Monday, March 23, 2020

plans for my week...

Daughter 2 suggested I do what I did when I was a widow and they were younger than 10.

Write a weekly list of projects I want to do... not a daily of dust and shine or the ironing. Of things I want to mark off punch list and this is bugging me list.

So here is this week's list

I can take bread off the list as when Hubby pit stopped at Save a Lot when he got fuel around the corner he grabbed a gal of milk and a large loaf of bread.

Kt is marked off also.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. So that's ironing, shine windows and mirror, swish and swipe the bathrooms. Hubby is home so it's go over the finances of his business and our home finances.

Since Hubby is home he can help clear the mudroom of the extra boxes.

I took another one of the pizza crusts and made taco pizza for supper

 I did wash the rags after dinner and they are now on the drying rack.

Monday normal routine

Hubby hauling pallets as usual.

I made the bed.

I remade the couch. We put a comforter on the couch for the dogs to lay on... Charlotte tinkled on it yesterday when the boys were petting her. Didn't got through to the couch. I washed it last night and tossed it in the dryer. I took the dog blanket I had laid on couch and put back on the floor beside the bed where Wilbur will lay when he is hot.

I did the laundry and have it on the drying rack, walkers and shower curtains. Really damp outside but at least the snow is gone because we got RAIN when we warmed up a bit.

I unloaded the dishwasher.

I dusted.

I walked down the lane and got the mail after I waved Hi to the mail lady.

I topped off the oil in the containers in kitchen

I cooked the dogs eggs, keeps Wilbur from having dandruff

I've held Charlotte that is constantly pacing... Wilbur and Rascal are snoozing so I don't know what is going on since Rascal is my scaredy  cat.

I ordered herb plants for the gardens. I wasn't going to with the way the IRA is dropping but I have the money now and in long run it keeps the home running.

I restocked the kitchen from pantry and freezers, needed yeast, salted butter, unsalted butter and cheese. Pulled phyllo shells to put choc pudding in, brownie mix, pumpkin whoopie cookies and a box of frozen waffles Son 2 gave me.

I took the jars that had been in the dishwasher, put new canning lids on and took to basement and put with the rest of the empty canning jars.

I've ate , took meds and figure out that I would be taking another pizza crust and making taco pizza as I have a couple of tomatoes that need used and know I have lettuce.

AND IT'S NOT EVEN 1 PM... sigh

Over the weekend

Daughter 2 let me know she was coming up Sunday, her boyfriend (ha ha they are over 40) was bringing her. She's laid off. Two of her sons and the one girlfriend came in their own car. JD told me he came to see us because he knows if I get this I most likely won't make it. He wanted me to know he loved me, respected me and was thankful for all that I had done for him and his mom and brothers. DN told me the same thing. They understand the reality better than a lot of adults. Daughter 2 said she was glad we were in this area with neighbors that will help. Her boyfriend (actually a kid that was in and out of our home when they were growing up) was in shock over my pantry. BUT they both agreed they should be doing the same. Daughter 2 who has NEVER baked bread (but makes popovers) asked for 1lb of yeast. She's been out of bread for 4 days.

I packed this up over Saturday and we added 2 coolers of meat to it Sunday

I had steak, onions and mushrooms fajitas Saturday night
We had it as leftovers Sunday
I have 2 more pizza crusts that need used up.

When I went  to bed Sunday night this was what we had
yep it snowed... 

Fridays work

Laundry was washed and hung on kitchen porch line then quickly brought back in an hour later when the down pour and wind hit. Most was dry so it was just a few things to hang on the drying rack.

New shower liners for if one of us gets sick and needs to hibernate in bedroom and need hung in hall  have been washed  and dried so they won't smell and make me sick that way.

Hutch now has some of Mother's kitchen stuff on top of it

The Hoosier is decluttered and I no longer have strainers falling on my head. Nor is there odds and ends waiting to be put away.

This was my parents table when they got married 70 yrs ago. Mr Johnson who was in his 50s gave it to him after his wife died told Mother and Daddy they had bought it new when they got married so it's close to 100 yrs old. I tossed a lot of paper clutter off this. I can actually see the table and found a glass fruit bowl that belonged on the bfast bar for tomatoes.

bfast bar is cleared.

Roll cart cleared... need to top off oil bottles

Dining table is not done... Going to go dig out spring like table clothes and cloth napkins