Monday, December 7, 2020

Frugal week

 Our Amish neighbor E gave us 12 lbs of pork loin when they were butchering. No one wanted it. I got 3 roasts and 4 meals of chops.

I got ground sirloin for half price to use on the chili I canned *32 pints*

I got St Louis style ribs for half price so got 2. One we will smoke for New Year's eve/day. The other might get BBQ sauce.

I got 2 half hams that were sliced that was marked down 30%. Another 14 meals in the freezer.

I got on sale Christmas pretzels, buy 2 get 1 for dipping in choc for gifts for the kids and grandkids. I got 3 bags.

I got store brand peanut butter for the peanut butter cookies. I will use the "good" stuff for the buckeyes. That was a savings of 15%.

I got 5 dzn eggs for $3.50 less than if I had bought them by the dozen. They were out of the 18 eggs size. Even M is having to buy eggs, her 50 chickens are not laying enough.

I already have plates and vacuum bags to package the cookies and candy.

I mended the work pants Hubby tore when he fell sliding on ice coming from the barn.

This weekend I cooked our meals in the oven and added a couple extra dishes to just warm up in the microwave when I start baking the cookies 

Cookies is 81 dozen of each varieties ,5 varieties. Candy will be of 4 varieties. I have most of everything except maybe needing more eggs.  

We ran errands with doctor appts and dropping off prescriptions to be filled with grocery shopping. 

We shut off the inside Christmas lights at 8 and the outside go off at 10. Our English neighbor to the side and back a bit, our one set of lights can be seen from their bedroom. They just asked if we could have them go off by 10 when they go to bed Sunday through Thursday. No problem for us at all. Also they like them on Christmas eve and Christmas night and if we still have them up New Year's eve and Day

On the sad side, Son 2 lost another friend (older than us) to covid and my cousin lost her husband age 59 to covid, he had just recovered from fighting cancer. No funerals for either. 

Blessed be