Monday, August 14, 2023

It's been forever

 since I've be on. 


this happened... I thought Sh.., which one of the refrigerators or freezers took a crap and what was I going to be trying to can or pass to kids (it's okay with 6 kids and 10 adult grandkids). 

Nope it was the casement window Hubby forgot to finish caulking and flex sealing. I forgot I have to now check to make sure he completes jobs with his dementia, more like dealing with a teenager with ADHD been there more than once. And as big as the mess looks, the pile was my canning supplies. Tatter lids took the hit, which is nice as I can sanitize them and only lost 1 box of wide mouth metal canning lids. I lost all the empty card board boxes my  jars go in when they are empty. I am not putting anything back there until he can caulk and flex seal that window. I guess the 1.75 inches of rain we got was too much at one time.  Even with all that rain, it came down in a way the ground sucked it up.

Then I dealt with this 

 There is 6 cucumbers under the zucchini. I got 2 quarts of green beans, 9 quarts of tomato sauce, dehydrated the golden cherry tomatoes (red cherry tomatoes got toss in with other tomatoes) . I ate the broccoli, froze the grapes in the kitchen refrigerator. I shoved the zucchini and cucumbers in the frig. Onions are curing in the barn

THEN E sent the boys over with a wheelbarrow full of corn

SIGH. No room for a turkey now as the corn has taken it's spot. I got 53 meals out of this corn so we have a total of 79 meals corn. I also made corn cob stock and canned it , 18 pints for corn chowder, polenta, and mush, maybe the autumn stew from Home chef that Son 2 was doing would be good for it also. 


I then put the cobs on the metal table out by the barn to dry so we can use them for kindling. The sparrows have been picking at them.

THEN we had a tornado go through. It hit in town. E had a little wind damage to his one barn where the door blew off, said it must not have been shut all the way as the latch was still on the barn. We get one tornado warn a year... not something that happens much.

Then I did the finances and pointed out we are over budget. I also pointed out WHERE we are over budget. I got him to leave the credit card at home and we are working at him only buying what is on his list.  He did an escort for a wide load the other day, that hauler asked if he wanted a job as rear escort. He turned it down. He knows he would be gone ALL day and anywhere from 4 to 6 days a week. He would get NOTHING done here.  This week he is scheduled to go clean up the sawmill. He got the wood wagon fixed and was going to go until I told him how the weather was going to be. He didn't want to be driving a tractor without a cab hauling a metal wood wagon in a storm. 

Then I went down with a Crohn's attack. I probably should have went to the hospital sigh... if I had been throwing up along with sitting on the toilet for 2 days I would have. I didn't do that until day 4. FYI that's usually the day I come home from the hospital. Other than wishing morphine was in this house WE handled it. Hubby fixed me dry toast immediately and started shoving fluids. He jokes I married him because he was an EMT (retired 7 yrs ago). I got a brat patty for a meal because we don't have any dinner sausage patties, For what ever reason I can hold that stuff down.  He thinks stress triggered it... didn't help that I was using core muscles to lift a 50 lb. canner that he usually puts on the stove for me. My GI strongly suggested planks and push ups. NO sit ups as my back would have a fit over that. LOL.

So we spent a lot of time of watching the hummingbirds at the feeders and dive bombing each other

It's to rain today so he probably won't be going to the sawmill. He asked what had to be done this week... two doctor appts. and pulling zucchini and cucumber plants in the garden (I am not pulling anything) I want to do some planting for fall. I need to cut tops off onions that are cured and put them in hose  (panty hose) to hang in basement or barn until it gets too cold. Clean the front bay of the barn as I want to move the canning stuff there. No worries of water damage there. 

He looked at me and said , two doctor appts that's it. I laughed. I could do that onions I pointed out... nope I would side track and start doing something I really shouldn't... probably. Even when I spend the time in the hospital I struggle to not do anything (because I would do too much and retrigger an attack) the first week home. 

Be safe,

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be