Sunday, July 14, 2019

Just going to bang my head on the wall

I have 28 curtains to make for home. 14 for warm weather and 14 for cold. My expensive iron I bought 2 years ago DIED, just up and DIED in the middle of doing the cotton curtains.

We found the trouble we have been having with our microwave and clothes washer is coming from power surges, we hadn't noticed any until the other night and we called the electric company. They are checking lines etc but did suggest power surge protectors for anything that has a computer chip in it. Now I need 8 of surge protectors. Regretfully that didn't cause my iron to die.

The AC was running and we heard an unusual sound coming from the furnace. Hubby said it was not getting enough air so we went checking cold air vents to see if something was blocked. We find 2 small filters in the cold air vent and hot air vent in the north loft...didn't even know there was filters there and apparently the HVAC company didn't realize they were there either as the things are about 20 yrs old from the first English owner that built the house... YEWWW.
Hubby called the HVAC company and they said those didn't need to be replaced LOL.

Hubby went to hook up the small trailer to the old truck to help E move the fertilizer tank to his parents, he cut the bolt off the hitch and then beat the ball part to get it off hitch of the truck so he could change the ball. Guess that's what happens when you drive 2 trucks and one is a bumper pull and the other a goose neck AKA 5th wheel. Took him 4 hrs of working on it to get it changed, E felt bad over it.

My car goes in for oil change and regular check up... I am almost afraid of what else will need done. Probably brakes and rotors, that I expect but just with the way things have been going .

Hope your weekend and this coming week go better than you hope