Sunday, June 11, 2023

I was going to sleep in plus rambling thoughts

 Yep, I told Hubby I was sleeping in. Since he only got 4 hrs. sleep himself the night before (went and picked up E and M at bus stop at midnight) and I got 5 . He thought it was a great idea for both of us.

Yeah well ... I ate a foot long coney dog at supper (it's now officially summer for me)and IT decided I needed to be up at 1:00 am. SIGH... no sense trying to go back to sleep so I made coffee.  She's been good and not went and woke him up. Yes she will do that if I am up and he isn't. She won't wake me up if he is up though.

Moon has an orange cast to it. Charlotte and I sat on the kitchen porch and listened to the frogs in the pond behind us. We have 1 frog and he's pretty quiet in our pond. Listened to E's horses clop around the pasture next to us as he took the two from the pond home yesterday.

Our "personal" insurance guy gave me an estimate of what it would cost to put the work truck on our insurance if Hubby shuts down the business.  I input it into the budget and then showed Hubby. I am pretty sure he is going to shut down. He even brought up about asking a couple other haulers if they wanted to buy the livestock trailer. I figured he would keep that because he uses it when Amish go get mineral spirits for lamp oil 4 times a year which means free lamp oil for me. I might bring that up... he uses it to haul horses 4 times a year... it mostly sits...which might be why he is thinking of selling it. It is covered by insurance when on the personal truck under the farm insurance so it's not costing anything extra  except when he has to replace tires. 

We talked about getting a smaller truck (used Ford 150 or a Chevy Silverado) and a Nissan Armada (used) that would last us about 10 years.

I am not willing to be without a truck. We use a truck a lot on the personal side. Went with out for a year and I got tired of renting uhauls to haul crap to the dump, Supplies for the gardens and helping the  kids, etc. Both vehicles have to be able to tow... MY requirements. I agreed we should be looking at something that will last at around 10 yrs. 

We got all the gardens weeded, harvested and watered. Should be getting rain starting around noon that is supposed to be a soaking rain and last over night. We need it. Strawberries will be ready to pick again, lettuce, onions, cherry tomatoes, spinach, mustard greens and maybe a few more radishes and turnips should also be ready after this rain.

Since we have been talking of diet changes or really going back to our old diet which was a lot healthier. Hubby asked if we could cover the colors diet (aka Rainbow diet) without going to the store. We couldn't but I could pick up some of what we don't grow ourselves through the Amish and fill in at the store. Like pumpkin we get off ST, I buy 3 at Halloween and then cut them up , cook them , puree them , dehydrate them and grind into powder. A 50/50 mixture of powder and water and let sit becomes puree. I add it to bread, cake, pancakes, waffles and soups.  Just a FYI, an Amish pumpkin pie is not orange, it's more of a pale orange almost tan and it doesn't taste like canned pumpkin at all. That was a bit of a shock when M sent the first one over. She just laughed when I said something. Libby's pumpkin is actually a Dickinson Squash.

I can buy acorn squash and butternut (2 that almost all Amish grow). Amish do a bulk order of fruit and we have a local (okay it's 40 miles away but we pass it when we go to appts.) that we can order bulk fruit also.  I told him I would make a list. I need to go back to growing garlic. I picked up some last year at A and B s but she told me she wasn't going to have as much to sell this year of it. 

Might make that list today and let Hubby start checking to see who is growing what for sale. Give him something else to do with purpose to "protect" us financially. I will have to check the pantry of what is needed. I really hope the Roma green beans and yellow wax beans start growing as I've planted them again.

I planted Yukon gold, red skin, purple and russet potatoes... they look like they are going to do decent. My sweet potatoes rotted so I didn't get starts off one. Couple other Amish said they had the same issue and had to buy starts. I will have to order them if I don't find a homegrown sweet potato between now and fall.

Guess I will go get another cup of coffee.

Thanks for listening to me ramble along.

Blessed be

Prayers for peace