Friday, November 5, 2021


 Since Hubby didn't get the heater installed in the first bay of barn. I had to move anything that would get ruined by freezing into the house. I still have boxes sitting in the front room, not as much and not the same boxes as I got that stuff put away but now have cleaning supplies to find a place for.

The four hours I spent moving things into the house, moving other stuff that won't freeze out to the barn, Charlotte spent chasing pigeons. She finally caught one (YUCK) but didn't rip it apart after she snapped it's neck. I yet to figure out how she caught it. Must have flew low enough for her to jump and catch it. She brought it to me. Thanks for the gift, took her in for a treat. Then tossed it over the fence into the field while she wasn't looking. One of the cats (E or H's cats) took off with it.  Charlotte then spent time watching E deal with hay *it's green still so he will feed it to the animals instead of storing it*. AND then went to watch H while he was burning scrap wood. Then went over to check out what Cheryl was doing, English neighbor.  I was glad to see her out and about (not so much about the bird) and more like herself. 

I told Hubby this morning I was going to fall clean the east and west lofts this morning. That would finish the second story (we have two sets of lofts). Then I was going to put the cleaning supplies away in those areas. He told me to put the grow light and table where I want it in the east loft and figure out where I want the grow cart as the big drying rack is where it was in the front room. BEFORE I moved the cleaning supplies up. 

I did clear some area in the laundry room (now half fall cleaned LOL) to put personal stuff. Actually let me see what we have and I figured we might want to pick up toothpaste. 

I put the bleach there and couldn't figure out why I had 6 bottles of bleach until Hubby mentioned that E was having trouble finding bleach for the house and barn (calf bottles etc) . I must have picked up extra to cover it if they couldn't find any. I know when that happened he ended up getting a bottle from each of the neighbors. They buy it by the case

HUM Maybe since Hubby is working  only one job this morning , he will be back this afternoon to carry all that up 😁.

We had corned beef hash and eggs for a late (after 8) supper. 

He mentioned Charlotte crawled up on him and woke him up this morning. Usually she just is curling up to sleep on him. But this time she kept pawing at him. So he got up thinking she wanted out and realized his alarm was ringing. It was on the 3rd round as he has it set to ring 3 times (he uses him cell phone for an alarm). So he gave her a treat for waking him up so he wouldn't be late going to work this morning. He very seldom gives treats. 

I have to only computer that updated to windows 11. Already moved what was in the center on the task bar back to the left. Deleted a few things off the task bar and then put excel and word on the task bar as I use them daily. MS word glitches a bit but they already said it would as they work out the kinks.

We were talking of a no spend except for necessities for the month of Nov. Then the spare manual can opener broke. I was going to wait until Dec but Hubby said order it now or the other one will break and we won't have ANY can opener. I told him I would just pick other food that I canned until it was replaced. But what ever I thought since it seemed to upset him I would order one. Not like we would starve to death. I've sanitized a flat head screw driver and used a hammer to open can goods with. 

We got the spouting down on the porches and basement ramp roof. $80 paid.

Hubby paid J for the two porches. He cut the price almost in half because Hubby was helping a lot and we did the clean up.

The only thing left on the to do list is move the pile of dirt from the yard that came from redoing the basement windows and dealing with a fuel tank that he is not sure he is going to use but doesn't want to get rid of in case he changes his mind. I'm like it's going to be nothing but rust and worthless as it gets older. Sell it or scrap it if you aren't going to use it. In this , he is his grandfather's child (mother's side).

I best get at it. Son 2 called last night to confirm he was bringing his girlfriend (He is 39 and she is 42) up to get his car and meet us next Friday. It's the first time since he was 18 yrs old that he has brought a "girlfriend" (has several female friends) home to meet us. Did not even bring the woman he lived with for 2 yrs home.  I brought it up to his attention of that and he responded that should have told us that she wasn't important enough to make that trip. I came back it should have TOLD HIM.  He admitted the attraction was "I can rescue her" along with 3 little boys that reminded him of his sisters to raising kids on their own. This one has already made it clear she doesn't need rescued (she supported the child's father for 14 yrs) and the father is active in his daughter's life. Son2 and her have been friendly (along with the daughter) for 4 to 5 yrs now working together at the VFW hall during events. SO it's not like ,here is someone you don't know to date mom with the daughter. Which as a single mom when I was raising him, he understood both sides of that. The daughter asked if he would go to Thanksgiving dinner with them... BEFORE her mother asked him . LOL