Monday, March 6, 2023

Rambling mind

Daughter 1 is back into physical therapy for her legs and hands. 

Daughter 2 is having migraines again... referred her to my specialist.

Daughter 3 stepped down from being manager at job to reduce the hours she is working. She moved and now needs to transport the youngest 2 to school and the older two are either at work or already at college. Financially she is okay with the reduction, but decided to put in a garden. We strongly suggested to start with pots as they are easier to weed and water since we both know her ADHD will flare and she will abandon the garden. Her landlord told her it was okay to till it up but if she didn't maintain it her rent went up to cover someone coming in to deal with it. Sounds like he's had that issue before.

Daughter 4 is working as much as she can get since she will be off for a week without pay at the end of the money.

Son 1 got brochities... he hasn't had that in years. Ended up in ER over it.

Son 2 is back to 4 jobs as he is working at the AF base, then as secretary to Combat vets' , and inventory for the food/drink section of the VFW when the commander of the VFW had a heart attack so Son 2 is now filling that position also until he returns.   

Hubby's parents are starting to struggle with their home as the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom are too small, you can't get a walker through let alone a wheelchair. They are letting the oldest decide whether to change size of doors (which is what we would do) and change layout of bathroom (which is what we would do) and call it done. Enough help to redo it in the family that they would only pay for materials.  The Oldest let Hubby know last night he is also thinking of just moving them to his old house that he rents out as it's already handicap accessible including bathroom. He and his 2nd wife were going to move into it but they have horses now and there is no room for the horses at his old place.   He would let us know which way it goes but is hoping that with the physical therapy their mom is getting (she had polio as a child) that it keeps her on her feet for awhile longer. His parents had to change their power of attorney to lasting power of attorney due to changes in law. 

We unloaded the wood wagon almost 4 cords of wood that took ALL weekend 17 hrs. without the last cord being stacked. Hubby will have to restack the last 1 1/2 cords as he knocked the pile over when he stubbled. THEN told me we have another one coming... not sure when... but I definitely didn't know whether to cry or laugh but was glad I kept track of the manhours of the jobs as this time we had to have the wagon back today and that meant we worked over half of Sunday. Which neither of us like to do. E was butchering so his boys and him couldn't help. 

Taxes are being done tomorrow. I know we will owe school taxes plus taxes from the business. I am happy I am not doing the taxes with having the business.

Hubby made us eye appointments for later in the month.

He has a MRI of the brain on Thursday. He is worried that his problems are dementia and not just vitamin deficiency or dehydration. He brought up that he always planned to by my caregiver not the other way around. How could we deal with this. I pointed out that catching the changes early is a big plus. It could be Idiopathic dementia that surgery could correct, it could be something from the migraines he has since he had rheumatic fever when 16. He just needs to stay active, eat healthy, drink his water and use his brain. His dad has had Alzheimer's for 5 yrs and has NOT gotten worse and is still driving safely and his mom has mild dementia and is doing fine also. 

I can definitely say he had some dehydration going on and if he isn't driving it's worse. As when he is in the truck he will drink water while waiting to be loaded or unloaded or waiting on someone. At home he doesn't want to take a water bottle to the barn. SO I took his old work lunch box out with refilled bottles of water and placed it where he was working. He came in that evening and said that worked as he drank all 3 bottles and then refilled them at the water hydrant in the barn.  I really didn't understand why he didn't take it with him to begin with as I carry my travel mug with water to the gardens all the time. Doc added B complex vitamin to his Meds.

But since he is dealing with health issue, he is not fighting me over updating the will crap or saving more money. SILVER lining in the storm.