Thursday, May 17, 2018

update 209

Carpenter ripped out this section yesterday so we will now be able to take a queen size bed and dressers up the stairs without issues. He is going to frame it in to look like the rest of the doorways.
I have a couple choices with the space beside the door... a cabinet I already own or shelves built...either corner or like a book shelf. Since this is my dining room I can see building a bookcase for my cookbooks. While he was working on this he told me that it will be at least 6  weeks before HE is finished and isn't sure the paint or floors will be done for 2-3 weeks after that.He had a worker putting drywall in where they cut it out to put electric boxes so he could start "mudding" the drywall this week.
Electrican got the front porch light done, he thought it went well with the house.
All the ceiling lights have wires now..

but now my north and south lofts floors look like this due to putting in ceiling lights. They were glad we were changing the floor anyways. Just another job for the carpenter unless Hubby or I get to it before him.

This is the wiring still sitting in the basement waiting for the final wiring to the lofts,kitchen and pump house to be ran.

This was delivered...and every single one of us wondered why they put it at an angle when there is a perfect place to set it straight and not take up almost all the parking area.

This is our -$1.00 electric bill...which is definitely a  mistake but thought I would share it as it will probably never happen again LOL. We have a security light that is $10 a month not counting the electric that the contractors have used.

and one last picture... I asked permission  and was given it as long as they weren't in the picture so I waited until my neighbors left for Church.  I am amazed of how the lady of the home gets everything clean,laundry done,  gardens taken care of, 3 meals and 3 snacks daily with 7 children under 9 yrs of age with NO electric or running water unless you count running to the hand pump and pumping it. Man of the house has a lot to take care also with cattle, horses, plowing, planting, roofing etc.

The good news is....Carpenter told me to move anything that goes in the garden shed and barn now, deal with our plants, trees and fencing now. THEN the basement should able to have stuff moved in about 2 wks (thinks we can do the deck and porches then also)and the lofts AFTER the main floors have been sanded ...then we will be on hold until the floors are completely done.

I was thinking of summer curtains being put up when we moved but since we are looking at August I think I will plan on winter curtains.

Blessed be