Thursday, April 23, 2020

Kroger delivery

My kids were laughing at me as I am not real thrilled with Hubby getting anything of produce as it is.

Delivery charge was $9.95 ... if I hadn't been looking for it I wouldn't have noticed it. The tip was set at 10%, you can change the tip... if you don't change it that is what it's going to be... If you set it to NO tip....then I had to have a good reason... you have set time to change the tip... but you still have to give a good reason. I gave 20%. That is what I tip servers at a restuarant except buffets. A good server at the buffet gets 10-15 %. IF you have never worked as a server or had family/friend worked as one you don't understand their pay check does NOT pay their bills, it pays the taxes and SS and maybe the cost of an apron or uniform if that's required. TIPS is what SUPPORTS them. These instant cart workers(which is who is doing most of the grocery deliveries around here) are minimum wage.

I forgot to take a picture of the dairy. I got 1 gal of milk, 1/2 gal of buttermilk, 1/2 gal of half and half and 1 qrt of heavy cream. I got 2 cottage cheese, 2 sour cream , 2 sour cream squeeze bottles, 3 Dean dip and large package of American cheese. I still have some heavy cream and yogurt. AND tons of other cheese.
I have onions so don't need any of those. We also still have a few apples.

I do have a few fresh potatoes left but I know potato salad is going to be on the menu. We have 3 cans of sweet potatoes left but Hubby really doesn't like canned sweet potatoes, he likes his sweet potato baked. Since I will be starting to use the grill, nuked baked sweet potatoes and potatoes go on the menu a lot.I still have a half of head of lettuce.

I got nonfood ..
not my container of sugar that sits as my coffee pot.

I got Home chef... We like Home Chef, Son 2 used it about a year, I have a lot of the recipes from him. But I am just at the point I don't want to do anything especially cook. I have digital coupon and it was on sale. Was limited, young lady had to text me as what I chose wasn't available, there was a beef roast kit that was to serve 2 but she really thought the roast was too small LOL. I got the pork chop one as we have had it before so I know we like it. I also got buy one get one of the pastas. I ate mine for lunch.

IF this stay at home continues longer than a month. I will do it again.

MEANTIME today I am going out to finish putting potting soil in the 5 sq ft gardens. When Hubby gets in from his hauling job we will be potting trees... even if it's raining.