Tuesday, March 4, 2014


It's SPRING... I don't care what the weather says...I have had enough of winter so I have declared it to be SPRING!!!!

The local weather station is calling for Spring here to be colder than normal with most of that being in March.

I will cut back on what I plant for Spring harvest, start more Summer crops and then increase the Fall harvest to make up for the lack in the Spring.

This is a picture of the seeds I planted today...the empty spot is where the okra will go when I plant it tomorrow. I forgot the seed had to soak 24 hrs.

I prayed over these little lives as I planted them, prayed my black thumb (up to the elbow) didn't kill them off and if it did it was a quick and painless death. I really need to be able to grow the crops from my own seeds as I am to the point of buying very little veggies from the stores.

As for my "flying" today as in FLYLADY ( www.flylady.net)

I fluttered a little...we had went shopping this morning for some things that I need to make a couple gifts plus I found some material for a skirt that will work all year around. All of it was on sale so it was a good day that way.

Still by time we got back, ate lunch, played with the pup who is now 2 yrs old today, walked with the older dog that puts up with all of us and started on the seeds...I didn't get much done beside the laundry.
As I was doing laundry I day dreamed of hanging clothes on the clothes line...need to get that fixed.

The to do list is longer than my arm...okay longer than my car because I am short LOL

Blessed Be

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday the Day of Rest

We didn't get the big bad snow/sleet/freezing rain storm that they were forecasting for our area so it was nice to wake up to just a nice snow fall.

I usually clean the master bedroom on Friday or Saturday depending on which day works better with Hubby's work schedule. He didn't have to work this weekend so we were out of the house most of the time for the last two days. The bedroom didn't get done.

So as soon as I woke up I stripped the bed and started washing the bedding and remaking the bed. Surprising what a simple thing can do to cheer you up...a nice clean bed to crawl into.

I decide that even though today is the Day of Rest and I really try to stay focused on that otherwise my health goes down from the lack of rest. BUT since the last 2 days I have spent basically not doing anything around the house and visiting with friends. I figure I can do an odd job or two and still rest.

Have  Blessed Day