Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Great grandbaby up date... NO BABY YET. BUT she's about 6.5 lbs. and granddaughter is having light contractions. She gets check tomorrow and she is hoping she goes to hospital LOL.

I only saved 10%.. BUT 95% was veggies or fruit so I expected to not have much savings. I can't wait until the garden is my grocery store for fresh veggies. I used what was left of March's grocery money and most of April's. I have enough for milk and some cucumbers and the shrimp. 

 I did not get daffodils, they looked bad and nothing else looked good either so no fresh flowers for the Easter table again this year.

I did not get chorizo (didn't have any but ordered it from Amazon), shrimp or mint Probably by time the chorizo gets here , the mint will be high enough for me to snip what I need for a dish Hubby wanted to try. Getting shrimp when I go to make the meal.

 I did get him Kentucky bourbon for a lemonade bourbon he wants to try ... it also has beet juice in it. 

I did not get ice cream since we decided to shop Kroger's in Sidney and that's over an hour away. Dairy Queen just opened so we will get our ice cream fix there.

Best deal was free 6 oz Cheese. I got Havarti for Hubby

Second best deal was pasta for sale for 49 cents if you got 10 items of the sale. I got the pastas for Daughter 4 as she eats a lot of pasta salads of different sorts.

Everything but the different breads (slice potato bread, hamburger buns, hoagie buns, and onion buns) are dealt with. I will freeze the breads and vacuum pack them. 

Menu will be based on what needs used up first.

I know the zucchini noodles (only because they didn't have zucchini large enough for my spiralizer) will need used, the avocados and the plantains are not ripe but when they get there, that will be used now. Bananas as M told me she dices them in cool whip and calls it done.

I still have 49 entrees in the barn freezer.

Tonight is manicotti from freezer that we didn't have last night. Leftover sautéed bell peppers, mushrooms and onions  and garlic toast made from M's bread

Thursday - sausage gravy, home fries, sunshine salad, cole slaw and biscuits. 

Friday - zucchini pasta with garlicy sauce and Ky. lemonade bourbon. Bruschetta. Should use the last of M's bread or can use bun.

Saturday- homemade loaded pizza and salad.

Easter - rack of lamp, smashed baked potatoes,  asparagus , deviled eggs and ambrosia salad.

Need to prep today so the meals for this week actually get to the table.

Blessed be