Friday, January 14, 2022

Doctor office (sorry for the ramble)

 gave me a list of inflammatory food additives to remove from my diet. You would think since I grow my own veggies etc., there would not be much.

I just bought salad/ lettuce the other day and then had to toss it as it is on recall and I had ate some of it. SIGH. They didn't test for food poisoning when I went in for Crohn's so there might have been some of that. 

EDTA is used in salad dressings amongst other things... I have lots of different salad dressings that are now in the trash can WHY? EDTA was formulated formaldehyde. I do not think I need to eat that.

Another one that is being pitched is Carrageenan that has been used for hundreds of years and indeed is organic, there is damning health research around it, suggesting that is in not necessarily safe to eat. It is linked to IBD, IBS RA and colon cancer and is banned in European Union ... My cottage cheese had it in it which funny thing is my go to when having Crohn's attack. 

I HATE reading labels especially in a store where I have to keep flipping reading glasses up and down. One lady suggested I look only for ingredients... like what I would buy to make it. As I don't see me  looking for carboxymethyl cellulose for a dish (ok in small amounts, large amounts ferment in large intestine).  Worse they go by different names depending on where the product is made.  Some even have numbers. 

Hubby and I started through the salad dressing and condiments. Now we wonder if the raw veggies/salad that we thought was messing me up was actually the dressing I was putting on it. SIGH.

Doctor office said also since I am not in the hospital (still no beds and selective procedures being canceled again) my recover time will be at least twice the time (as least 16 days) and the pain will be longer to deal with as my home med is no where close to the strength of morphine I take in the hospital.  

I am in pain, I compared it to the final stages of natural childbirth and Daughter 2 asked if it was when I delivered her or Son 2 which I went into labor ... hard labor 7 times for, Daughter 4 I didn't have labor as I was too busy puking from the flu . I look like I am pregnant for the bloat.  

I went from walking 10,000 plus steps a day to less than 1,000 steps a day. I didn't eat for 3 days, than ate cottage cheese and crackers. Last night was double pumpkin pie as it was what Hubby fixed from scratch. I figured it was safe.  Tonight is potato soup.  I have no energy (need to eat for that right?) 

I am tired, either fall asleep at the drop of a pin or not sleep due to pain and just be tired. Have to be careful not to shut down the digestive system with pain meds and then have to go through the pain of starting that back up. Been there and done that. A HELL far worse than now.

I am whiny... I haven't gotten to the point of Hubby telling me to knock it off but he does point out improvement which is next to nil at this time. Well , maybe not as one was I was home not in the hospital surrounded by covid  And I have Charlotte to cuddle some with me.

I have started inventorying the seeds coming in and planning what season to plant what. Hubby wants to try a 4 season with storage veggies. 

I need to look up salad dressing to make from scratch.