Friday, July 21, 2023

In the pantry and freezers.

Starting to over run the shelves . 

The fruit and veggies freezer (22 cubic) is FULL and is now running over into the pork/nuts/seeds freezer(22 cubic) and the beef/bread *frozen French toast, pancakes and waffles* freezer (22 cubic). There is a little room left in the poultry/ice cream freezer in the barn (7 cubic ft.) But I am trying to keep enough room for M to put bacon when they butcher, she freezes it about an hour to slice it easier. All 3 refrigerators freezers are FULL.

I have half of the corn (frozen) I need for the year. IF I don't get any more, we will only have corn every other week. E's corn has not came in yet and he's thinking it's not going to make very good. So I might check at a couple places to see if I can find some more. 

I still have room for tomato stuff in the pantry.

I have room for cherry pie filling (if the cherries I ordered come in, store I ordered them from said they got a phone call stating they might not get them due to damage done to the cherries). I have room for mixed berry pie filling as I am no longer getting enough of red raspberries to make pie filling so will mix them with blackberries (which the bird that nested in as done a good job of eating the blackberries) for pie filling.

I have room for the green beans (M got ran over and sent enough to for me to get 7 quarts worth, she grows Jade green beans) and my Roma green beans and  yellow wax beans  is coming on right now. That spot might get ran over.

I have room for applesauce. I can dry apples also as that goes in to the loft for storage. I might move herbs and spices to another loft to free up a couple shelves in the pantry even though I have no shelving to put them on in that area. 

The dried beans I canned to have canned beans and the meat area is FULL.

Dried fruit area is FULL but I will find a place for dried apples if I dried some more. Maybe in the loft under a bed ??? 

The jelly, jam and fruit butter is full but I will find room some where for the apple butter as it's low. Hubby eats it on cottage cheese.

When M sent over the green beans as hers ran her over, she also sent broccoli that I blanched and flash froze as they are tired of eating it.  I will vacuum bag it today. We got enough to have broccoli every other week thanks to her. I have some side sprouts coming on my own plants for fresh eating as I had already harvested and blanched the big heads.  She also sent a head of cabbage. I turned down the green bell peppers as I can't eat them. She got tomatoes off her brother in law to make salsa with them. I don't need salsa. 

I have to dehydrate zucchini to toss in soups and sauces. I have enough in freezer for zucchini bread pancakes, zucchini pie and fritters etc. 

I have to process today and tomorrow, green beans, wax beans, berries, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, apples and bag the broccoli. THEN GO HARVEST AGAIN and WATER as the storms went north and south of us SIGH.