Monday, January 16, 2017

last week's frugalness

I washed my produce before preparing it and put the skins in a bag in the freezer to make veggie broth when the bag is full which should be this week.

I canned 8 pints of oranges, dried the zest, added some of the zest to salt for citrus salt, put some of the peels in vinegar for citrus vinegar cleaner and prepped the nicer peels to make candy orange peels today.

We ate from the pantry doing the pantry challenge from Good Cheap Eats except for Saturday when Hubby brought a pizza home after working outside in the cold and wet with HAM radio group.

I dehydrated some more eggs and powdered them for storage. I noticed the price is starting to creep back up to a dollar a dozen. I would like to get more in storage but if I don't , I'm okay.

I put 14 qrts of turkey broth, 7 qrts of beef broth and 14 pints of ham broth.

I put 4 meals of ham in the freezer.

I canned 12 half pints of butter. I grew up canning butter so it doesn't worry me to do this.It is a personal choice.

I bumped a couple of errands and appts to the same days so we are only going to town 2 days this week instead of 4.

I baked a peach dump cake and took the extra peaches to add to peach jello.

I didn't keep track of what I was doing frugal and I think since I didn't I might not noticed that I could have been frugal or more frugal if I had been writing things down daily.

Blessed Be

What I plan to do this week

 These come from REVIVE course from Jessica Fisher

These week's goals.

Declutter 365 ( Taylor at Home storage solution 101). We are in the pantry...yesterday I measured all areas of where I store food and non food. We have thought 400 sq ft....NOPE. 700 sq ft. that's bigger than the house my youngest lives in with 3 kids. I took pictures yesterday, noticed clutter that I was "blanking" out when I was actually in the room along with some why did I sit that there? issues.  I won't be inventorying it ...HA HA. Nor will I be inventorying the 27 cubic chest deep freezer, 22 cubic chest deep freezer or 7 cubic chest deep freezer. I might the 2 refrigerators freezers. That is a BIG might.

I changed my zones from Flylady's zone to match my house better. The zone for this week is the upstairs bedrooms. I will also be focusing on 27 fling boogie 3 times a day out of these 3 rooms.I took pictures of this also. We'll see where I stand in these 3 rooms before I decide which is the project for this weekend.

I am doing Revive, using the time budget, time analysis, cleaning schedule  daily. Made a menu for bfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Doing snowball debt  from Dave Ramsey and focused on rebuilding the emergency fund. In with this I have gotten paperwork for my doctor to fill out to try to get my health ins to agree to pay for a medication not covered by my ins.My ins suggested it, that even if my ins doesn't pay it , I might be able to get my money back through my flex spending acct.

I've been reading The Prudent Homemaker daily gleaning the wisdom on the frugal posts but the others also. I just gave away a skirt that I loved but was huge on me that I could have taken in.. I do sew DUH. It took seeing Brandy's daughter in the skirt she took in to make me realize I need to stop with, this don't fit get rid of it and ask if I can redo it to make it fit.

I am processing food that will start going bad with spring coming.

Have a great week