Tuesday, July 2, 2019

not a frugal week

I finished harvesting garlic scapes. With this heat in high 90's the garlic might be ready to harvest to cure within a week.

I harvest basil and put it in dehydrator.

We bought 1 1/2 bushels (75 lbs) of peaches for $96 ($32 each half bushel) we thought that was a little high but they were cling free (meaning the pit comes out easy). We saw the same peaches 50 miles from us for $42 for the same amount. Guess we didn't do as bad as we felt. I put them in the old kitchen frig which is sitting in the front room (HA HA guess GOD knew we would be using it there). I sorted the bruised ones to go in the kitchen frig so we would remember to eat them. What is left is going in to peach crisp for Sunday bfast. SO far I have 24 pints of peaches, 16 cups of frozen peaches and 4 1/2 qrts of peach juice made from the peels.I peeled them by hand so I could use this by product. Can't really do that with peaches you blanch to peel.

I only have some in the bottom drawer and the drawer to the right. Rest are done.

I made chicken fried rice, pot stickers and egg rolls... not from scratch. I sauteed zucchini, yellow squash, onion, carrot, celery, and mushrooms and put on top of the fried rice that I served on a meat platter. Then sliced the green onion very thin and sprinkled on top. I knew with doing the peaches by myself I wouldn't want to fix meals.We had that for 1 supper and 1 lunch. There is enough of the rice and veggies left that I am going to add a can of rinsed beans and cheese for tortillas for supper as Hubby is now working through his lunch. I had peach and cottage cheese.

M brought over a head of lettuce and the normal 2 dozen eggs this morning. Mentioned E's parent cooked hamburger and crumbled it and then melted American cheese and mixed it with the crumbled hamburger and put it a salad with tomatoes and pickles like you would a cheeseburger but no bun. I think that is going to be on the menu this week. Followed by some stuffed pasta dish as I have ricotta cheese I need to use up.

On advice of E's mother I planted Jade beans. She said they should produce as she has always planted them this time of year and had plenty for canning. I put them in the square foot we just put in.AND PRAYED.
I joined Frugalwoods Uber frugal month that starts today July 1st. AND after this morning of this...
with the turbo out of the ford 350 work truck and the dealership can't even LOOK at it until Friday or next Monday..Frugal in not the word... survival might be as Hubby had 4-5 jobs lined up. He might have to rent a car to go get a family out of state as they aren't finding anyone to replace him and my little jeep won't fit an adult with 2 car seats in the back seat. He is not going to leave them stranded for sure. We are hoping that something just came unhooked, or something simple like that. One can always hope.

We knew gas was going to be up a bit as I will be going to Son 2's home to cat sit but this a solid hit on income. We do have an extended warranty so that helps.We just have to cut the budget somewhere else for what those jobs were going to cover.

We have been turning the AC on at 8-9 pm and turning it off at 6 am. It's set at 78.

Got to go weed the garden.

Stay cool and safe through the holiday.