Wednesday, December 22, 2021

As Morning breaks

 I think everyone is still trying to figure out where and who they are seeing for Christmas. We just decided to deliver to the kids on Christmas day evening when we go see Army Grandson that is suppose to get in later today from Italy, he stated he doesn't have many openings left to see everyone. We knew that because of Son 2 being in the Army. We have 2 that are coming up Boxing (Dec 26th) day for lunch.

Son 2 called last night as he lost a good friend who was 70. She helped him find his house, the first he has bought. 

We have set the budget for 2022 to start paying off the mortgage. I had to tweak it a bit but don't we always? I already paid Jan mortgage and a small amt. extra in the principal. Bills are paid until the 6th. 

I figured up we produced 61 % of our veggies and 4% of our fruit last year. Amish produced 10% of our veggies and 6 % of our fruit.  I did not start any plants last winter since I was having hip replaced and then only bought 6 when I started in the gardens. Oranges, limes, lemons, pineapple and raisins are always going to have to be bought.

This year we are aiming for 80% of our veggies and 25 % of our fruit. We have berry bushes, grape vines and fruit trees that are NOT producing yet. Maybe one to two more years. Probably will still get winter squash from Amish. 

We bounced around ideas to eat healthier or basically just eat as neither of us eat bfast and I don't eat lunch... I'm more a brunch and early dinner person(2 to 4 pm) with a small snack  3 hrs. before bed. 

I hope everyone stays safe, finds a small joy each day.

Blessed Be