Friday, March 29, 2019

Why do I have so many clothes? Hum

This gave me pause to think about. Ended up talking family and friends about it.

Here's what we figured out after Hubby had me write out what I was doing before I retired.

I will admit, I buy a lot from thrift shops and yard sales, have clothes that was Mother's daughters and grandsons. I have never kept as many clothes as either of my parents. LOL. My brother admitted last night that after going through Dad's (I dealt with Mother's) he went home and got rid of 50 suits....HUM yes he wears a suit every day and takes them to dry cleaners once a week.He still has 21 suits. His daughter tattled that it was the suits that fit him NOW not the 4 sizes above the now size that she hauled to donate last month of over 200 suits.

Son 1 buys new shirts every month, he buys 7. At the end of  month he donates them if still decent but usually tosses them as the work he does is messy. He buys cheap. He wears a sports shirt for other which is few and far between with him working 12 hr days 6 days a week.

Son 2 buys new shirts twice a year, donates his decent ones to either me, Daughter 4 or our grandkids and their friends.He spends most his days is dress clothes.

Daughter 1 passes hers to her Daughter 2 that works factory every 3 months.She usually has 7-10 tees and same with tanks. 7 work pants and 7 jeans and 7 shorts.

Daughter 2 wears shirts from work and gets new every 3 months and personal is 2-4 shirts new each season. She gives her Decent ones to Daughter 3 girls. She has over 100 in her drawers and mentioned she needed to get rid of some herself.

Daughter 3 gets new every 6 months, her kids get hers. She has 14 of each.

Daughter 4 wears Son 2 or mine. Might buy a new one every 2-3 months. She wears mine to work(works factory) and Son 2 to hang around the house and her own to go out in. She has 21 in her drawers.

I would start my day between 4-5:30 so dressed for home, did baking, home blessing, garden, and yard work. Casual cruds (LOL) Shower

THEN I would get dressed for the office/meeting work...suit, business dress clothes including jacket and heels.

THEN I would go to my cheffing work... light color dress pants, tee shirt or tank top, chef jacket, chef crocs and apron.

THEN I would go home, shower and change to go to either a chef class (causal wear) or teach (clean chef jacket, tee shirt or tank and clean dark dress pants) OR work as an sous chef and that would depend on who I was working under in the class.. Anywhere from dress pants, jeans, shorts, dress shirt, tee shirt and apron (never chef jacket) but always of the color they chose for their "staff". Usually 3 -6 times a week.

THEN I would go home  and relax... usually a causal dress, skirt or skort.

WOW  I was changing clothes 5 times a day to match the work I was doing.

Am I working that way now? NO

I still do some cheffing on my own... I have a couple of my chef jackets to wear with my light color dress pants.

Am I going to an office or meeting that require a suit like outfit...NO but I do have a formal dress (little black dress) and black skirt and a couple of jackets that I can pair together if that need ever comes up.

Daughter 4 and Son 2 also said I don't wear the same clothes year around. I wear dark colored tanks, tee shirts and tops in cold weather and I should put them in storage either in loft or barn instead of having them in my drawers or clothes rack (have no closets). I wear light colored during warm weather. The only thing they see all year is white and black. They also see I always buy 2 of my shirts, so when one gets stained I have another and the stain one goes to crud clothes.

Every once in awhile Son 2 or Daughter 4 goes through my crud clothes and they disappear. Guess they are the two that it bothers the most because the other 4 don't do that LOL. Then again they see me the most often working in crud clothes AT THEIR HOMES.

By pulling my "dark" tees and tanks I go down to 8 tanks (none the same color) and 11 tees (I pulled the ones that there was 2 of the same) . All of it is in one drawer. I took the crud clothes and put them in a drawer of their own.

I took all my hanging clothes and turned the hangers around backwards. As I wear them I will turn them around the other way. Next spring I should be able to see what I haven't worn and get rid of it, well, except the 40 yr old little black dress. It's not faded or worn and a classic.