Tuesday, July 16, 2019

frugal choices

It's Prime day at Amazon and pretty much everything on my watch list is now down to the price I would spend on it and had saved for... couple of them even less was the antenna Hubby wanted to install when we bought the house and and we didn't want to spend that much is less than half what it was .

I also found a plain jane iron as mine died this past week in the middle of sewing 24 curtains. Lucky for me I was cat sitting at Son 2's and he has an iron. Hubby did mention he could go over and find out where M got her iron and go buy me one. I can heat it up on our cook stove... I told him to clean the barn upstairs storage out as I think N and E left one she didn't want when they moved LOL.

I did check school supplies, not that we have any kids to buy for but I get my supplies, pens, paper etc during the days they have school supplies. I will get the notebook paper and spiral notebooks at the store.

Hubby started working on the repairs needed per energy audit results starting with the foundation of both the house and the pump house. We got a bid from a neighbor to do the work....$3000 plus supplies. I think we can do it on our own for that price.

I had to buy perishable for myself at Son 2's home. I was going to drive to the store that is 30 minutes away but he told me to go to the local store as their prices are pretty much the same after adding the cost of gas. I focused on their sales. I will have to buy more milk, fresh fruit etc but I bought enough meat for the whole time I am here and repacked it for the freezer. They had family packs of chicken breasts and pork chops  on sale.

Hubby ate from the freezer and didn't eat out.

Hot and humid and no rain here, went north and south of us.