Wednesday, April 7, 2010

and time flies

when you over load yourself ( or the boss does) with things that have a deadline.

At the moment I can take a breath...maybe two...oops overload is right there again.

Sitting in GA in a motel room, looking at my nice red car that appears green now that it is covered with pollen...YUCK

I am looking at attending 2 wedding receptions, 2 baby showers and 1 wedding anniversary with talk of an engagement party with in the next 3 wks right along with my deadline for the revision of my fiction book and my reveiw that is due for another book.

Dinner still must be served as none of us is rich nor do we prefer eating out anyways.

SO tonight is smoked sausage. kraut and leftover mashed potatoes I brought with me. Canteloupe for dessert, maybe some cheese and crackers for an appetizer, depends on how hungry we are.Simple, quick and not drive thru food.

Take a break and take a breath( try to avoid the pollen )

Blessed be