Wednesday, January 1, 2020

I lost a friend today

We met in 2001 through local groups of Used to meet as a group and then her and I would meet just us when the groups fell apart as time passed.

She was a speech therapist and preacher. She married Daughter 4 and her ex.

She was vibrant , earthy , had great tastes in food and wine. Could curse like a sailor when flipping mad. I could get her to laugh when in a mad rant by asking who urinated her off.

Nov 16, 2009 she sat beside me in a coffee house in Springfield OH to help me write the first blog here. She followed my blog ever since.

 Dec 22nd,she was hanging Christmas decorations standing on an 8 ft ladder and fell to a tile floor. She not only cracked her skull on the floor but caused the metal rod in her spine to come loose. She died today to traumatic brain injury.

Heartbroken you are gone Libs.  I love you.