Thursday, December 19, 2019

The week before Christmas

I sit here with some "down" time waiting on the canner. Last quart of turkey broth and 3 quarts of beef broth in it. I got 12 cubes (used old ice cube trays) of beef fat for the freezer. I have 2 more things to do today of my get 8 done list.

Decorations are up. I will be adding a little to next year's if I have the money and it's on sale cheap. OR I find it in mother's stuff in the barn. I have 2 windows, both bathrooms, kitchen porch (non-chewable by Charlotte) and the deck that I would like stuff for...not sure what stuff but stuff.

I wrapped Son 2's gifts. Son 1 (single, never married, no kids)gets cash as he uses it to pay for his vacation in Jan. The girls all get cash as they all have kids (one has grandson) and they use theirs for eating out. It's not how we would like it but since it's their present (I give what we would spend) I give them what they want. I do miss buying presents and doing gag gifts. But Son 2 (single, never married, no kids) is okay with gifts or cash. I usually get him something small and cash.... but this year he has mentioned a couple things he wanted and was having to chose between because he had to replace his furnace and AC. He told me what he had chosen and why and that he was going to buy it AFTER Christmas. So I got the other for him. He will think it's funny as I reused the wrapping paper that was on our presents from him last year (that he reused from his grandmother) and wrapped the one present with freezer paper. I wasn't going out to buy Christmas paper for 1 present.  I ordered the last 2 gifts. Roses for Daddy(it's his favorite flower) and a Christmas wicker basket flower arrangement for Hubby's parents that they can sit on the table or the end stand in the front room.  Hubby and I don't "do" Christmas for each other...he does not like to buy gifts but I did wrap some different variety trail mixes I bought him from Aldi's since that is now on the do not buy list for next year.Dogs got new chew bones.

I will do some baking this weekend and do the Christmas cards(one of the 8 to do list for today).

Christmas eve is shrimp with cocktail sauce, prime rib roast and baked potato. Hubby would like a salad that we will have to buy. I have a Christmas pudding for dessert and Fruit cake for dessert. Son 1 will be here for Christmas eve. Not sure when we will connect with Son 2 as he is already over booked between two jobs and two groups he belongs to. I know the Sunday before Christmas he will be giving gifts out at the VA Hospital . The girls are booked solid between work and kids and their other sides. I still get thank you's for us canceling Christmas get togethers about 10 yrs ago. SO much stress on the girls. We try to do a couple get togethers in "off" times. Like during the summer (not July 4th any more) and in Sept for the family reunion. I am thankful for Facebook so we can stay in each other's life by long distance. I am thankful my parents and in laws didn't make us chose either.Especially when you are already part of a blended family and then belong to another blended family.

Other than a good cleaning on Monday and Tuesday morning, that's it for Christmas.

I still have garlic and onions to preserve but they can wait until after the holiday.