Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Daily life at 209

We start our day here
It's the only place completely set up and is functioning like we want. Mine is on the left with medium brew, Hubby's in on the right with bold brew. My tea box is to the left of my coffee pot. If the weather isn't bad we sit even in drizzle out on the kitchen porch and watch the dogs run around and the Amish kids walk to the corner to catch a buggy ride to school.

This is okay...not thrilled to have it sitting at the cold air return but for right now it works as there is NO drawer space for my kitchen towels.
This is set up real close to how it was so it's good. I used to have my metal bowls sitting on top which I do prefer but that causes issues with open bags of potato chips and boxes of cereal on top of frig. I think Hubby will get away from the cold cereal.
I still open the right side for the milk which is now on the left side due to water filter on the top of the right side. This is SMALLER than our other one which is now in the basement. I think we both regret not spending the money and ordering the same size in black.

In all the years we have had this cabinet I've never been able to use the side table because it sat at a door way. It's nice to be able to put what ever we are putting in or pulling out on that now. We do need a better radio, as the local radio station plays decent oldies and has weather every 30 min and local news at the top of the hour. The tv is on an antenna that gets a station over 90 miles from us. Okay for the weather but nothing about local news here.  I was able to put my bento boxes and steamer baskets in with Mother's pots and pans that I keep in the cabinet.

For the past week, at least once a day if not twice a day, this is what the back of my Jeep looks like. Boy do I miss the Ford being able to be driven because I could get twice as much in the Ford as I do the Jeep.IF I do twice in one day I stay home the next day and put the second load away while Hubby goes and gets a load of stuff from garage or farrowing house that he will put away.

We have started to have a routine. Coffee and kitchen porch in the morning to discuss what needs done, sometimes at the breakfast bar or dining table.

Our Amish neighbor told us this morning they didn't know if we were out of bed yet since there was no lights on... a friend of his needed a ride due to a horse not doing well on the way to work and stopped at the neighbor's house. We open curtains and as long as we can see what we are doing we don't turn on lights.This house has a lot of windows and it not as dark as the old place. Since he now knows that he can't go by lights on and to just look to see if the back door blind is up any. We raise it when we let the dogs out the first thing as they go out the back door instead of the kitchen. Their preference for what ever reason.

I will do a load of laundry and hang on the kitchen porch clothes line unless it's really raining hard enough to get the porch wet. Then I wait until the next day.

I put 3-5 boxes away or sort through them to list what I need to find a place for.It's now , where can I put this so I remember to look for it here mode.
Hubby now has 3 wardrobes and I have two clothing racks.Lack of closets is a pain. A place for shoes for both of us is worse. I can see some items going away.

If we are both home we eat lunch at 11:30. If not then we try to have dinner together between 4-6. Otherwise we are known for grazing for what ever that is quick.

Back to work for me...
Blessed Be