive with his buggy would he check the horse's hoofs when he got there... he said yes. Same thing. I thought it was kind of funny that ST actually said something to the cop about it then realized he was trying to figure out why it blew when Hubby had been checking them.


ST told his wife that the cop that was driving behind them told him that Hubby was great at handling it as the majority of the time that much weight (10 ton) usually flips the truck part also. That he didn't slam on the brakes which would have slid the trailer on up into the truck bed possibly into the cab since it is a gooseneck and hooks in the bed of the truck not the bumper on a hitch and possible harmed them. That Hubby would definitely be sore.  ST's wife made sure I got that message even though it was close to 10 by time it was delivered as the Englisher that brought the message went to E and E come with him to tell me since I don't know him. E let him know Hubby had talked to me but they still came to tell me. I think it was midnight before I went to sleep. 

Still with what is going on with Hubby's health, I was glad to hear that he handled it correctly. AND I will push for no more long trips. I'm okay with him going across the state line to get mineral spirits for oil lamps as it's actually closer to us than us going to the kids or a couple doctor appts.  Ten tons is what he limits the loads to even though he can legally haul up to 12 ton.

He is calling the business insurance today. He has these pictures (cop told him what to take for insurance) and the State police report. Said he needed to repair the wiring harness that runs the lights from the truck to the trailer. Someone went and got him a tire on a wheel. He is using his credit card to pay for this. 

He couldn't remember his out of pocket amount. He is worried again about the financial hit. I told him I was more worried about him and ST needing medical and not realizing it. They are spending the night with ST's brother in law with Bishop's approval (Englisher's staying in the home over night is not the norm) and said ST's Mom showed up to check them out.  Reminded him of E's mom.

I let the kids know.... last night. I will let his parents know this morning. 

MEAN TIME I will be checking finances and transferring money as I know he doesn't have enough to cover his deductible for the business insurance since he just paid the trailer brake bill.