Friday, March 8, 2019

ONE MORE DAY .. starting of changes

of being restricted... of course I can't just go out here and do what ever I want or I'll be back in to the doctor's with pulled and strained muscles if not torn muscles. Been there and done that one, trying to not repeat mistakes.

It would help if I would remember there is a corner on the bfast bar and quit backing up in to it when I am sweeping or mopping the floor.Nice bruise on my back now.

Son 2 suggested starting and ending my day with Yoga. He does it at night so he can sleep. I also have exercise that I do for my cerebral palsy that I will be doing again. Hubby pointed out I need to do my touch my toes reach for the sky and squat and walk like a duck exercises.. that's the 2 moves for clothes line and garden. 

Hubby set the potting soil I use for winter sowing up so I can do that today and get it marked off my to do list. Said he will set up my soil block soil so I can do that either tomorrow or Sunday night for starting on Monday. Starting seeds is the priority.

Since Hubby starts doing a regular haul job next week for E our Amish neighbor he talked to his boss at State.They decided to put him on nights (they have 3 leaving and that leaves them short manpower on nights) and that way he can work Amish during the day and if he needs a day off for Amish work they just need to know a couple days ahead. He only has 2-6 wks left with the State anyways depending on weather. So we are thankful they are willing to work with him especially that he is seasonal. They asked if he was coming back this coming winter, he isn't sure at this point depends on what else he is doing and he would prefer nights and they know it.

 We will go through the punch list and start picking the priorities, his , mine and ours that we have to do together. I already separated the ones we might have to hire.

Speaking of hire, we were worried that we would have to hire someone to dig up the drain line to the sump pump. Hubby talked to N (Amish guy who owned the house) and found out the line they hooked the sump pump to is the over flow line from the cistern and it drains to the county field tile on the other side of the pond.SO we don't really need a sump pump because if it gets to the point there is water flooding the basement means that everywhere is flooded and there is no where for the water to go. Told Hubby to pump water daily from the cistern if it's to the over flow or unhook rain spouts that go to the cistern. Can put in rain barrels which could be transported to E 's house if they run low on water . E and N are brothers. The house sits on a knoll so I wondered why we got a sump pump, even asked and got told the basement would flood if we didn't..hum... Hubby agreed so I shut up.  Now it's don't plug that in we don't need it.

Laundry just finish washing. Back to work