Wednesday, January 6, 2021

New budget for Daughter 4 and her chemo

 She started the chemo pill. Said she took it how I told her to and didn't have much issues. Went to bed and for the first time in YEARS slept through the entire night. Had some nausea, compared it to the end of the flu when you are getting better. 

She ended up going into the office of who does pipp (program in Ohio to help with utilities). They did find her application she filed in Nov. State had received it but they are behind in processing it so the local couldn't do anything to over ride the state. BUT they did get the gas and electric to be set on a budget for $85 a month  each compared to the $10 a month each. At least until the state gets done processing her application. Not great news but good news. That still keeps her on budget and $130 less than she was at since she had just cut her budget. 

Her boys when there have decided to sleep in front room instead of the bedrooms when its cold so not to turn on the electric heater. She said 9 times out of 10 that's where she finds them anyways with the electric heater running in the empty rooms because they went up and turned it on so it would be warm when they went to bed. 

Her youngest had went to the store with his other grandma and there was a lot of sales on produce she was getting that was buy one get one. He asked why she wasn't getting both... she said because it would go bad before they would eat it... he picked up the "free" one and stuck it in the cart and told her if his mom didn't need it then he would drop it off at the food pantry around the corner from his mom. His grandma went back and got the other free ones, swung by daughter 4's and gave her what she wanted and then she took grandson to the food pantry to drop off the rest. This side of the family are bursting with pride that he understands the need for others to give. The other side decided to bring it up in church and try to get some donations for the pantry. His grandma told Daughter 4 that she felt shamed that she never once thought about giving to a food pantry and he did.

Which I didn't understand since BOTH his parents have used food pantries off and on. Daughter 4 always tried to give once a month when she was doing good and a "pay back" for when she needed the help herself.

Hope everyone is well. 

Blessed Be