Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year ..Eating from the pantry challenges

I hope everyone has the best year they have ever had in this coming year.

Jessica Fisher over at


Mary Ostyn over at

are both having pantry challenges which I will be doing also.

When I started before, I got sidetracked with my health and frankly got in a rut. I figured out at that time there are times I work (in the home) right up to the time of supper and then don't want to fix what is chosen because of the time it takes to put on the table.

So Hubby and I sat down and came up with what we call our fast food menu to keep us from going out or running in to town (wasting gas also) for something. We came up with 12 meals that even he could fix and not be grumpy about doing. He is a fix it in one skillet and eat out of the skillet type of guy.

To start off we have decided on $400 a month for food. This does NOT include our non-food.

We decided that meat must be below certain costs and listed those prices.

We took a good look at what we are eating from the harvest that is in the pantry to know what we need to plant this coming year.

I need to go back to bread baking. I try to stay away from preservatives and have gotten lazy about my baking. My health has taken the hit from that lazy time.

We found a great sale of meat last week and filled the freezer back up.

Last night we had ribs,black eyed peas and raw collard greens (YUCK) but I ate them anyways.

Tonight we are having pork roast, kraut and mashed potatoes.

I need all the luck and blessings I can get.

Blessed be