Friday, October 15, 2021

Here we go again. and some good news

FIRST  Daughter 4 got her 1st  and 2nd check at once. She did a happy dance. They were concerned since her 1st check didn't go through for direct deposit so they gave her a pay card for her 2nd check and then worked out the issues with the direct deposit with the small 1st check. She is grateful Son 2 and we strongly insisted we pay her this month even though she was getting checks. As her landlord doesn't do credit cards/pay cards she can pay him with what we paid her that is in the checking acct. and use the rest for utilities, groceries and gas and maybe fix the car where the deer hit her (in front of a state cop, he sent the video from his dash cam to her so she could give it to her ins). We all cracked jokes about another hit and run of  her new to her car( 1st one was totaled and the cops still think the trash truck did it but no witnesses or evidence). At least her ins will cover this if it's more than the deductible. Her son in law thinks his brother and him can pop it out since it's on the door.

 M and E's oldest daughter got sick late Wednesday night. Since a cousin had been over and had caught the flu and they don't think she was over it completely,  they thought flu.

Thursday M sends note they can't get her stopped throwing up, did I have any ideas besides the 5 miles long list they had tried. I sent gas x (she was burping a lot) and Alka Seltzer for colds and flu. That helped a lot when I checked on her in the evening last night. She was keeping fluids and food down and feeling a lot better.

This morning at 4:15, ( It's Friday right?)M was at our door as the child woke up with pain in the area of appendix. Hubby had jury duty so I'm the driver. E called (other neighbor keeps a cheap cellphone charged in his garage for the Amish ) local hospital and they don't treat kids that young (she's 11 going on 12). So told him to go to Marion.

SO E and I took child to Marion who ran MRI and couldn't tell if she had ruptured so then they ran a CT scan and said her appendix had not burst but had a small rupture and since waiting for transport through the hospital would be 3 hrs. and then a 1 1/2 hr. drive to Children's hospital as they don't operate on children that young. (GRR, might as well drive straight to children's)The doctor was agreeable for me to transport even though he understood it would be 3 hrs. I made it in 2 hrs. before I could get her there, gave child a pain shot. and off we went.

Since I had Son 2's car that DIED OUT in E's driveway when we were heading to Marion. We came back, I dropped E and child off, stopped and let my dogs out while I grabbed truck key. Then I switched vehicles with Hubby who's truck was in the bank parking lot where the jury was told to park. Texted him so he could check at breaks or lunch of what was going on. Stopped back to get dogs back in house. Picked up Child , M and E ,made pit stop to drop off youngest 2 as the 2 older boys walked across the pasture behind us as the hay pastures join between the two families, at neighbor around the corner and another pit stop to update E's mom .

 E called another driver to pick up his parents this afternoon to bring them to Children's and his Mom will spend the night with M and child. Then driver could bring him and his dad back to take care of chores and get the older 5 over to his parents. So I am not on driver duty tonight. He knows Sherm is got a limit of drive time around 10 hrs. so he figured that counted for me also. It's a state number thing with being a commercial driver.

I told E that Hubby was hauling with his dad on early Saturday morning and was hauling for M's brother in the afternoon. But he could work in going after them at hospital if he need him to as both hauls can be put off until next week.

At this time the hospital thought they might keep her one or two days depending on the seepage  from the rupture. Since E had his burst, he definitely understands the reason why they can't say exactly when she can come home.

All 3 of them went to sleep while I was driving to Children's. 

Operating room was already prepped and they were waiting for us as E called the ER at Children's and told them when we were 30 mins away. So that helped everyone also.

I got 5 hrs. sleep last night. My rear hurts from sitting in a vehicle 9 1/2 hrs. since I couldn't go in with them (COVID rules) and it was raining so I couldn't even get out and walk around the parking lot. Blowing storms I stay put.   I don't know how Hubby just zones out while being a driver like he does. He did say it's hard when he can't go in with them and time drags forever. But since I knew how long MRI and CT scan takes and normal time of waiting for results ...I wasn't wondering what was going on as E used hospital phone to let me know that. 

Now there will be 3 households behind on things, E & M's ours and E's parents.