Saturday, March 12, 2016


Feb 14th my reality became a sever nose bleeds  2-3 times a day with passing large clots...GROSS.

Got into on an emergency appt to primary doctor, who immediately scheduled me for ENT but that was 2 wk wait.SO now it's March

ENT doctor sends me to CT Scan which was a 1 wk wait.

Get CT scan and back to ENT doctor on same day and then schedule surgery...

First it was suppose to be March 24th (3 wk wait)...then the hospital blocked out that day so it got moved to the 29th ...meantime nose bleeds are starting to last about 30 min a couple times of day. ENT doctor is worrying that I am going to need to go through the ER to get surgery due to the stress it's causing with my heart failure.

THEN MIRACLE...someone canceled and I am going in the 17th...

Dealing with the bleeds and trying to get things done so I can be in recovery without a total mess on my hands or Hubby's as he get homeblessing and cheffing for 2 wks until I am recovered enough to do it. Has been hard with NO energy due to bleeding and not being able to breath right.

Main thing was the ENT doctor took one look and said we are fixing the problem right the first time (YES)...Reduction of turbinates (think filters for you nose) deviated septum straightened and rhinoplasty to fix the nose that has been broken and now turns black and blue when I wear my glasses because of how crooked it is. I wear glasses all the time now days. In fact I have 4 different pairs I have to wear depending on what I am trying to do. Sitting at the computer I can zoom if needed. He will be using a hard plastic bridge on my nose so I can wear my glasses while recovering.

MEANTIME trying to stay frugal.....Been eating at home mostly, not a lot as there is no appetite.
Did some decluttering so I won't be looking at it when I am down and can't deal with it. Helps with the depression.  Picked up some sour hard candy that is suppose to help with dry mouth and the taste of drainage. Had to buy some foods ...soft foods and medical supplies that was needed. Still we are in budget for the month since we know what we are eating while I am done.

Frugal also is the surgery was scheduled (17th) to reflect that Hubby wouldn't have to take off a whole week of work (lower paycheck as it doesn't include his shift pay or his EMT pay or his TL pay).

I already cooked a turkey and bagged the meat. Each bag will make 2 meals so it gives us 2 options of what we are eating. Tonight is ham, I will slice and dice leftovers and then but some back to grind for ham salad and scalloped potatoes and scrambled eggs. Bean soup also....I will be roasting a prime rib (in freezer, Christmas gift) for Monday(slice and dice it also) and having pork chops on Wed as that is the last night for 2 wks I can actually chew solid food and it's my favorite. Hubby might have to pick up some odds and ends and we have some friends that are willing to step in and help especially like laundry as I refuse to let him touch my wringer washer except to do maintenance.

I am going to gather a few things around that I can do that is sitting (and I don't have to wear glasses for) and I already down loaded books I want to read to my Fire Kindle. I have a list of things to do so when I whine I am bored Hubby can check it and remind me of what I wanted to get done.

I will do a good home blessing on Tuesday and Wednesday we will do the laundry and get the last of any groceries we need. Thursday morning I will do our finances (normal routine) and spend some time rubbing nuzzling my dogs as that won't happen for a bit.

I'm looking forward to getting this done as this is the 2nd time I've had surgery for my nose (31 yrs ago ) and I remember the pain of the packing, breathing through my mouth dryness and the pain of having the the packing removed...let alone my daughter that was 1 smacking me in the face pain....I am still ready to do this...hope the rest of my body agrees including my Crohns as usually stress triggers it big time and it's already complaining of the drainage with blood...

Blessed Be