Thursday, January 25, 2018

209 ... the new house

Hubby has been playing on a free program he downloaded  and made a layout of 209 which is what we call the new house.This is the first floor plan and the layout of the kitchen and the color of paints we think we want. Vibrate is the word LOL.

Starting left master bedroom is sapphire blue or it maybe be a powder blue but the program didn't have that shade. Room in upper left corner can be used for a closet is silver mist, we might make it into a sewing room/office and just build closet in bedroom like the other 3 bedrooms.
Orange room will be standard bathroom with tub/shower comb. Yellow is the hall and the kitchen "area". The one wall of purple (other side is purple also) is what we call sitting area/ office/ what ever.There is a wall at the base of the stairs to the upstairs...we will be taking the built in hall tree out to open that up so we can get a full size bed box springs up those steps. Both sets of staircases have beautiful wood for walls. Red room is Hubby's favorite red and is the front room. This is also the red we had when we were raising the kids on Church st. Lime green is mudroom/laundry room and the pale lilac is the wheelchair accessible bathroom.  We are now matching those colors to paint chips we have and having 3-4 different shades of the color and will tape them to the walls when we start on the house. All woodwork will be glossy white  There will be a deck off the kitchen through the French doors and we will be redoing the porches on the front also.
Menards was having their 11% rebate this week so we started picking up things we know we need to starting buying for 209. This is the light we are putting over the sink.

We have had this chandelier for over 20 yrs and decided to clean it up and install it over the peninsula in the kitchen since the ceilings are only 8 ft , that way no one bashed their head.

This pot rack we also have had over 20 yrs, will be cleaned up and used over what ever new LP gas range I get.

I've had this ceiling light for over 30 yrs. I am not sure where it's going its going . Hubby said he could rewire it so it's like a hanging swag light.
My Pop gave me this light after he found it at a yardsale because it reminded him of me. I wasn't living where we could use it. I told Hubby even if it doesn't go in the house , it was going in the barn...which would fit Pop to a tee as he has several of old lights hanging in his barn for light.

This is the sink we have chose.
I think I would prefer to handles instead of this one but this is what we saw so priced it. I can deal with not having 2 handles.

 I bought paint rollers, paint plastic tray liners, paint guards to keep paint off floor, double curved shower rod (only bought one as I can't remember if I need one for wheelchair shower) and I bought this.

As Daddy suggested I get this for the kitchen so I can hang not only my dish cloth but a rag for other stuff to get away from paper towels.

More later..right now I have to work on the binders.

Blessed be