Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Delete, Life keeps rolling. Stay frugal plus 209

Oh yeah, start writing here, get pulled away to do something else and lose the line of thought... 4 times now. Life especially when you are remodeling the house you are moving in to during harvest season just keeps rolling right on top on you.

Just a quick update... Carpenter just told Hubby that the painters should be done Thursday no later than Friday and he will start working on the floors as soon as they are done. He was walking through today trying to make sure EVERYTHING has been done and let Hubby know we will be off the floors for around a week. SO tomorrow I will be walking through myself. Which means Hubby and I start on the basement cleaning, sealing and loading it in.

I don't know why Charlotte has went from sitting in the front seat with us and sniffing the AC vent to laying on Wilbur and now Rascal who usually doesn't tolerate being laid on by anyone. Rascal had his head tucked into the back of the seat so he looks like a black blob.We go over to 209 to check what was done, what we need to focus on and it's just a way to stop and LOOK instead of tunnel vision of doing mostly on Sundays but have on Saturdays.

We have a morning glory growing on the back fence
We have a vine coming out of the compost, think watermelon

our grapes are almost ripe.

I have a year's supply of corn for us and am now working on corn for Daughter4.
I'm glad the zucchini being given to me comes in a bag and not the box like the corn is....
We are now having tomatoes coming in from 209 gardens. I got 5 pints of sauce out of this batch. These are the field paste tomatoes I had last year and harvested the seed and then planted myself this year. I was glad to see it worked.

The back storm door is on
ONCE AGAIN we have a broken door delivered...next one coming in is going to be delivered and installed by the Company.The one had the glass shattered

AND then we caught that the wrong door was put on one of the kitchen cabinets.

Then Hubby put the stove in...
for the propane test and the carpenter and him turned it on and sent me this pic.
and I am like HUMMMM hey guys that's set up for natural gas, you have to change the orifices to propane.... ...there was 8 of them LOL... but they got it done and it looked like this

the water softener is in and we got a thank you for choosing us letter . They delivery the salt, change filter and haul the trash away with them...good for our old age when looking at carrying 40 lbs salt bags.

Head contractor let us know the company that was going to supply the counter top for the kitchen was giving him the run around so he went to another supplier of the same counter tops and got the estimate based on the same thing of the first one and the amount was doubled...found out the first company has been low balling estimates and then charging the real price at installation. New company reported them to supplier and our head contractor reported them to Better Business bureau and other contractors. MEAN time, the new company wanted us to come up and look at what the counter really would look like because we were told and shown it would be mid gray with rusty copper spots or swirls and that's not what it is as it's acid wash and there are white and light gray in it and it's not going to go with our kitchen. They showed us some others that would be close to what we had ordered when Hubby was looking at his boot and noticed the one sample tile close to the floor and he fell in love with it... so we ordered it instead... I love the sparkle.

Carpenter wasn't happy with how the stair case stained and we batted a few ideas around and settled on this

Front room was primered... we actually loved the color and if we ever repaint it, it's going to be this color of gray.
BUT for now it's crimson ...for Alabama State...roll tide roll LOL...Hubby's favorite team.

Our head contractor liked our wheelchair bathroom paint so well , he used it in his own home and sent me this pic.

Hubby got the back fence finished. He reused the fencing that was there (saving over $7000) and had plenty so the only expense was some zip ties to hook the chain link to the metal posts. Amish neighbor uses zip ties for goats and it hold them so we figured it would hold the 3 dogs. Still have to finish the front fencing.
We will be sealing the basement next week and decided after we get that done to build something along this line (thanks to pinterest post) under the stairs that are a waste of space.
Hubby took the this pic of me driving the tractor for the first time to bring his stuff up from where he was working on the fence. Will teach me how to mow with it next time.
We went to a cook out at a friends house and they had a caddy for paper plates set out. I thought it would be nice for us for a regular dishes for just the two of us and went searching on line . Settled for this one as it can be taken apart and used differently for a buffet. I like things that do more than one thing.

Then we went furniture shopping. We set the budget at $8000 for bought furniture and materials of anything we have to build aka closets ( this house as ZERO closets), roll cart for bathroom,bookcase for dining room etc. I have 3 bedrooms that I can not build closets in due to how the vents for heat/AC was ran. I have an entertainment cabinet Daughter2 gave me that was left at the place she moved in due to broken door that I can fix and turn in to a wardrobe. I have a clothes rack. I even bought a few new hangers to do this
I even did my summer dressed the same way.

SO we went furniture shopping around and didn't find what we liked for the price we wanted to pay so went back to the local store that had a sale going on..... We got the couch and swivel recliner that my girlfriend and I saw and thought Hubby would like also... which he did.  The original price of the couch was this
We paid $949.95...yes...$1000 OFF. Matching swivel recliner was $749.95, we paid $499.95.

We priced 2 stools for the peninsula, $279.95 for each stool, found the same stools with a "bar like" table. Was $499.95 , bought for $269.95. less than the price of 1 stool that was exactly like what we priced.We came up with several ideas for the now "extra" table.

The guy waiting on us remembered me saying something about no closets when I was in with my girlfriend and he had 2 wardrobes, $249.95 each, bought for $209.95 each.

We need something in the wheel chair bathroom, laundry room and kitchen.Been looking at roll carts but they haven't been the style we want or were more than we will pay. They had one that will go in any of those area, $549.95 bought for $299.95.

Was walking around and found end tables the exact thing I was been hunting for  $279.95, bought for $149.95.

I bought a small china hutch that I was going to sand and redo as I don't care for the yellowish orange it is at a thrift shop for $30.. not thrilled with the lay out etc...but knew I was going to need something for the good dishes.Son 2 would love to have it redone for HIS house but didn't take it since I needed it and he only wanted it.

I saw 2 china hutches...one oak bigger than what I have and one cherry, bigger than the oak that was my dream come true...Hubby prefers oak but wanted the style of the cherry. Both are discontinued so we couldn't order it in oak. Hubby wasn't thrilled with me buying the cherry one until I showed him the original price...$2499.95...sale price was $999.95...Hubby offered $899.95 (thinking they wouldn't take the offer as it was the price of the smaller oak) and they accepted.... saving US  $1600. Son 2 can chose how he wants the thrift shop one redone.

We bought the best protection for the furniture and they gave us a $40 break on the delivery charge as we are outside their regular delivery area and charge $2/mile.

Total saved $3078.64. and we still have about $3700 in the furniture budget for mattress, box springs, book cases etc.

I am wrapping fragile items with cloth napkins, clothes and towels. Placemats are going between plates... Son2 saved up a pickup truck load of boxes from his Home Chef orders and work for me to come get since I need to take stuff to Daughter4 anyways.

We got home Sunday evening from 209, the boys(Wilbur and Rascal) decided to go in the house and snooze awhile while Hubby and I sat outside and watched Charlotte run around...
Here is Hubby who didn't know I have my phone on camera mode

and here is where Charlotte went to

She is watching the pigs. Landlord's oldest son has cattle and pigs in the barn. He built the pigs area so his kids couldn't climb in it , which means Charlotte can't either or she would be in there. She goes in the the older steers and the calves all the time. She found out she can stand or lay on the hay and watch the pigs.

Back to packing for me...
Blessed Be

Sunday, July 22, 2018

3rd week of July and being frugal

Just a ramble each day so I could remember by the end of the week.

I was given zucchini  and sweet corn to process for pantry

I was given a red tomato for our salad and a green tomato that was fried for the next night's dinner..

I loaded our box trailer and we took it to 209 when we went over to check on other stuff. Hubby brought it home the next day after he went over to work on moving fence posts and I stayed home to deal with corn and zucchini.

I went and got canning jars and saved $ 4/ case between coupons and sale.

I stopped at CVS and got Hubby's allergy meds and saved $12 between the coupon, sale and Extra Buck rewards.

I went to the grocery store and saved 31% plus got double fuel points.

I bought my soon to be granddaughter a gift card for Target her favorite store at Kroger's and got double fuel points. Score for both of us.

We used half of my Kroger fuel points  on gas,I have $1.20 but you can only spend $1 off per gal so Hubby used 60 cents saving the rest for the next fuel up in town.

We have used Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas when we were at 209.

Using the herbs I have grown I mixed a batch of Italian seasoning.

We split a sandwich and drink while working at 209 and came home earlier than usually for dinner.

Dinner is what ever veggie I am processing with what ever is quick. By time we get to dinner time neither of us has much energy for even eating.


Hubby was given a coupon for 50% off for the local pizza shop so he got calzones that provided us with 2 meals.(Tuesday)

Hubby reserved his flight and rental car for his trip of deep sea fishing with his friend for next month. He checked several different places and compared it to cost of driving including wear and tear of car before deciding to fly. He used our AARP and his Enterprise discounts to get a price lower than what the gas would be. He reactivated his Delta sky miles card that his employer had got him when he was flying south for a couple years several years ago .His friend is using his discounts to get the hotel. This is his "retirement" gift from me and his friend but they are thinking it could become a yearly get together for them. Our son gave us his old carry on bag as he is now required to use his military one when traveling for work.(Tuesday)

I super glued the end of my "paint" shoes so I wouldn't catch that little piece and trip and fall. (Wed)

Our head contractor okayed us throwing our old paint in the dumpster he has at 209, we weren't sure if it was for hazard waste and it is. Saved us close to $100 extra , of course we are already paying for the dumpster anyways but sometimes a construction dumpster does not allow hazards like paint or asphalt roof shingles.(Wed.)

The contractors working on the house have turned off the AC when it is cooler out side and the humidity is low enough for paint to dry. They only turn it on when the humidity is over 60 % .(all week)

A sub contractor damaged one of the doors on the kitchen cabinets and they installed the pipes to the sinks wrong. I filed a complaint with the head contractor, the carpenter that was there reported it also. Sub contractor is now paying for repairs and the fix for the plumbing plus he gave us 5% off his final bill.Head contractor told me most wouldn't have bothered to say something to him so he could get it fixed, would have just bad mouthed both the sub contractor and him. (Thurs)

On the not so frugal side of money but frugal side of time, I bought the ingredients prepared for a cook out instead of preparing them myself. The recipes I choice were based on the fact there are food allergies and diabetes concerns at this cook out. Saved me 2 hrs of prep time.(Sat)


I made 123 pasta ...one onion, 1 cup of meat,2 cups of veggies and 3 cups of pasta. It made enough for us to have 2 meals from it with the 2nd one being a reheat.

Our neighbor at 209 gave us more corn to process for the pantry.

A friend gave us some fruit salad she made that they weren't going to get ate. We had it with corn on the cob, cheese and crackers and called it dinner.

The company that is installing our water softener offered to change the plumbing so we are only softening what is being used in the house instead of all of it. The sub contractor thought he had it so we would only be doing the house but the softener can't be installed where he thought it could. They said they weren't going to charge us for the change because they told him how to set the plumbing.The guy doing the installation let us know today as he thought he could be there to install Monday but it looks like next week now as he needs some things to come in first.

Friday, July 20, 2018

209 update

There is not enough time in the day to get things done so we are looking at moving out of where we are into the BARN first part of Aug. until the house is done. Won't have hot water , so will be taking showers at in laws that's a lot closer than where we live. Barn has electric and running cold water, we have the out house if we can't use the inside bathrooms that are FINISHED.

Wall paint (taking 4 coats) and floors (2 coats of stain, 2 coats of polyurethane) and it's not drying as quick as it would if the humidity was down.

Crown moulding is done
Bathroom is done...yeas the tape has been removed LOL

Wheelchair bathroom is done. Tape removed also

Laundry room had 1st coat of paint and will be getting the floor laid as soon as the other coats of paint dries.

Bedroom is done except for the floor.

Hubby has been moving fence posts so we can put up the fence for the dogs. I started painting them...6 hrs and no where near done and I can be honest in saying that I can barely walk today as I have not did that many squats in YEARS.

This is a section that will be on the dogs side of the fence so I painted it also...made the rest of the fence around the pond look like crap.
Here is the pile of fence I need to paint so Hubby can put them on the posts.

This is were I just started before the work day ended. Carpenter was staining the east loft when we were leaving Thursday. He was hoping to get another coat on today and start polyurethane coats Monday.

We meet with the head contractor Monday afternoon. He had to change supplier for the counter top. Sent us what he was looking at ordering from a more responsible (his words) dealer.

Hubby decided to move us Aug 1st ,even if that means into the barn. We can take showers at his parents that are closer and cut out 2 hrs of driving for each of us by doing so. A little bit of a push to do that but that would give me a solid month to clean Staley and get my rhubarb and flowers dug up.

Blessed Be

Monday, July 16, 2018

Short..frugal moments

Every 3rd day Hubby takes a trailer load of our stuff to 209 as he is working on fence line. Since he is going that way it's saving us on the amount of trips when we can actually move in...waiting on wall paint to be done so they can to do wood floors.

Neighbor at 209 has sent home beets and zucchini again and told us to check the sweet corn , it's almost ready.

Landlord let us know to come get sweet corn as his father in law planted 2 varieties, one early and the other one later but they came in at the same time and everyone is swamped with trying to get it dealt with.

I have been decluttering, sorting and packing daily to file the trailer every third day.

I got the two bathroom doors for 209 done.

We went looking for a recliner for Hubby and a new couch... found 1 we both like and can sit comfortably on AND it's on sale until the end of July. SO we will wait until closer to the end of the month so MAYBE we will be getting ready to actually move in   SIGH... Our head contractor is more frustrated than we are because he has other jobs lined up and less workers to work on them since they are still working on our place.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Frugal week of the 4th

I prepped several meals and put them in the freezer and posted a list on the frig.

We went to produce auction and got
pickles and zucchini... I would like to have more zucchini but I am not going out to get a lot more, just enough to try another recipe I ran across that makes is taste like pineapple.

Jade green beans, I got enough to process for us to have plenty for the year and a couple meals as fresh.

Roma green beans, a wide green bean that I use for one pot green beans, ham and potatoes. I have enough for the year also.

Candy onions, we gave one box to a friend as each box is 10 lbs. I have enough onions for 2-3 months.

I have to find out where the local extension office is to take in a bit of my grapes which seem to have a problem they didn't have last year.
We went to see Daddy who was on the tired side as he had joined a group exercise instead of a morning nap.
Wilbur and Rascal sitting at my feet while I watch Charlotte to make sure she stays in the yard.
This is Charlotte's "I won't do it again" after she was let out of her cage after a 15 minute time out for taking off AGAIN.  Wilbur "told" on her and Rascal chased her back out of the field to the house. Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent ?

Hubby worked the "pit" at the fireworks so I stayed home and watched the ones that were shot off by the little village up the road from us.

Weather has finally cooled off, turned off AC, opened windows (almost kicked furnace on when it dropped to 55 in the morning) and enjoyed the good breeze while I put polyurethane on the bathroom doors for 209. I need one more good day to finish the second door.

Used gas buddy and Kroger fuel points for cheapest gas.