Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rubs and marinades

Hubby came in awhile back( read in there that I was getting ready to leave for GA and then got back in time to leave to go to my son's to babysit his cats while he was out of state)and asked that when I got time if I could write down some of the dry rubs and wet sauces I use for us.He had a friend he wanted to share them with.So finally I got around to printing a couple of them off.

The one I forgot to mention because both him and I do it automaticly when we don't want to throw something together is a no brainer.

Zesty Italian Salad Dressing

Yep, that simple. Steaks,beef or pork roasts,chops, poultry, possible lamb.We don't eat much lamb but I would try it in a heart beat. Marinate it or just dump it on say about 30 min before you go to cook it. Seafood I would only marinate it 10 min the longest as the vinegar in it will "cook" it and you could end up with mush.

Meat will absorb flavors better if you allow the meat to be room temp BEFORE applying the rub or marinade.

I do more dry rubs and marinades in the late fall,winter,early spring.I want the kick of spices to get me thru the dreariness of the weather.In the summer time it is all about wet sauce or BBQ sauce.

We like Bobby Flay's Chipotle-Molasses BBQ sauce.If I don't have any made up then we use what ever BBQ sauce I have in the pantry(depends on coupons and sales). I mix it one bottle of BBQ sauce with one bottle of dark beer or one bottle of BBQ sauce with 1/2 cup of Jack Daniels single barrel whiskey.( if I want a strong whiskey taste I use old #7).

My mom made a great BBQ sauce and I plan to get it off her so we can try it in a week or so when I am back from babysitting kittie kitties.

Enjoy the day

Wet Eagle

this is a wet Eagle. I got his pic thru an email forward from a friend.Today this is what I feel like.

Just soaring along, doing what needs to be done and trying to keep food on the table and wham, it's a battle and I end up totally soaked, worn out and exhausted.Like the Eagle there is no vacation in sight. It's a fight everyday to survive.

Someone needs to lend me their GPS so I can find a very tall tree to sun myself and dry off safely.I am sure though if my kids don't find me, my mother will and she will most likely tell me to quit hogging the limb.