Friday, June 16, 2023

Sometimes you wonder

how some people figure stuff...
We went to the local Medicare even though it's a bit early for Hubby as we were looking at costs. 

She did very well until she thought Hubby should go with an advantage plan....Hubby said no, his primary said that was bad because of the battles of getting preapproval for some tests. She pulled it up and showed all his doctors/ hospitals are in network in that plan (blew past the what about when he was out of state and needed care) and the out of pocket maximum would only be $4300. NOT INCLUDING the premium.  Her words were " Isn't that great to know that is the maximum?" AND she didn't want him going AARP supplement.

The look of shock was priceless when we both said at the same time, no that's not great, that is horrible and no way as would he go that way as he only pay $3,000 NOW. 

Needless to say, she immediately stopped and offered to schedule him to come back in July when he can sign up and what ever he decides is fine.  She did make note that there was one plan D he had looked at that she knew was getting ready to go away because they weren't listed anymore. 

Basically he is going straight Medicare, AARP supplement AND still is flipping between 2 of Plan D. The difference between the 2 is $50 and whether he wants to get the meds local or wait over in Sidney (actually could drop meds off, run errands, go to store  and then pick meds up afterwards. Instead of drop meds off on our way home and go back next day to pick up when half the time we haven't made it the 10 miles home before they let us know they are ready.

He asked me what I thought about me signing him up online instead of going back...

I think I am capable since allows you to enroll for plan D and I am the member (he is under my AARP membership) for the supplement... 

On the side note, he picked up the check for the totaled trailer today. They will pick up the trailer either today, tomorrow or Monday. Not an issue as it is sitting where it's not in the way.

Truck is waiting on  a couple more parts and they hope finished by end of next week.

Wrecker adjuster is still trying to get around him not having a loading bill from Amish. She finally got the company to agree to her getting a statement from the gentleman even if it's over the phone.... Amish don't have phones. Hubby asked ST if he could get a message to his brother in law who lives 12 miles from the guy to have the guy call Hubby so he could give the guy info to call the adjuster. BUT she might send a letter so make sure he didn't throw it away and would need to answer it and send it back.  

Still Hubby asked our personal insurance guy if he could quote price of ins for work truck AKA 350 (since it's a 350 Ford) and he is checking on that for us. 

E knows of at least 2 people that would buy the livestock trailer. 

Hubby's goal is to have ALL of the business closed  and dealt with by July 31st. 

Prayers for peace
Blessed be