Monday, January 11, 2016

Frugal things I did last week

I decluttered the master bedroom might have just went HUH? but by decluttering the closet I found extra clothes that had been bought on sale that had been forgotten about due to being in a box on the top shelf and was back on the to buy list.SO they got taken off the to buy list.

We ate from the pantry until the 7th...when I got a massive headache and thought I was coming down with the flu (that the neighbors had) in the middle of the store while shopping for non food items.  I bought Chinese out of the freezer section and we ate that and the leftover of it mixed with other leftovers until the 10th when I made potato soup.

I bought non-food items, with coupons matched to sales.Only 4 things didn't have coupons.

I got my Yukon Gold seed potatoes for the gardens ... actually I got 50 lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes for $10 at the Miami Valley Amish produce auction. It costs me $20 average for 10 seed potatoes at the nursery. I saved a lot of money by going this way and have Yukon Gold potatoes to eat at the same time.

I did the same to get my sweet potato slips (green shoot off sweet potato that you plant to grow more sweet potatoes) Slips cost $19 average(usually about 2 potatoes will make this) I got 10 lbs for $6  so we have sweet potatoes to eat also.

I got bananas (another auction item) for 35¢/ lb .Picked up 20 lbs, some to dehydrate, freeze, and eat.

I also got at the auction brown organic eggs...I've seen them for $4.36 a dozen at a couple stores locally. I bought 17 dozen at $2 a dozen. Several dozen will be dehydrated so later I can used dehydrated eggs and flour to make pasta and braided egg bread (fingers crossed I get around to the bread LOL)

We changed electric supplies and lowered the electric by almost 1 ¢ . Doesn't sound for much but that's about $12 a month.

I used Walmart's savings catcher and they found lower prices for the non food I bought so we have that small amt back.

Blessed be