Sunday, February 16, 2020

Feb 16th... In 2 days I will be at

Son 2's home... normally I call this my vacation as it's usually babysitting the cats and doing sewing or what ever I want to do that I can't get done at home...

Well Son 2 promised me he would deal with his snoring... and for my birthday last month he made the appt with his doctor. I guess our 25th anniversary present is me babysitting HIM while he goes in for surgery for his septum surgery. I won't be back home until late Friday... Was suppose to be late Saturday afternoon but a friend of his doesn't have to work Friday night so they are going to stay with him Friday to Saturday so I can come home after taking him to get the stents removed. He is mean when he is in pain... SIGH.

I know I won't get anything done Monday and Tuesday and will pretty crash when I get home on Friday. SO where does that land me with getting things done for Feb.

First I moved finances around and we now have the 2 months of bills saved. So that's marked off.

Second since I was moving finances around I moved a bit over to the medical and we are now over half way to that goal for the end of the year.

Third while with our tax preparer Hubby brought up switching from his hobby to a LLC business. She worked everything both ways and he has decided to do the LLC. So he started that process.

SINCE our preparer is very familiar with Social Security stuff, we asked about that. Her advice was wait until 63 and 8 months for Hubby at least as long as we can pay for our medical. Too easy for the business to go over the earnings amount in a month and mess up the social security and cause us headaches of pay back etc.

Fourth. We went over the punch list. We have 2 things completed that we had only done over the entire of winter... Can tell we were worn out and I was down sick.

We are going to focus on the basement ramp and kitchen porch due to losing ground there. Widening the driveway because I don't like the ruts or that Hubby drags the mud from the ruts up the driveway where we actually walk. Putting railing on the deck I decided on two designs based on what we have already on hand. The gate to the fence at the deck ramp and the fence to replace the gate is already here so that's a to do. The tower and the antenna is already here so that is a to do. Painting the ceiling of the kitchen porch and putting the 2 outside ceiling fans up there are here so that is a to do.  Getting the square foot gardens (2 ft by 8 ft by 11 inches deep) each bed size to equal 1200 sq ft total. Most of the seeds are bought and the plants ordered. I just need to deal with getting the soil in and painting, sealing and putting them together after Hubby cuts them.  Basic warmer weather than what we are getting to do stuff.

I got 9 things done off the declutter 365 list so only have 5 things left for the month.

I am taking my garden list, Sq Foot garden books, etc with me to Son 2's .... I have read everything else that was on my reading challenge list this month.

We found we owed a bit more on the life ins loans than what we thought... more like HUBBY owed more than he told me. SO that is going to be paid on and hopefully off as I am not willing to go pay interest on a personal loan to pay them off even though it's less interest but a higher payment then the truck payment.

March is going to be interesting