Monday, August 13, 2018

well geeze... 209...

Okay, We go over to 209 this morning.... I was told Thursday morning the bedroom and hall would be finished Friday. Kitchen, staircase in kitchen to lofts  and dining room would be finished today and the mudroom and front room would be stained TODAY.....

SIGH... did not happen at all...

Bedroom and hall will be finished today (Monday) 8/13

Staircase MIGHT be stained depending on time of finishing the bedroom and hall.

Tuesday 8/14

stair case either stained or steelwooled and 1st coat of poly.

kitchen and dining room steelwooled and cleaned and then 2nd coat of poly.

Front room and mudroom cleared of tools and paper removed from floor.Floor will be checked to make sure it's ready for stain.

Wednesday 8/15

staircase steelwooled and1st or 2nd coat of poly

Kitchen and dining room steelwooled and 3rd coat of poly

Any thing needing touched up so mudroom and front room can be stained will be done so.

Front room will be stained maybe.

I have GI follow up early afternoon and will swing by after appt to pick up boxes from Son 2 's garage on way home.

Thursday 8/16

staircase steelwooled and 2nd or 3rd coat of poly

front room 1st or 2nd coat of stain (2 coats due to being oak instead of maple like the rest of the floors)

mudroom 1st coat of stain

we are cleared to move stuff in to bedroom, laundry room and bathroom that is connected to hall. I have taken the 2 shelves that was suppose to go in the wheelchair bathroom and put them in the laundry room as the finish was not brushed nickle like the bathroom. I needed 2 shelves over the washer and dryer anyways..

 I will clean bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and hall.

Clothes washer, dryer, and black frig will be moved to 209 . Frig will be set up in barn until we can walk of kitchen floor. I hope to have at least 1 deep freezer that can go over to 209 also.

Friday 8/17

staircase steelwooled and 3rd coat of poly if not finished.
We can walk on it the next day as what he is using on the steps dries a lot faster than what is on the floors.

Front room 2nd coat of stain or 1 coat of poly.

mudroom 1st coat of poly

AC in lofts will be turned on due to contractor coming in next day.

Saturday 8/18

contractor coming in to finish lofts. Thinks it will take 40 hrs (20 hrs each as his son is coming to help) so it's going to take 2-3 days.

Kitchen and dining room cleared to walk on.

I will clean kitchen and dining room.

Son 2 is coming up to move furniture we can do without either to house or barn. Hubby and I walked through the house here and put notes on the furniture to be moved so who ever is looking at it knows it goes and I can focus on making sure it's ready to go.

Peg board to 209.. First 85 % of these pots and pans will go to daughter 3 who is literally down to her last pot (thanks to her teens walking away while cooking on high) . I am going to clean, lightly sand, primer and paint yellow to match walls in kitchen with it at 209 since that is were all 6 sets of my saw horses are. DUH

Sunday 8/19 

We are going to lunch with friends and Son 2 at Hong Kong. and Hubby will be shopping for the last of the odds and ends he needs for his fishing trip that is on Tuesday.

I will finish clearing Monty deep freezer if he's not done.

Monday 8/20

I will finish cleaning kitchen and dining room.

I have follow up doctor in late afternoon.

Waterline to frig, power and plumbing to dishwasher to be installed and dryer vent put in.

I will clean peg board, lightly sand (re-clean) and primer.

front room steelwooled, 1st or 2nd coat of poly.

mudroom steelwooled 2nd coat of poly

Will take Hubby to son 2 to spend night as son 2 is taking Hubby to the airport the next morning as he lives 20 mins from airport and the flight is at 6 am.

Tuesday 8/21

Front room steelwooled , 2nd or 3rd coat of poly

mudroom steelwooled 3rd coat of poly (walk on day 8/24)

I will put 1st coat of paint on peg board, might get a 2nd coat if paint dries well..

Wednesday 8/22

I will constantly check my cell phone for updates of Hubby leaving airport, his flights and arrival when he get to Florida. His buddy is going to take pics for me also when he meets up with him.

I will finish peg board if that's not done.

Front room steelwooled and 3rd coat of poly if not done  (walk on date 8/25)

Kitchen counter gets installed at 12:15 pm.... They will also install the faucet.

I will bring a load from the kitchen to put away.

Thursday 8/23 

I will bring another load from the kitchen.

I will clean the cabinets, install shelf paper and put everything away that I can.

I'll pit stop at the trash company to start service the following week. We already set the trash service to stop here 8/31 the last day of the billing cycle here the company we have here.

I will check my phone for updates of fish being caught LOL.

Friday 8/24

I will clean mudroom and load in what goes in that area that I can deal with by myself.

I will clean east and west lofts(I doubt if the south and north will be completely finished at this point if they are I will clean them also)

I will hang curtains in rooms that I can walk on.

Saturday 8/25

I will go get Hubby and spend the day listening to him about his trip. He might want to swing by 209 depending on how he feels. I am leaving the day open for what he wants.

Sunday 8/26

We will go to 209 and check what is left on the list. I can see Hubby mowing.

I will clean front room

Monday 8/27

Another load to 209, and put away.

Hubby will work on finishing the fence for the dogs.

New Furniture is delivered which is most of the front room furniture.

Peg board hung so I can put pots and pans on it.

Curtains in any rooms still needing that.

Tuesday 8/28

internet and home phone service will be installed. ( last utility )

Fencing should be finished this day

Later than what we wanted and definitely later than the contractor wanted

We plan to load trailer and take a load every 3 days instead of every other day since I am on the icky side still.

I hope the house stuff ,including the pig barn and farrowing house cleared we use for storage is over to 209 by the 18th leaving just Hubby's tools etc in the garage and his motorcycle (which we could take sooner) to be moved at this point.

but we all know...the best laid plans...kind of like wanting to take pictures this morning and not being able to get to any room that was done enough to take a picture LOL.

Blessed Be